The Vietnam Thread
What is the age of consent in VN ? Lol
Lol, have to be careful with that Dash. I would stick to 18+.

In other news how is vietnam treating you. How would you compare it to other countries now that you have been there a while?
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Work is picking up. Got enough hours now to live comfortably.

I haven't really got a full experience due to laying low mostly trying g to conserve money until getting some paydays under my belt.

Although, I have been out alittle bit.

Vietnam is pretty much the same as I mentioned before and what people generally say about.

Great food

Cheap cost of living

Friendly people

Best looking girls in SEA

Still on the traditional and conservative side

Lackluster nightlife

Decent amount of quality gems online

Social circle is big here as friends will set you up

Not as easy as Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Right now I am being hampered by 3 things.

1) New place is not optimal for bringing girls back. Tiny and nosey landlord with dog that alerts them to everything.

2) Low on funds. Korea not paying combined with what will be 4 months of no real pay check.

3) No wheels. Really need a motorbike here in this city

Around August I should be settled in nicely with everything and will be able to give a more detailed assessment of the women and dating scene.

But so far, my only annoyance with Vietnam is being exposed to the heat and sun a lot. Unless you want to turn black you need to wear heavier longer tops to protect from the sun. This is due to me working and needing to commute to work generally on a motorbike.

Being on vacation in other hot countries I don't really have to deal with the heat as I mostly chill at the apartment during the day or take taxi or Uber car.
Dash, when you say girls are "conservative", this translates to what? A few dates to bang? Or only after promises of marriage? Or lack of "in-between" girls (i.e. they're all either pros or eternal virgins)?
When I say girls are conservative it means many things.

Not big party and drinking types. Prefer coffee and reading.

It also means that many won't be fucking on the first date. This isn't the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Dominican Republic etc etc

It means they want to be in relationships to be sexual.

It means they have no concept of and don't understand casual dating.

It means many don't like to stay out late.

Etc etc.

Not saying this is all girls. Just speaking in a general sense. Your average Viet girl. Always exceptions to the rules.
Sounds interesting!

It would be nice to try this, I would actually welcome a change from the experience of fucking a girl, getting to know her and liking her, and once she opens up to you you find out she's slept with 20 other foreigners in the past few weeks.

I also welcome the nerdy type as long as she isn't frigid in bed (most of them aren't).
Yeah they can take a while to get into bed. But it depends. How would you compare overall difficulty of Thailand vs Vietnam? I was under the impression they were roughly the same, but I cannot speak on BKK/Thailand because I haven't been yet.
Not comparable. Guys expect to fuck girls on the first night in Thailand. It's considered a pussy paradise. Highest levels of easiness.
Rented a bike. 50 dollar for one month with a 50 dollar deposit.

Love cruising around the city at night on a motorbike. Fun and relaxing.
(04-21-2017, 04:27 AM)Dash Wrote: Rented a bike. 50 dollar for one month with a 50 dollar deposit.

Love cruising around the city at night on a motorbike. Fun and relaxing.

Yeah man, I like it too. Just went to drive for the fun of it a few times there. Great price too, can't find those prices in latam
Cruisin' on a motorbike around saigon was one of my favorite travel experiences
Big Grin
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Damn cruising on a motor bike taxi in Saigon was one of the scariest experiences. Cruising in Phu Quoc on the other hand was incredible.
(04-28-2017, 04:21 PM)Traveltothemax Wrote: Damn cruising on a motor bike taxi in Saigon was one of the scariest experiences.  Cruising in Phu Quoc on the other hand was incredible.

Its not bad once you know how things work. 


1) Dont hit anything in front of you

2) Look before turning/moving horizontally 

3) Drive slow at intersections and be prepared for people to pull out in front of you

4) Use turn signal to avoid police bribes 

5) Its alright to pull out in front of people (just give them enough time to stop for you)
Finally getting paid next week after 3 months without a payday. Start 2nd job on Sunday.

Got a lot of new dating options.

Had a 19 year old skank just come over during the day. Decided to put on a rubber as I think she makes her rounds.

But as always my rubber broke. Anyone else have this problem? I swear 90% of the time my rubber breaks, esp in doggy style.
(05-03-2017, 10:00 AM)Dash Wrote:  Anyone else have this problem? I swear 90% of the time my rubber breaks, esp in doggy style.

Yes I have had this problem happen too. If it starts suddenly to feel too good? Better check... It is worrisome and if one is getting older beyond wanting more kids probably a good idea to have a vasectomy done, so these girls can't get "pregnant" (real or imagined) and try to extort money.
For anyone that wants to move to Vietnam and teach I would recommend coming with 3 months of startup funds. To be on the safe side. This is bare minimum or ideal starting point in my mind.

Rent - 300 (plus 1 month deposit) (this will get you a fairly decent studio type dwelling with some privacy)
Food - 100
Fun - 200
Misc - 100

So about 2,100 dollars.

Gonna need a motorbike so you can either rent on or buy one. Rent will cost you 50 dollars a month plus a deposit. You can buy used motorbikes for 200 - 500 dollars. Or can get a new honda wave for like 1,000.
Seems like many centers operate classes on 2-3 hour blocks.

Or 6 hours a week course.

I was just offered another class. My schedule now looks like this

Mon 5:30pm-9:30pm (2 classes)

Tue 7:30pm-9:30pm (1 class)

Wed 5:30pm-9:30pm (2 classes)



Sat 8:30am-12:30pm (2 classes)

Sun 8:30am-12:30pm (2 classes)

Suppose to start at my 2nd job this week as well. One class on Sun night 5:30pm-7:30pm

That would be 20 hours. The sweet spot is 26 hours a week. The lowest net salary you should have with 26 hours is 1,700 dollars.

Which is enough to save 1,000 a month.

Same as Korea, but in Korea you work 40 hours a week.
Got my first paycheck yesterday.

I worked 38 hours in April and received about 730 dollars. Close to about 20 dollars an hour.

Need to figure out about setting up a way to transfer money back to the US. Heard it is a pain in the ass.

If anyone is curious about setting up a bank account, it varies from bank to bank.

Banking Guide

Some banks only require your passport. Others require that plus a work contract.

I heard to send money out of Vietnam, you must provide proof of how you made that money ie paystub + work contract.

Banks I recommend are VIB, Timo, Sacacom, ACB, Vietcom.

I am really annoyed that I rushed into this apartment/room. Really should have waited and planned better.

Not the best set up for bringing girls back. If you come to VN and are looking for a room/apartment make sure you think about these things.

Apartment Check List

1) Free hours (come and go as you please, have own keys, etc)

2) Overnight guests allowed (make it clear you are single and dating and women will be coming over and to not ask about these women ie privacy)

3) Privacy (in addition to the above, id recommend getting a place where the entrance isn't going seen by the owners everytime)

4) Parking (you want to be able to drive and park your motorbike with ease. tight spaces or having to always place down a ramp is annoying, as well as having to use a removable pad lock)

5) Preferably No Owner (some places are owner occupied others arent)

6) Dogs (Having a dog that alerts everyone of people coming and going isnt ideal)

7) Location (you will want to be in a location that is ideal. close to work or center of town, avoids traffic jams)

These are all things you need to be thinking about before getting a place and putting down a deposit.
With say $200k, how long do you think you could live in Ho Chi Minh without a job?
200,000 dollars?!?

Not sure why anyone would move somewhere with that much money (assuming no other monthly income source)

If someone has 200k sitting around they need to invest that into some rental properties to generate a monthly income.

That 200k could generate 800-1,200 a month probably. Enough to live in Vietnam forever.

But to answer your question 200k could last 20 years with minimal-moderate spending habits.

Rent - 300
Food - 200
Fun - 200
Misc - 100

Month - 9,600

200,000 / 9,600 = 20

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