The Vietnam Thread
Bored already?

That was one of my concerns with moving there. Its the 3rd biggest city in Nam, but it feels small for some reason.

I think if you build a local social circle itd be fine. But you'd need Vietnamese skills.

On that note, my private lessons are paying off. Can chat with girls with no English off tinder/zalo. Sometimes I need to use GG translate, because as with any language theres many ways to form a question or sentence. I might only know 1 way,etc but once i understand im able to reply back without any help.

Speaking/listening is coming along too. People can understand me now lol. Have had short convos on the phone talking to delivery giys,etc without issue too.

Think in 6 months I should be quasi fluent in the language. Then might look into moving to Da Nang.
(07-09-2019, 07:00 AM)SpecialEd Wrote: Have a jail-bait waitress in the cafe next to my place being relentlessly flirty. Today wouldnt stop talking to me, and stood gawking at me silently for a good 5 seconds when she brought me my tea.

Pretty sure she's looking for her first white guy experience lol.

Not hot enough for me to be bothered with it though haha.

But hot enough to post about? Bang her, puss.

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