2020 Game Goals
2020 was hell of a year I don’t even know where to begin, the best part is that the best part is yet to come for me, going to Mexico/Colombia for 2 months in a few days. My long term goal has been to move to Mexico permanently, even though this time its not permanent (although it could be if I make the right connections). I managed to convince my boss that I can work from there remotely and it worked. I feel proud of that.

I also graduated, have a full time remote job doing something which I actually love (although not so much money) and I am newly single.

My fitness is about 15% worse than last year, Im doing more callisthenics now which makes me feel good. I’m going on more hikes in nature which is awesome, went camping recently too. I just need to push it harder in my workouts.

Right now my sole goal is to stack up money and make connections in Mexico so I can move there permanently, my Spanish is getting to a business level so it’s feasible. For 3 years I made this plan and I’m getting so so close to executing it.

In terms of capturing flags my goals are not the same before, I’m not all about the numbers like before. I caught the clap last year and it scared me a lot so I’m not banging anything that moves. My notch count is just 6 but I ain’t complaining, I’ll find a nice fuck buddy in Mexico and Colombia and ill be satisfied, it’s all I need for now, I’m 21 so not thinking to start a family.
^ "Fitness: start training regularly again."

Yep.  I'm right there with you. 

Better than a discord channel or some other bs, perhaps we should pull on our forum fitness freaks and put together a workout group -- since we can't all easily go to the gym anymore.  It could possibly be based on a Crossfit or Military "scaling" measure -- hell, we could call it SwoopFit -- because we have men here that cover all the age ranges.  (My deadlift is not yours and those young bucks can box jump hella lot better than me these days!)  The basic buy in could be the usual bodywieght pushups, situps, squats, and run thing for time.  And then get more intense from there based on one's current state of fitness.
I forgot to mention this, but I started on a beginner course in Portuguese. I want to go to Brazil in the near future and I'll probably be back in Portugal a few times in my lifetime, so it seems like a good investment and a good activity in the evening hours. Plus I love the sounds of the language. I have some contacts from my previous visit to practise further. The course is to reach A2 level, so add that to my goals for 2020 and into 2021.
Getting to be about that time of the quarter again.. Accountability time!

Love to hear what you guys have been up to VS what you have managed to accomplish during these last few tough months.

2021 Game Goals thread incoming.

I will update whats happened closer to the end of the month.... but its been a HARD quarter..ill say that much.
Are we going to have a new thread or use/rename this one?
(12-21-2020, 05:07 PM)lika91 Wrote: Are we going to have a new thread or use/rename this one?

I'll start a new thread shortly. Just wanted to close this one out first.

So last quarter 2020... lets start with business first.

Missions Accomplished

-Ended this year about 10% up in revenue despite corona...this would have been higher but the second wave is kicking my ass!
-Work Studio and Office is now fully functional so I am in a serious position to pump out product like crazy when this goddamn pandemic is over. 
-Networked my way into being a key person at my supplier. This will even potentially help me dictate what stock I get and at what price. Connections are EVERYTHING in life.

- Massive amount of progress made on my SMV plans....... I decided at the beginning of the year to book with a top artist on Instagram and AGAIN the networking paid off. I was able to get my appointment in August as well as finish up my first sleeve in October. I signed up for an additional sleeve and some chest work as well which will be completely at the next appointment. So ONE more long trip to Denmark and I will be completely finished with tattoos for the next year and can move on to other things.

- Got a quarantine buster LTR. Got a 7+ Polish girl ive been consistently banging since August so I don't have to run around and stress out on Tinder while this whole second lockdown is going on. Shes a bit of a princess and needs too much attention for my tastes and after lockdown is over I am going to be getting rid of her. Don't know exactly when that is but im gonna dump her and come back the game.

Missions Failed:

- Weight/Gym - Biggest Failure of 2020. I am still in the same place bodyfat and weight wise I was at in Jan. 185lbs and 14/15%. Pretty upset about this. Various paperwork issues and work stress have been really missing with my motivation to get in the gym and get things under control and moving in the right direction. I have been taking steps to get this down.. I have found a meal program that COMPLETELY works for me and will be investing heavily in this shortly. I will elaborate more on this in the 2021 Game Goals thread.

- Business Loan - I have been having a TON of trouble with my accountant and it delayed my movement but it seems like I lucked out here since there was a complete meltdown in my market during the second wave. A blessing in disguise I guess. So now I don't have stress of a pricy loan to pay with a drop in revenue. I won't be applying for this loan until coronavirus is CLEARLY under control.

-Tinder Under Control - I would have liked to have Tinder under control and be banging more girls THAT I WANT but it just wasnt feasible this year and I don't think Ill be able to get Tinder figured out until mid 2021. But when I do (and I will) I will have ONE HELL OF A SHEET for you guys. 8+ girls have escaped me for most of my life and I think I know what I need to do.

Overall... its been a solid year. I accomplished A TON despite corona. I'd say I achieved less in previous years when there was no economic problems and no corona. 2020 was an absolute grind year for me and ive transformed my life after almost a decade of struggling and hustling in Germany..... 

I still can't believe I made it out.

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