The Vietnam Thread
Yeah I've had girls I've dumped months ago message me regularly. They don't really let go it seems. They're like Captain Ahab..keep trying to reel in their Moby Dick lol.
What visa are you guys usually on when living in Bangkok? Tourist visas in Thailand only last about 6 months a year now from what I understand, then you have to wait until the next year to apply for a new one.

The uppity Thai immigration officers will test your language skills if you're on a student visa.

Guess the last option is a Muay Thai school visa? You just can't seem to win. lol
If anyone needs any motorbike maintenance or modifications head over to Phat Phuc Racing.

To buy bikes can check out Trevor at Saigon Motorcycles

For computer or maybe even phone repairs can head over to Khanh Duy or Iknow.

For anything about visas, work permits, residency cards - Jane Snvi and Oanh Bap
After 6 years of reckless raw dog'ing I finally got hit. Had burning sensation in my dick this past week and today finally had some white discharge which confirmed by suspicion and fears.

Went to the pharmacy after work and got the two pills I needed.

Hopefully this clears up quick.
Downloaded facebook messenger lite, man way better. I can finally actually scroll down and see all my old convos. Going to go through it and see what girls I forgot about.
I might head back to Saigon in a few months, as the visa situation in the rest of SEA isn't too viable. I guess the only other country that matches Nam's easy visas is Cambodia, but Cambodia is too much of a shithole for me.

I'm gonna need to really the screen the shit out of apartments before I make a move.

My requirements will be

- Under $400 a month including utilities
- Fast wifi
- Elevator in the building - no fucking stairs
- No fucking locked gates after 10pm - come and go as I please 24/7
- No cockblocking jealous guards or front desk - pure privacy, otherwise fuck off
- Free motorbike parking space
- Very close to 24/7 Family Mart or 7-Eleven
- Close to D1/downtown, and good for fast pulls from coffee dates

Is this possible? Where should I scope out apartments other than FB (which is usually crappy)?
urbanstay vn
Google "apartment for rent in district ..." (translated to vietnamese) there are about 2-3 real estate sites with listings, just need to use a page translator plugin for your browser.
So if you need to do a visa run here, just fly out. I drove to Moc Bai on the border, and the place is a clusterfuck.

The Cambodian border guards were colluding with local guys in civilian clothes, saying I needed to go through them to get my visa. Of course, they wanted a bribe after.

Back on the Viet side, the visa stamp officer wasn't even in the office. I had to call him on the phone. After showing up an hour later, he said the stamp fee had gone up lol. With bribes and "coffee fees", I probably paid like $25 extra. Thieving cunts. Everyone of them deserved a head butt.

Anyways, I had a couple good nights out with El Matador. Didn't pull anything as the pickings were pretty slim, but had a good time trolling hookers and ugly chicks. Fucking Apolcalypse Now was loaded with Indians. It was disgusting.

Tinder has been good to me lately though. Getting a lot of solid matches. It sucks because I'd rather work on my game IRL but the nightlife here just doesnt really allow for that.
^ Is it not possible to just extend your existing visa for a fee instead of doing a border run? Last time I looked into it it seemed possible but I could be wrong.
It is possible but the rates have skyrocketed. I wanted to do the motorbike ride for the novelty anyway, but that border area is a shithole so I wouldn't do it again.
Fly or go by bus to Phnom Penh. If you go bus route you just need letter and do t need to deal with inbred scum at border. Always the same cross eyed fuck that tries scamming me.
^Ah shit lol, I ran across that guy. Had a name tag right? I kept wondering what he was staring at to my right. And then I realized he was a cross eyed cunt. Tried to get $45 out of me for the stamping fee.
Finally bought a motorbike. Found it on Chotot.

2017 Yamaha Sirus FI RC Edition

Not sure if I over paid or not 14,000,000 vnd.

Looks, sounds and runs nice. Gonna have some mod done to it this week.

Feels so good not to have to drive that POS Nuovo anymore.
Had teachers today. Was trying to smash all the teachers was genuinely arranging a way of covering our tracks with some random milf there. Got absolutely smashed. Loved it.
My FB is blowing up with pictures and footage of the typhoon that hit Saigon recently. People walking around in knee-high sewage water. lol Glad I'm not a teacher there anymore. lol

How are you guys holding up?
Left my motorbike in Thao Dien and took a grab car home last night. At one point water was up to the windows. Pretty wild. Luckily the car made it. I was contemplating driving my motorbike home, thank God I decided not to. That would have been dumb as fuck to try.
It wasn't too bad. It was just a soft drizzle most of the time. Nothing like a Florida hurricane imo.

Glad I work from home though lol!

One thing I've noticed here that kind of sucks is for a big city, everybody seems to know each other in Saigon. I don't have an insta, and i'm not active on FB. But I always get people saying they saw me somewhere or in some club pic.

Just found out my main girl has been friends all along with this weird scottish dude in my vietnamese class, and he was feeding her info on whether I was flirting with girls in class or skipping. Getting kinda paranoid lol
Me and Brodiaga (Roosh poster) met up last night and went to the latin bar on Pasteur street and then the Apo.

Encountered some terrible customer service at the latin bar that left me lost for words.

Brodiaga goes to the bar and order blue or red label (he says the cheaper one), however the bartender brings and pours him the expensive one. He says he didn't order or ask for it but the bartender isn't having it and says sorry but you gotta pay for this.

Brodiaga comes to the table and tells me about the situation and sits down. The bartender still has the drink on the bar and is just standing there looking at us. Brodiaga tells me of the situation. The bar manager (foreign guy) comes over and I talk to him, trying to explain how there could have easily been miscommunication etc and how it's the bartenders job to double check and be absolutely sure the person wants an expensive drink. The guy says his vietnamese bartender did ask and even lifted the bottle to show Brodiaga. At that point I ask him to show me the CCTV footage of the bartender doing that.

He goes and talks to this foreign girl who comes over and says she is the manager. I ask her to show me the CCTV and she tells me the CCTV doesn't work. I do not believe that for one second. Maybe some CCTV on the outside or random part of the bar, but not the fucking bar and cashier / money. Then I try to explain basic shit to her about miscommunication, needing to confirm etc.

I finally mention that when dealing with expensive drinks they need to have customers pay first. Plain and simple.

Potential Fault

1) Brodiaga says the wrong drink (Cant prove)
2) Bartender lies (Can't prove)
3) Bartender didn't have Brodiaga pay first (Proven)

The only thing we know for sure is they fucked up and didn't have Brodiaga pay first.

In the US, the customer is always right / given benefit of the doubt. So, the sheer lack of the bar taking responsibility and trying to put all the blame on Brodiaga was insane to me. Brodiaga even attempted to compromise and split the price the drink and they still wouldn't budge.

He could have easily said fuck yall and leave without paying for anything. So I don't understand their logic or reasoning at all.

End the end he decided to pay. He had just got there probably wanted to stick around some. There were some girls there, although it slimmed out quick. I saw and talked to a sexy milf I banged over a year ago. Brodiaga asked a girl to dance but didn't get the number to my knowledge. We left and went to Apo. It was busy with whores as usual. We talked and had a few beers before deciding to call it a night.

I will probably go out again on Sat night.
They don't even value life here, so how could they value customers lol?

Had my 3rd moto accident here yesterday. I was making a left turn when some down syndrome case was speeding down the MIDDLE of a one way lane. I skidded trying to dodge him, and then a car making a right turn into the lane hard breaked about 6 inches from my head.

Down syndrom case on moto drove away. My leg was pinned under my bike, and the guy in the car was just shaking his head checking to see if there was an damage to his bumper. Fucking disgusting. If I wasn't pinned under my bike, I would have headbutted the midget.

It's not an evil white foreigner thing either. I've seen Viets treated just as badly in these accidents. Often given a stern lecture by the person who just smacked them silly. Usually said persons fault.

Really makes me realize how superior Western civilization is in a way. We actually value life. What a quaint fucking notion, eh?

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