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So I'll be arriving in Saigon early next week. Started pipelining on Tinder and god-damn, the difference between Saigon and Da Nang Tinder is day and night. Going to be interesting to see how things turn out once I'm there though. So far things are looking very promising.
Tinder in Saigon is like shooting fish in a barrel. I'm deleting it because I feel like it makes a guys game sloppy. Just street approaches and nightlife for me from here on out.
(09-11-2018, 05:52 AM)SpecialEd Wrote:
So 17yr old has apparently been putting pics of me on her Instagram. At first I was a little peeved. But she told me a lot of her friends are asking about me and are jealous. I'm trying to push for a 3some but she's resisting lol.

This is the kind of nymphomania I've had to contend with.

Haha funny conversation her wanting more dick pics like that. Surprisingly I have had several online girls ask me for dick pics. Kind of rare for me but does happen. I actually turn them down. I figure these girls on dating sites are getting asked for naked pics all the time by men, and getting sent unsolicited dick pics too. So when you say no, its like turning the tables on them and giving them a reality check. They can't get everything they want, not all the guys are so easy, and makes you seem even more hard to get and desirable. Sometimes I tell them you have to earn it before you can see that. (The other reason is, well I just haven't taken any pictures like that. I don't have a wide angle lens.)

I know its different than your situation because you already been with this chick, but I'm just saying.
Lol yea I'm pretty sure she's been sharing them with her friends. And I don't want my junk ending up in one of those VN women Facebook groups lmao.

Also she never reciprocated with a pussy pic so I'm punishing her.
It's pretty damned funny that these girls are straight up asking for pictures of cocks. Some of the Asian girls I've met have told me they're curious about foreigner unit once we're already making out, which opens the door to whipping it out / probably sitting her on it within a couple minutes of that. I've never had one ask to see it during the online / chatting phase, though, and it's hard to imagine the ones I've met being so forward / asking for it at that early stage.

Maybe it's a cultural thing, though. Is it a request you guys get a lot in SE Asia? These Vietnamese girls sound like they're kinda' aggressively into sex, which is obviously fucking great.

Quote:I figure these girls on dating sites are getting asked for naked pics all the time by men, and getting sent unsolicited dick pics too. So when you say no, its like turning the tables on them and giving them a reality check.
I've heard this is totally the case in the US, too. I was talking with the girl I'm dating in the US about how bullshit online dating can be, and I had her show me her OKCupid inbox before she closed her account. Probably 80% of messages were just lameass dudes saying, "Nice tits!" or "Take your top off!" or something like that. I'm not sure why a guy would ever send a first message like that. It's got a 0% chance of working, but lots of bottom-tier guys seem to do this.

This thread's made me curious about Vietnam, so I wound up taking a girl out to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner last night. There were 2 waitresses in this place who were definitely good looking, both had great faces with almost western features. When my girl went to the restroom, our waitress was talking to me a little bit (since I never had Vietnamese food before), asking me how I liked the food, normal waitress stuff like that. She said she rarely saw any westerners in this place, and at that point I got the vibe that maybe she was mixed. So I asked her if she was half white or something, and she laughed and said no. 

It was interesting that she looked really cute and kinda' western, but maybe some Vietnamese girls might just look that way? Still, I'd bet a hundred bucks her grandmother got plowed by a Frenchman or something.
A lot of viets have Eurasian features. It could be french ancestry, or maybe a little GI Joe lol. 

But Viets have a weird history. The native people are actually the Cham.  Austronesian Invaders came later on and the Viet (aka Kinh) majority is descended from them. And then you had centuries of Chinese influence and settlers coming in.

With the girls here, I think just being Western you attract the freaks. Aside from being attracted to us, theres less risk of their social circle finding out they're sleeping around. Also, young Viet dudes usually live with their parents..So any girl here who's looking to hook up, is going to seek out a foreigner.
I've kinda felt like shit the last couple weeks. I experienced this in Thailand. It's like a tropics-induced low energy malaise. There should be a medical name for it. But I'm gonna go to the doc here and do a general checkup.

Anyway, made a porno with 17yr old over the weekend so that made me feel a bit better haha. Damn that girl is a freak. I passed out of exhaustion after 4 rounds. And I woke up to her giving me a handjob telling it to wakeup lol.

Gonna start learning Vietnamese. I'm signing up for classes at the uni. Seems kinda expensive but it's worth it. Speaking VN here opens a lot of legs..i mean doors.

Despite not feeling too great, I've made some strides in muay thai. I always struggled with getting enough hip rotation on roundhouse kicks. Just a combination of bad technique and poor flexibility. But I'm really starting to tear up the heavy bag now. Feels good.
Banged this phat ass gym milf last night. Took a few dates. Got a date #2 that speaks no English coming over tonight to cook. Should get the bang as she was holding me when we went to the cinema the other week. Going to vung tau tomorrow with my main girl.

fucking usa bank card was stolen the other night.
So after an STD scare, I went to the hospital with 17yr old to get tested. Turned out to be nothing - just vaginitis. She lied and told the doctor she was 22. He said that was too young to be having sex lol. Apparently, he was hitting on her and asking a bunch of weird questions. Like how many times we had sex in a night. LOL.

Not the first time viet dudes have been making moves on her. Not even mad. She's hot.

Anyway I'm starting to learn Vietnamese. Went ahead and signed up for a 2 month course at the social sciences uni and I've practicing with 17yr old. Viet girls just melt when a foreigner speaks their language so I want to at least get conversational in it.
(09-25-2018, 03:53 PM)SpecialEd Wrote: Anyway I'm starting to learn Vietnamese. Went ahead and signed up for a 2 month course at the social sciences uni and I've practicing with 17yr old. Viet girls just melt when a foreigner speaks their language so I want to at least get conversational in it.

That's a fantastic move, man. I found that it's paid major dividends for me in terms of both how many more girls become accessible and the quality of those girls. Learning a language is a hard, pain in the ass process, but being a foreigner who can speak in the native tongue makes you a seriously rare asset. 

I've also found that almost all top-tier girls speak no English, and they just weren't accessible without the language. 

And you totally don't need to become fluent, or even business-proficient to pull this off. Just being conversational is more than enough. And in the same way that girls in the US are turned on by a British accent, you'll probably find girls complimenting you on your accent or the "cute" way you say things. 

Moderate proficiency is all it takes, and you can get there in a couple months. Kick ass in that class, man, you'll be glad you took it.
^ Most rich elite girls speak English as they would have most likely studied in elite private international schools.

Now basic hot normal girls, most will not have sufficient english.

If a decent looking foreigner spoke Vietnamese, he could easily land a 8+
I'm not sure how it is here in VN, but hiso girls in Thailand never spoke good English.

The higher up the totem poll you are in a country - the less likely youre gonna study hard at school, learn English,etc. There's not much economic incentive for children of elites to do that.
Basically no way one can even remotely complete school (international school) without being conversational in English as every class is taught 100% in english. They learn in english every day in school from primary up to high school and many of these elite girls go study abroad where they are also taught in english. Rich people don't send their kids to public schools in these 3rd world countries. Private international and bilingual schools all the way.

The issue is more likely they just don't want to speak English to a foreigner. Seen it happen in korea where I know the girl spoke english but said she didn't or can't. As well as normal traveling foreigners simply not having access to them and meeting them.

More than likely, some dudes met normal attractive girls who didn't speak english. Which is not uncommon.
Dear God, today made me realize how annoying American women are. I matched with one on Tinder, nice I thought fuck it. Hopefully living in SEA has mellowed her out a bit.

My tinder profile is kind of cheeky And says to swipe left at the end. Of course, none of these sluts do. So she messages me first saying that's very discouraging. I thought she was being sarcastic (as American women always are) but she was 100% serious. It deteriorated rapidly from there. Just read the convo:

She liked my reply when I told her to return to her safe space lol

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Yeah... I wouldn't think telling someone to swipe left is to be taken seriously. Or else why even be on there? But sounds like she just wanted to argue about it. If it wasn't that, it would have been something else, most likely not liking you dating the local women. Actually she should try it, and I hope she meets a nice local asian man with a very small dick.
HAHAHA what an idiot of a girl. Very standard western girl fucking never again for me.
(09-29-2018, 10:25 AM)SpecialEd Wrote: She liked my reply when I told her to return to her safe space lol

Hahaha, the funniest part of this is how she kept replying even after having said "bye". Who'd have thought that just putting "swipe left" in a profile could put a girl's panties in such a bunch? I'd bet $20 she was moistening up as you texted her back, and if that interaction had taken place in a bar or a club, she'd have sat on your johnson by the end of the night.

She's definitely pretty bad, though, even for an American.
Hit up Lush with Dash last night. The place was packed. Some pretty decent talent in there too.

Ended up at Apocalypse Now after and picked up a big titty milf. They were most definitely fake, but I enjoyed slobbering on them nonetheless.
It's near impossible for me to go to Lush anymore. I end up seeing 5-10 girls I have pumped and dumped. Makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. I know I shouldn't give a fuck, especially when there without a girl, but still affects me. Felt bad to make SpecialEd leave so early as it was jumping with solid talent.

I went on a date tonight with a girl who i thought for sure had to be fake or some scam. She is a very attractive sexy model. Is paid to travel the world modeling for different companies and agencies. Most guys would rate her damn near a 10. I sent SpecialEd the pics and screenshot of the convo if anyone maybe doubts me. On top of how she looked, she was pushing me to meet soon. Said she wanted to improve her English. Told her cool, we can meet for dinner.

Scheduled to meet her tonight after work. Was fully expecting a girl to show up looking nothing like the photos. To my astonishment it was the same girl. Whats even more crazy is, this girl is super friendly and down to earth considering the circumstances. Her English was great. Easily fluent with solid pronunciation to boot.

After meeting tonight she thanks me for dinner and asks how else can she get better at English. I tell her one way is to speak with foreigners more often. Then she replies "Can we meet and talk more often?"

If this turns into a lay..... Lawd jesus would be worried about busting as I got her naked lol
Was recently informed the owner of my apartment sold the unit and I have to move out at the end of the month. Good news is I should be getting double my deposit.

So now I am faced with a choice. Where to live.

I found a REALLY nice new apartment in D7 called An Gia Skyline for about 8 million. Has a on site supermarket, gym and nice semi indoor pool on the 2nd floor as well as a sauna. The downside is, it is at the end of D7. Just rode from there to my work and it took 30 minutes. Faster than I thought but man still quite a drive. I imagine non D7 girls will be highly reluctant to come there on 1st or 2nd meet. Not that big of an issue as I don't mind meeting them in D1 first. Gonna make a spreadsheet and put together all my options and try to make a decision by end of next week.

Website for apartment hunting

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