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Well, seems I am not leaving Saigon after all.

They will place me in a center in D1 HCMC.

Was not expecting that. Seems to me that the people out in the tier 2 cities would want to transfer to Hanoi or HCMC after working out in the sticks and would have 1st dibs.

Man I can not believe my luck. This is like the best job in HCMC. I wouldnt pick any other center.

Good pay, short hours, easy to teach, zero prep. Central district to boat.
Guys if you had one week in vietnam. How would you spend it in terms of nights and cities. I would mainly be interested in tourism during day. Vietnam war etc. Girls are less important but still want the flag?
1 Week

2 - 3 Nights - Ha Long Bay

4 - 5 Nights - Ho Chi Minh City
Ok Dash I lost track, Your staying in Saigon, and you hit the lottery of awesome jobs?
Yea was planning on moving to tier 2 city.

However, the job somehow placed me in Saigon.

I would think that jobs in Hanoi and Saigon would be given to all the people already working in tier 2 cities. First dibs.
I can see why some people would prefer to stay in 2nd tiers cities:

-Afraid of the size of HCMV and Hanoi
-Cheaper cost of life
-Less foreigners in 2nd tier cities so more attention
-Jobs with less pressure

Anyway, they are happy to stay there, you are happy to continue in the same city, all good.
This aint common in Asia....

Damn, this is on my "to do" list when I get back from Bangkok. 

[Image: hJbOr1Y.png?2]
Awesome news then congratz.
End of the month one of the studio's with a kitchen in them open up in my building. Told the landlord I will take that.

100 more dollars for a bigger room with a kitchen. Much better for game (cooking dates) and daily living.

Didn't want to pay over 300 for a place but fuck it. 400 I can live with.

After that I will just need to buy a bike and stop pissing money down the drain every month renting one.
Day game hasn't been mentioned at all on this thread. Does that mean HCMC is not pedestrian enough to make it my main source of notches?

Also, what is the best day game guide to Asia? Tom Torero has written some good stuff about Eastern Europe, but he doesn't focus on SE Asia

80% of my notches in Santa Monica come from day game rather than night game, so it would be nice if I could use that skill set

Sorry, if this answered somewhere else, but I read this entire thread so I think I'm entitled to ask haha

PS interesting that HCMC girls are conservative when Vietnamese American girls in LA seem to be some of the least conservative haha

I don't really do daygame, so why I havent mentioned it.

Although I did mention how awesome the parks are for meeting people. Girls will approach and open you if you are foreign.

I imagine normal Viet girls (and Asians in general) are going to be pretty shy when approached by a stranger esp foreigner on the street.

Online is just much much easier in my opinion.
Vic is trying to run lazy Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia game in Vietnam.

Trying to get girls to go straight to his place. That wont work too well in Vietnam. Hell, even getting quality girls in poosy paradises with that strategy is low %.

Got to put in a little work. A few dates. Then the girl will feel comfortable to come to your place.

Vic is also has not paid for a VC membership. That is my main supplier of pussy.

Not only is it better quality, you will instantly have access to THOUSANDS of girls with 1/10th the competition of apps like Tinder, Badoo, etc.

The other free apps are too hit or miss. VC is a MUST.

Unless you look like Brad Pitt or Enrique Inglesias.

He also hasnt been hitting up the nightlife looking for sloots.

Of course with the above most guys are not going to do not great.

I get and date the best quality girls in VN in all of Asia.

And still bang plenty of sloots. I send Vic the convos all the time.

If one is willing to put in some work, Vietnam will reward them.

Funny thing is Vic is training for the same company I just got hired for.

He royally fucked up his 1st day of training. Didnt watch the training vids or have notes prepared.

See if he can turn it around.

Our deal is one of the best in Vietnam. People are shocked when I tell them our pay, hours, and workload.

I have my 1st actual day today and I am gonna take it serious as hell. Not trying to fuck this up.
I am finding it difficult to find girls in the 7 range who do not wear much noticeable makeup.

I am super anal about a few things. Makeup being one them along the hands, nails, feet and legs. Also need to have a small waist and good skin. But those last two I am less anal about.

I see girls in their pics and they look semi simple. Then when they go on date with me they come with bright red lipstick. Noticeable makeup on face. God it drives me mad.

Stupid ass Korean influence is mostly to blame. Girls putting that shit on their face that makes their face skin look wet / oily.
Had a pretty bad experience last night.

Girl i meet on Badoo invites herself over to my house.

From pics she looks doable, esp for zero effort.

Punk rocker looking chick. Thicker than average but not chubby.

As usual with the rocker look, it just looks a little trashy.

Then she starts smoking outside on my balcony.

Comes in ands wants to fuck and kiss.

The smoke smell was too much. Resisted quite a bit.

Told her to go take a shower.

She comes out and again wants to kiss. Fml I again try to resist and go straight for the bang.

Bang her about 5-10 minutes and lose my hard on. Wasnt able to cum.

Then I noticed she bled on my bedsheets. Wtf Glad I lost my hard on. Would have been blood all over it I didnt.

Was hoping she would leave but she wanted to stay the night and also wanted to fuck again which I declined.

All night she was attached to me. Jesus.

Can not be so careless. Should have declined her offer to come over.

I have noticed I can lose my hard on when I take a 1/4 cut pill of cialis if I am not fully into it. Does viagra keep the hard on better?
Went out earlier this morning for a job interview for a side gig (waste of my time). Came back to my AirBnb room, and my window was open. Looks like the landlord came in and was snooping around. They don't normally check my room or even clean it. My laptop was also on, and I'm pretty sure I turned it off. lol

Thinking it's not worth it to stay here. Living on a $1200 - $1900 a month teacher salary while trying to save/stack money and run other side projects isn't really feasible.
No other place is gonna provide the low cost of living with around 20 or more dollars and hour.

Can get a decent room for 200. Food only runs you 100-200 bucks.

Room - 200
Food - 150
Trans - 60
Fun - 150

Total - 550 dollars

If you worked 20 hours a week that nets 1,200+

Since I got a makeup block I am not even teaching 18 hours a week. More like 16 or 17 and making 2,100 dollars.
Hey Dash, looks like Vietnam is treating you well!

I'm surprised you haven't wifed up a chick and started a church yet though. Lol.
Vietnam better than expected.

Gotta have some fun 1st before all that lol.
Hey Dash glad to see Vietnam is good. I will be in Vietnam in a month or so. Doing some Tefl course which is supposed to guarantee a job. Looking to stay there longer term.

Figure it's ideal setup given my options.

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