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The Vietnam Thread
Passed the interview and test phase I did last week with this one company. Today have to go give a final "mock" teaching class.

I was offered some other jobs this past week but turned them down due to it being too much freestyle for too long. ie Make my own topic and lesson for 90 minute class. No book or materials given. I prefer the big companies with established curriculums and materials.

I sent my resume/CV to all the major language chains but have only heard back from 1 of them. Been 2 weeks. Was expecting a few more responses. To be honest though I just sent it straight to emails and probably should have applied officially through their website. Will go back and do that today or tomorrow.

For generality porpuses, I am thinking it takes about 2 weeks to find a decent job. A month tops.
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Gonna go to Lush tonight for ladies night solo. Hoping I dont see those two girls I banged from there the last time i went.

Hopefully my hickies do not cock block me tonight haha
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After lush I went to the freelance place. Apocalypse Now. Girl talking to me. Added me on fb and then asked me to go with her. No mention of money. She is taking shower now. Curious if she is going to ask for money lol pretty sure she will because I heard shoring from Apocalypse Now is unheard of.
Well, shoring is possible from Apocalypse Now.

Talked and dance with this girl a bit. Then we go outside and we both order an Uber. Then she tells me to cancel my Uber.

So I do it. Go to her house and get a pop in and then another in the morning.

She even orders me chicken meal before leaving.

Thought for sure she was going to mention money but didnt.

This girl been all over Asia. Was showing me all her travel pics.

Some pics of her. First girl I banged with fake tits since Colombia or Costa Rica I believe. 

[Image: hcbEIt1.png?1]

[Image: 2bLliZl.png?3]

I ended up seeing that girl I banged (actually both girls) at Lush. One is really clingy and wanting me to be with her and trying to kiss me. Shit is annoying. Bad thing about Lush is your gonna see many of the same girls every Tuesday. I figured she would be there so I gave her back her ear rings she left at my place. 

In other news, got hired for my first job. Now need to find one more part time job and continue looking to upgrade.
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Nice work man. She's sexy. Looks like Vietnam is treating you well. Are you actually able to save more teaching English than you did in Korea because of cost of living?

When I was there the girl I was with wanted me to go live in Vietnam and just teach English. She said she knew of a guy who rented a big apartment and taught packed classes from there and made really good money. She said she would find me the students I just had to teach.
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Well, I haven't started teaching yet. Got my first offer today actually.

But just to break down some numbers for you. In Korea one averages about 10 dollars an average teaching 40 hours a week. But it comes with free apartment, so lets say the school is paying 400 for an apartment. That makes your hourly pay about 13 dollars. Basically one is getting 1,600 dollars or more a month after tax with no rent. Can easily get by on 600 dollars if you wanted. Which means you can save 800 - 1,000 a month. With a nice little bonus check when you finish your contract (3,200+)

Now, in Vietnam, a mediocre salary is clearing 17 dollars an hour after tax. Teacher pay ranges from 17-33 dollars an hour. Then you factor in the massive difference in cost of living, it's easy to see Vietnam is much better for saving money if you are working the same amount of hours as in Korea. Test prep (SAT/ILETS) pay the most.

Both places are good for saving money. Korea for living rent free and Vietnam for high salary (for SEA) and very low cost of living. Most people just work 20 hours a week in Vietnam and enjoy the easy life. Some though are hustling working 2-3 jobs banking a lot of money.
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Dash I thought you had a teaching certificate from teacher ready. I'm taking the class, why aren't you trying to get an international school teaching job?
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She is hot! Very nice shoring notche.
(03-09-2017, 12:50 AM)Atown Wrote: Dash I thought you had a teaching certificate from teacher ready.  I'm taking the class, why aren't you trying to get an international school teaching job?

I will. 

Still waiting on my documents to be mailed to VN. (Should of handled this earlier) Also need to register to the various International School teacher agencies. 

Plan was / is

1) Move to VN

2) Get part time job teaching ESL 

3) Get all my documents apostilled and mailed to me

4) Apply for middle school math positions at International Schools

5) Study for the High School math license

6) Get High School math license

All the while looking for a girl for marriage.

And honestly I am not in any rush. I wanted to for sure relax a few months or a year and enjoy VN. I imagine when I get a job at an IS as a newb work load will increase alot and come with some growing pains.
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(03-08-2017, 06:37 AM)Dash Wrote: Well, shoring is possible from Apocalypse Now.

[Image: 2bLliZl.png?3]
DASH she is HOT!!! damn i hope you had fun with her.

So how did your first day go at work man?
Life is too short for the bullshit and mediocrity!!
(03-08-2017, 06:37 AM)Dash Wrote: [Image: hcbEIt1.png?1]

Props bro. Great shore, in Apocalypse even! I guess she already paid of her 2 investments Wink

Yea she was fun. She actually was wearing those same fishnet stockings that night. Still have to get paperwork and stuff done. Probably wont actually start until next week.


Yea man. I was shocked myself. Haven't heard of anyone shoring from ApoNow. I was fully expecting her to ask for money in the morning. I only had about 25 dollars on me and no card. So I was just planning on playing dumb and giving her some pocket change if need be. I didn't even go there to shore. I knew it would be busy and it attracts a few groups of normal girls. I enjoy the music there, danced with a few girls etc. Didn't imagine id be going to a pros house lol
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(03-09-2017, 02:22 PM)Dash Wrote:  Didn't imagine id be going to a pros house lol

Hmmm where you a notch for her....either way well done.
Haven't updated the thread in awhile.

Been two 3 new nightlife spots.

One Plus Beer Club (D1)

Nice rootop bar. Plays mostly edm with a mainstream song mixed in from time to time. Good prices for the venue (2 dollars for a beer). Good place for a date.

Boheme (Bui Vien)

One of the most popular places in the main backpacker party area. Got to get here early to be allowed inside. Western music.

Acoustic Bar (D3)

Really fun place. Live performers play a wide range of music. Went here on Ladies night which is Wed. Was packed. Only bad thing is it is expensive. 5 dollars for a beer. Which is surprising at it is mostly a local joint from what I could see. ie 80% locals.

Other news,

I am moving to another place this week or next. Found a girl to transfer my apartment too. Want to downgrade and get in the center of town. Unless until I get more work and more stability. Looking for something in D3.

The job I got has so far offered me 4 classes which equals 8 hours a week. Just enough to scrape by. Need at least double that. Hopefully I will get more classes offered and pick up a 2nd gig soon. Got a demo lesson for another company next week.

Finding it a little harder than I thought to secure sufficient work. This is probably because I am being picky not wanting the very young age and only applying to the big well know centers.

Think I will buy a motorbike next week. Will make life much more convinced.
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is this dash the same dash from NN and formerly roosh v?

also.... am i the only one who doesn't understand why guys try shoring in poor countries?
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