Mexico VS Peru
guys that have gone to peru and/or mexico should reply please. There is not a standard way to know who has really gone to peru and/or mexico---photo of the passport stamp and/or the girls that you have layed in mexico and/or peru--such proof would really help out this post 

here's the question?
which country has better quality and easiness of women- also the different cities in the 2 countries? , alot of mexican and peruvian girls have that indigeneous looks but i have checked on badoo and the quality of peruvian girls is still quite high.
Easiness - Peru
Quality - Mexico (Doesn't compare to Colombia though). Some parts of mexico would be pretty close to peru women wise but in others like monterrey, guadalajara, etc you can find women with a more "european" look.

Badoo is where you will find the trashy girls, no respectable girl would be caught dead there in latin america. Tinder and bumble if you want higher quality online.

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