Party places
The best party cities are Amsterdam and Berlin. I think Dutch girls are the hottest girls anywhere (but not very easy). Better than I've seen in EE. People go to Amsterdam to get wild and party (including locals). If you're into drugs and techno music it's pretty hard to beat the 2 cities I mentioned.

Pro-tip: the hottest girls you'll find anywhere are at underground techno clubs. These are young party girls who take a lot of drugs and you probably won't see them too often during the day. Not exactly relationship material but they're damn sexy.

You sort of have to be dialed into the scene to know how to find good parties though. I recently went to Amsterdam Dance Event (it's a 5 day electronic music event which happens all over the city). I've never seen so many hot girls in 1 place as those parties.. Just be prepared to deal with a lot of girls who are so high they can barely stand. I wouldn't recommend the underground techno scene if you're only interested in picking up sluts. You should go if you actually enjoy the music. Best place to meet people at these events is in the smoking section.

In Asia the best party cities are Tokyo and Bangkok. Generally Asia sucks for partying unless you're into EDM top 40 music. Asia is a great for easy pussy though.
My experience is that in "party destinations" girls party hard and are guarded hard by their friends. They often go to these sausage parties knowing they will have high value, which is enough for them. I liken them to the serial Tinder swiper who gets off turning guys down or standing them up for dates.

You can't catch me in one of these locales. I vastly prefer weekday daygame in the markets or malls of SE Asia, with a late afternoon coffee or happy hour and back to the shagpad by sunset. When I'm seriously traveling, my mornings are sacred for workouts and study (usually of the local language/culture or spiritual stuff) so I can't be bothered with the night game/party scene which inhibits my ability to develop the other parts of myself. Granted, on weekends I go full on party mode, but i don't make it a lifestyle. Balance is key and will lead to deeper fulfillment and appreciation of your manhood.
(11-01-2017, 12:23 AM)k pop Wrote: My experience is that in "party destinations" girls party hard and are guarded hard by their friends. They often go to these sausage parties knowing they will have high value, which is enough for them.

I don't think this is true at all if you go to an *actual* party destination. If you go to a big music festival in Berlin, majority of girls are not there to get hit on. Most are there to enjoy music on drugs and dance. If you show up and your only intention is to hit on girls then they'll sense it. At events like Spring Break what you described is true, but you're just going to the wrong parties.
I was indeed referring to spring break type destinations. There are "parties" out there like the huge music festivals you describe, Oktoberfest in Munich, Carnaval at multiple destinations in Brazil (Recife is the best) and full moon parties in Asia where there are certainly an abundance of fucked up girls (and plenty of dudes drugging them).  If you indeed like to party there may be girls for you. But trying to isolate in these scenes is challenging, and is a style of game I'm not familiar with.  I would be very interested to hear some strategies used. However, since I abhor crowds I won't be winging there anytime soon Smile
(06-11-2017, 08:16 PM)Beentheredonethat Wrote: Just follow this advice:

Classic spring break destinations tend to be sausagefests. Yes girls go wild but only on the top men.
If your game is weak, don't even bother. You'll end up drinking out of frustration.

Go to one of the destinations 20Nation mentioned in his blog post. You'll get to know a new country, maybe even learn the basics of a new language (since you stay for some months?). You can meet girls online or during day time if night game is not fruitful for you. Last but not least you'll meet normal unspoilt girls, not just party sluts.
Oh and those destinations are surely more affordable than Ibiza.

Exactly ! Smile
(06-11-2017, 05:17 PM)Dr.Doolitle Wrote: Any of you have experiences in staying in a party location where girls come to get drunk and "go wild" ? 
I`m thinking like Ibiza,Cyprus, Cancun during spring break.

My game is fairly weak, and I was thinking maybe if I got an apartment in Ibiza for a few months and went out alot it should be extremely simple to pull these young tourist girls that are looking for fun-dick fun.
I do hate nightgame though,but this is something I`ll be working on.

going back to your original question. even if you go to a "party place" and girls get drunk and "go wild" they still wont sleep with lesser guys. even sluts are selective. 

your right in getting an apartment near the action. that's one of the most important things to consistently pull. unless you love adventure sex, toilet, beach, alley pulls. but that's more advanced. 

I woulnt bother doing nightgame if you hate it. focus on chatting to girls in environments you like. my favourite is the beach. 

if you can afford it get a coach/mentor this will be the quickest way to take weak game and turn it strong. 

the problem with cancun is that its mainly club game in hotels which you need to be staying in that hotel to get access. 

if my game was weak and I wanted hot young girls. id recommend Poland. girls are friendly even If there not interested so you can have alot of positive good interactions and reference experiences. keep building on them until you get laid. 
also its cheap. maybe that's a bonus maybe that doesn't matter to you. 

I was looking into nissi beach in Cyprus. but the airbnbs are fucking expensive its a joke same as mykonos, Ibiza;s actually cheaper. maybe magalufs good but only if you like drunk british loud girls with English dick heads running about. 

if you don't like club game try street game at night. girls in general are more friendlier don't know why as they walk through a door to a club suddently become bitchier don't understand that.

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