The Belize Thread
I'll be heading to Belize next month and wanted to start a thread for some information. I'll post a datasheet once I return. The plan is to stay on Caye Caulker for about a week, stay a few nights in San Ignacio, and then probably do a night or two in Belize City prior to flying out.

There was a half-decent datasheet on RVF before the purge. Pretty much the sum of it was there aren't many hot Belize chicks and to focus on backpackers. That'll probably be my focus although the flag would be nice if it works out.

THC also has a trip report that's worth reading:

I'm hoping for some recommendations for where to stay in San Ignacio and any tips on seeing the ATM caves.
Caye Caulker Datasheet

I spent six nights on Caye Caulker, a small island off the coast of Belize. I wasn't gaming as I'm currently in a relationship but I made some observations that should help anyone thinking of going there.


Caye Caulker is actually two islands separated by a small waterway about 50 metres wide. Almost everything is located on the South Island. There are some condo developments on the North Island and a restaurant/bar called Koko King that operates a ferry across the split. I never went to the North Island so I'll only be writing on the South Island.

The island is pretty small. It takes approximately 5 minutes to walk across east-west and 20 minutes north-south. There are no cars on the island. However there are far too many noisy golf carts, which appears from talking to people to be a recent problem. Too many are driven by fat American tourists.

On that note, I heard a few people talk about how much the island has changed. It sounds like a lot of hotels/resorts have popped up in the past few years. However I didn't find it to be overrun with tourists. You won't find any brand name hotels or chain restaurants on the island. 

Getting There

There are two ways to get there from the airport in Belize City. One is to catch a flight. Two airlines fly there: Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. I was told that roundtrip to the island is about $120USD with both airlines. It's about a 15 minute flight.

The other route is to take a taxi from the airport to the water taxi terminal. Taxis are a $25USD flat rate. There are two water taxi companies: Ocean Ferry and San Pedro Express Belize Water Taxi. I would recommend the latter as it runs more often. You can get a two-way ticket where the return trip has to be within 3 months.


I highly recommend staying on the beach even if it costs a bit more. I stayed the first couple nights in the centre of town and was woken up every morning at 6am by the sound of golf carts whizzing by. It was also impossible to take a siesta before dinner because of the golf carts.

On the beach I stayed at Lena's Guest House. It looks like a run-down shack but the rooms were adequate. They were clean, no bugs, and the showers had good pressure. It's owned by Mr. Manuel who I was told by a local is 96 years old. Whether that's true or not, he is no younger than 85. Yet he is there puttering around every day on his golf cart. His wife Ms. Conchita (who is probably 70) is the housekeeper. A single room is $35USD per night. 

I also heard good things about Popeyes Resort, Lee Side Rooms, and Iguana Reef Inn.

I would avoid Yuma's House. I was talking to a girl that stayed there and Yuma wouldn't let any non-guests on the property even during the day. I don't know if she is patrolling the property at night but probably best to avoid.

Things to Do

Beyond gaming, it's a great spot for snorkelling or diving in the reef. Not much else besides that.


What everyone is here for. This is not the spot to get your Belize flag. Your focus is going to be on tourist girls. Most of them are American but I met girls from Canada, Germany, Israel, France, and the Netherlands while here. The American/Canadian girls seemed to be here on a 1 week vacation while the other girls were backpacker girls stopping in during a tour through Central America.

I found the tourist crowd to be pretty split between older couples and young people. There were very few families with young children which was great. Of the younger crowd, there were a lot of couples and a lot of groups of 2-3 girls. I don't really recall seeing any groups of guys. I'm sure a group of 2-3 fit, cool, party guys could clean up here. The biggest competition will be the local guys. 


Like I said it's a small island, so you will recognize people throughout your stay there. It's not the place to spam approach. Just socialize normally with people in stores, at restaurants, etc. For day drinking the spot to go is the Lazy Lizard which is at the Split. Lots of tables and lounge chairs. Not much of a beach but there's a volleyball court and a dive platform.


The Sports Bar will be the spot to start the night.It is a little seedy and a lot of the local guys go there to pick up tourist girls. If you're looking to score some drugs, it's also the place to go for that. Like I said earlier there were lots of groups of 2-3 girls on the island. I chatted with some of these girls and while one in the group always seemed to be looking for a local guy the others were definitely looking for another tourist.

The Sports Bar closes at midnight. If you want to keep partying just follow the crowd to wherever they are going. It will either be Island Sky or the Reggae Bar. I liked Island Sky better but both were good.

The Lazy Lizard always has some promotion every night to get people back. I checked it out a couple nights and it was never busy. My guess is too many people hang out there during the day that they want to go elsewhere at night.


Fry-jacks are great hangover food in the morning. Errolyn's seems to be the most popular but I really liked Jenny's.

The best restaurant that I found was Hibisca. Other good spots were Enjoy Bar, Bamboozle, and Swings.


I really liked the island and would go back. It has great potential for gaming and collecting flags.

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