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It's been a while since i've posted anything of any real content for a while,so . . . let me post about a litle known destination.

I flew to Victoria Falls airport in Zimbabwe from South Africa. But the Zim econimy is on it's knees, so i decided to stay in Livingstone Zambia.
Upon arrival i took the multiple entry visa for both Zim and Zambia $50
Vic falls airport is close to the border, so from the airport i took a $20 taxi to the border. I paid a few dollars to cross the bridge at the border and then some $7 to get to livingstone.

Except for the falls there is not too much to write about in Livingstone. I had just been partying hard in Capetown for a few days, so i focussed on the falls mostly. Livingstone didn't seem very interesting from a girs standpoint, but i'm sure that if you put some effort in it, it shouldn't be too hard.

The falls are beautifull. Half a day on each side will do. Also depending on the season. When the water level is low, there is not much to see on the Zambian side

Livingstone is pricy for housing. I paid some $65 for a ver mediocre lodge


I stayed at a Lodge called J Studios (some $25 and girlfriendly) pay a few dollars extra to the maid and she'll get clean sheets and extra towels. As often as you want while she is there. If you want to contact them you can probable do so by contacting "urban yard" restaurant as well.
It's a place with some studios behind the restaurant "Urban Yard" and it's close to both EastPark Mall and Arcades Mall.
Looking back at it, i think i picked the location well. It's a safe neighbourhood and there is sufficient to do.
Though i didn't really check out the centre as i was there for a long weekend.

I got there on Friday afternoon and there where a few people sitting in the common yard. An English guy who had been there many times before offered me to bring me to a club close by where i had agreed to meet a tinder date as well. (Chicago's) Lots of pretty girs and it was obvious that there where a lot of pros. Well, it's africa. Weed through the (semi) pros until you get to the pearls.
Chicago's is a bar/club as you will find them all over africa and unfortunatly all over the world now. People at tables ordering drinks/bottles they can't afford to try and show off. Food and drinks are very affordable in Lusaka though. Cheaper than South africa. A beer for 1$ and decent restaurant food under &10
The English guy got me and my date a table and we had a few drinks there. I was chatting with my date mostly so, i didn't try and flirt that much with other tables. After midnight we went to a club nextdoor called Capone's. Same owner, same crowd, but inside. Still mostly with my date. She had a cracking body, was smart cute and funny and not after my wallet whatsoever. Was not going to be that easy to scale up. I generally don't think African girls are very funny, so if you find one . . .
After the party i took her to my lodge. She slept over. Only a bj as she was on her period. She didn't even want taxi money for going home though. Guy who gets her is a winner. Def girfriend material.

I had opened Tinder on arrival in Livingstone. Not much happened there. Its probable simply too small for girls to get on Tinder.
Tinder in Lusaka was a different story. I had over 100 good looking matches in one day. In South Africa i was averaging 5 good looking matches a day.

I sent out invites to a few hot girls, to come have lunch at the restaurant next to my lodge. A spinner was fast to react and an hour later she sat next to me. Problem, one of her cousins was celebrating his birthday in the same restaurant. She was obviously not very comfortable having to explain to her family what she was doing there.
After we had eaten, the family started leaving and she relaxing.
I proposed to go to a different place. She, where???
Well, i'm staying behind the restaurant. . . . took her there.
She walked in telling me that we where not going to have sex because she is on her period. (what, 2 on the same day???)
After she was in my room for about half an hour, she asked me to pleas fuck her anyway. That did't go a smooth as expected. As she spinned of the towel. A bloodbath. Sent her home, called th made, paid her $5, she fixed it and i was good to go again.

Went out in the evening, but it was raining heavily. So decided to go to the same places as the evening before.
I wasn't really feeling it though. I was just not in a talkative mood. At 3ish i started talking to a cute girl that didn't seem a pro. Told her that i was going to leave and that she could come with if she liked.
When we got outside, she got a phone call. She talked for a while, than asked me how much she'd get for coming along. I told her and Uber and plenty of orgasms. She asked: no money. Me: no money.
She talked to the phone again. Said by and jumped in a car parked a bit further down. I guess someone made her a better comercial offer. Well, it's still africa. I'm not blaming these girls.
I decided to call it a day.

I already had a tinder date set up for lunch on Sunday. She made it clear she was DTF and didn't want money. And she didn't ask for any. She left after a few hours.
I went back to my tinder and started to check with a girls with some 20K instagram followers and that called herself a model. (most young slim african girls over 172M / 7.8" do so, so that doesn't mean all that much. She also made clear that she was pretty much DTF. So, took her for 1 drink and then back to my place. Turned out she had big boobs too. Must have been my lucky day.

So, girls in Lusaka. They are not the prettiest in Africa. There are plenty with great bodies and i noticed that as a white guy, i was phishing from the top 5% easily. They where all between 20 and 25. Same thing seems to here as in a lot of other parts of africa, even the young girls want a guy that is at least over 30. All the girls i was with i would rate 7.5 and up and i'm sure i would have been able to get prettiers still if i had stayed longer. Zambians are easy to talk to and bitch shields are like none existent.
Zambian guys throw money at girls, so they are used to that. Still, you don't have to.
Downside to Zambia is that a lot of girls apparently don't like to give BJs. 2 out of 4 of mine didn't.
If you're getting DTF ones, you could prob check this first.

I'm wring this a few weeks after i was there and it's prob not the most structured story in the world. If you have additional questions, just ask
“You can’t turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ without a ‘maybe’ first” Frank Underwood
Tywin, cool experience report. Africa always gets my attention. I truly like the endless possibilities on that continent

I remember in 2009 I was sitting in Addis Ababa and was deciding between Zambia and Madagascar, I went to Madagascar in the last minute.

I have also met a very beautiful Zambian girl once in Colombo Sri Lanka. The hospitality options sound quite expensive aren't there any airbnb?

I can't believe that all these beautiful girls hang on to the white foreigner I have experienced similar things in Madagascar.
Great post, thanks for sharing! Is daygame good in Lusaka?
Zambians are very friendly and all seem open to a chat. So . . . yea. Is easy. It's just that the cutest girls tend to come out at night.
I was staying close to some of the better malls and still didn't see much quality during the day.
Just don't try doing any of the US PUA shit on these girls. Just be kind an playfull and you'll be good.
As in general in these countries. They don't get sarcasm and all that unless it's related to sex in a methaphorical way.
Something stuck to her arm, say playful: you can be a dirty girl sometimes huh?! Hmmm, i like that sometimes. And move on. Just don't make a big thing about it. To avoid coming across like a pervert. That level of playfullness generally works.

I booked the lodge through airbnb. Was one of the cheaper ones.
For people thinking about a hostel. Do it for meeting people, not for the stay. Considering you have to really cock up not to get pussy.
You˜ll just spend the savings on the motel. Much better to have your own place.
In general, Africa is just not cheap. Zambia (not livingstone) actually being one of the cheaper countries.
YOu can probable get something cheaper in other areas. E.g. closer to centre. Zambia came across as safe, so you should prob still be all right in other parts of the city. Just have no experience with them.
“You can’t turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ without a ‘maybe’ first” Frank Underwood
This post brings me back. Very good. Lusaka is not the prettiest to look at and I agree that the girls are not the prettiest, but have very good bodies. Also as a percentage per hundred, you have fewer gold diggers and semi pros (than say Nairobi). The downsides in Lusaka is that it is hard to get to (connecting flights are few and far between), but the Cape Town-Vic Falls then overland to Livingstone and onwards to Lusaka is a well worn route (I travelled via Windhoek and Air Namibia do a stop over from CT as well).

Actually I quite like Zambia- the people are honest (generally speaking) and large swathes of Lusaka are safe. Anywhere close enough to EastPark Mall is probably the best for logistics and Chicagos is decent whilst not being very expensive.

Another drawback is that it is predominantly a cash based society (like most of Africa) and for transport, there is no Uber (at least this was the case in April 2019), but I suppose these are first world problems....

Nice Post.

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