How many flags have you degenerate lecherous sexpats got?
Updated: got my first sub-Saharan African flag last week in Shanghai with a foreign student from the Ivory Coast/Cote d'Ivoire met in a club in Shanghai on Friday and took her to a date on Saturday for closing the deal. First time in China gaming and banging in french, it was a nice touch.
That was my first new flag in almost a year, it was time to expand that list.
Costa Rica
Italy (my country)
UK (England and Scotland)
South Korea

I live in a very touristic city, so I got them where I live. I consider flags depending on places where they were born, otheeriwse I wouldn't have China and Belarus.
Just under 50
PS: apparently you need 15 to become an international Playboy
Updated notch count

Europe and scotland
1 blonde Hungarian threesome 6.6
2 brunette Hungarian threesome 7.5
3 polish love 6.9
4 German stairway 7.5
5 Mexican petite cruz 7.5
6 Lynn Scotland 6.4
7 polaks mum swinger 6
8 low quality ned 5
9 extreme munter skyscraper 3.5 A
10 fat slight potential in face korova 4
11 gisell licker 6.5
12 easy convenient zoo chick ghetto place 6.5
13 jynx maze unhygienic chick 6.5
14 hot easy solid shore apartment drug dealer 7
15 huachina strip club Ica 6.7
16 blonde semi fail shore 5.5
17 big ugly munter stalker shameful 4
18 Angola milf ghetto 6.7
19 Claudia massage girl inca princess 7
20 sandra rich married hot 8
21 given to me by her friends slightly chubby 6.5
22 blonde Milf 7
23 crazy anal chick half Dutch 6.7 A
24 slightly chubby emo chick 6.5
25 airline with friend and brazilian amigos 6
27 chubby Pocahontas inca last night cusco 6
28 Brazilan 6.7
29 jaqueline 6.9 A
30 hot as fuck jane 8
31 threesome girl with jynx maze 6
32 Italian 7.5
33 Finnish 6.4
34 fat wedding dress 4
35 Maim - mature 4
36 chunky pinay 5.5 A
37 kumlaiz 7
38 tf chubby 4.75 A
39 tf Alyson 7
40 rihanna gremlin pro 6.7
41hat pro 6.7
42 cp tard friend 5.5
43 kam nice girl 6.5 A
44 chubby strong tf 4
45 slim shore meth smell 6
46 hot body crazy anal balcony6.5 A
47 hot issan nitnoi 7.9
48 hot wasted Burma 7.3
49 ok slim petite great ass to smash. 6.9 A
50 Muay Thai girl 6.5
51 chubby Peru alike 6 A
52 mature juicy friend of muay thai 6 A
53 kwang 7
54 virgin 6 A
55 hot as fuck 8
56 yabba slut 6
57 beautiful teen bea 7.7 A
58 yoga stunning body 7.5
59 extremely soft tears anal 7 A
60 meth smell shore KSR road hotel 6.5
61 Koh phangan police women 6
62 full moon party mediocre fuck before epic 10 mins later6
63 same night full moon party epic hippy mature rough 6.7 A
64 koh tao boomers girls friend 6
65 koh Samui issan girl extremly easy blood 6 A
66 same night blonde shore first time free 5 years 6.8
67 last night samui easy come hither motion 6.8
68 tidy shore perfect face except for spot 7.7
69 nice girl but annoying on second meet with good girl shit 7
70 chiang mai squirter amazing 7.5 A
71 first pinay bang from store 6.8
72 first pinay shore vs the Indians 6.3
73 Manilyn first FC 6.7
74 tiny jynx chick seriously poor but sweet 6.5 A
75 mercy girl harder to bang lot of LMR 6.8
76 j-ave self harmed 6.7
77 ghetto latina type chick shot and rape victim 6.9
78 attempted threesome chick severe rain 6.8
79 michelie unbelieveably petite with huge tits 7.9
80 Jane poor posh girl great suck never had long dick 6.9
81 fat pinay chick with car disgrace 4
82 petite redemption 7 A
83 recently pregnant tall pinay gagging for a shag 6.9
84 cute nice scared girl several dates long run annoying 7
85 office worker petite chick first foreigner very submissive 7 A
86 final manila fuck tiny come with fat bodyguard 6
87 richer makati girl bang at aunties mansion during storm 6.5
88 religious good girl who sneaks to my hotel during morning and is bad Cebu 6.5
89 annoying as fuck retarded onsie stranded with flood in hotel 6.5
90 fat Indian 4.3
91Korean work 6
92 massage girl amazing eyes and body due to no fapp 7
93 Java party tattoo girl slut but never had long dick 6.9
94 Sarah Milne looking chick with bad teeth shore at restaurant 7
95 Sarah Milne looking chick shore at swing period 7.2
96 petite Issan girl acne first reversed camera ipad bang 7
97 hot holly valance asian looking chick 8
98 quick tf bang beer on the corner then movie 6.6
99 phi phi mature similar looking hippy chick gagging for my cock 6.2 A
100 midget Pygmy chick mad hairy vag bucket collected 5.5
101 tidy shore from Hollywood club dates french model dude 8
102 sweet hotel worker chick good fuck 7.3 A
103 petite spinner multiple fucks rihanna diamonds hair 7.5 A
104 full moon party on the boat chick loved giving bj 7
105 Samoan ghetto 6.7
106 Peruvian annoying 5.5 A
107 shore from KSR road completely wasted inspired by wolf of Wall Street 6.5
108 final bang of my year long trip double try shore 6.7
109 Scotland return 4.6
110 mature Venezuela universe provides 6.7
111 direct tall white 7.5
112 Malaysian Muslim 5.4 A
113 Hong Kong Virgin 6.0 A
114 mature perky tits awesome 6.7 A
115 18 year old curvy bareback 7
116 nice fuck aom 7
117 first Cambodian young raw good taste angry 7
118 mature european Cambodian 6 A
119 crazy married Malay/pinay huge tits 7
120 shore, slim good fuck Mafia 7
121 chubby skin diamond 6.7
122 mature talk a lot last resort shore 5.6
123 chubby massive vag last resort 5.5
124 cute white dress baliesque chick 7
125 thai blond easy Desperate Lynn 5.8
126 drugdealer hot with long hair not without 6.5. A
127 Lyly sociopath 8 A
128 massive vagina deception alice pub 6.5
129 refreshing tight shore parody 6
130 Lyly friend long 6.5
131 mdma chick jj bar 6.9
132 tunnel bar girl 6.9
133 shore first freebie Halle berry hair broken up boyfriend 6.4 A
134 amazing dancer close call but decent shore 7
135 Halle berry hair shore 6.6
136 brazilian looking cambodi girl failed threesome but I win 7
137 special mature thary 6.7
138 sensitive vag thai mature epic bang screamer 6.6 A
139 picnic superb body 7 A
140 semi shore nice frigid girl phone 6.5
141 london business latina body 7
142 chunkin fit but sexy enough Narath 6.5
143 young cute hot decent tits Khmer scooter swim 7.5
144 khanna biggest fanny petite young milf 7
145 badoo girly cuvy thin waste office chick pool howie bar 6.8
146 hot decent cuddle hairdresser srey tey 7
147 early morning street cook 6
148 Ada. 8 A
149 manchester can't get hard 6
150 Soriya mall mature horny as fuck after cumming 10x 5
151 Sheffield/khmer girl 6
152 drunk mature 12pm afternoon furious bang funny face leather pics 6 A
153 mature purple dress overall underrated body and face pontoon 6
154 nurse nurie sweet hotel girl residue pussy 6.7
155 angel Isabelle recovery 7.5
156 glasses party chick furious bang 7
157 Budapest Mexican American spa party 7
158 Glasgow Mexican kika 6 A
159mini nymph paraw pick up beach club her birthday bf on iPhone 7-
160 Indian beach 6.5-
161 princess tiny billiards bad karma 7 A
162 Sylvia sister of Russian widow 6.7 A
163 Glien hot as fuck 8-
164 Jamaica Tinder Monkey 7-
165 Lukkana tiny complete sex freak/athlete 7 A
166 mature Japanese looking curvy ass kimmy 6.5 A
167 very nice Aum 6
168 very sweet and soft great ass petite ajoice fancy apartment 6.9
169 mature 50 year old fancy car love hotel 6 A
170 mature 40 year old milf great fuck squirted from sucking me 7
171 Vietnam flag 22 mediocre everything but decent 6.7
172 Mai better face without glasses sex starved 5.6 A
173 American sounding curvy rich girl period guard dogs security cameras 6.8
174 butter face nicer without glassses decent body very quick pick up over coffee 6
175 mature 33 dressed slutty doesn't like younger men but succumbs to cock after massage 6.6
176 petite thunderstorm cool scooter English accent bea 7
177 strange hot milf wanted to share room loan 7
178 fake good girl gagging for cock wanted to fuck her friend still hope 6
179 seriously hot 21 year old kadarshian wannabe, superb body lackluster ability - retrospect she's not seriously hot just pretty hot7.8
180 club girl van bang at later date 7 A
181 amazing sucker 30s cute 6.8
182 mature skanky looking tinder good fuck 5
183 daytime fuck cute alternative chick 6.8
184 hot pinay chick reggae bar 7
185 phen yourang long game jelly viagra 6.6 A
186 curvy ass multiple meets awkward lily reunion 6.7
187 curvy mature blocky back but good fuck 6.3
188 amazing squirter completely wrecked 7
189 crazy fast meet completely empty inside 6.7
190 uglyish but bangable enough pinay insta bang 5 A
191 sweet chunky viet insta bang invested 5.7
192 superb tits and wet pussy mature 50ish insta bang 6.6
193 wretched shame 2
194 older milf instant meet 6 A
195 d7 Vicky absolutely rekindled lust for rimming 7
196 psycho coffee shop pursed lips 6
197 virgin pussy anal queen instant meet 5.8 A
198 older somewhat ugly but soft hotel instant meet Thai chick 3.9
199 hana wanderer festival awesome fuck and person 7
200 short haired artist Tráng, very hot potential but hair and odd smell 6.8 A
201 josie instant meet slightly drunk milf spoke Korean awesome fuck 6
202 gym chick nice awesome fuck but remained of Wiko 6.5 A
203 fat pinay nurse d7 felt like shit afterwards up the quality 4.9 A
204 fashion designer somewhat slag only half shaft in Italian accent 6.5
205 Sara Pham real estate tight hairy period insta bang 6.8
206 cute in pics but slightly annoying personality and smell behaved kitten IB 6
207 pinay Tom boy good personality whiskey smash session 6
208 massive tits milf invited to house bang go vap 6.9/7ish
209 random balloon bar chick ditched shop wanted quick bang next day 5.7 A
210 little cute women hong nice trimmed pussy so clean 30s 6.6
211 angie second meet bang quite hot without glasses 6.8
212 single mum hot body before kid tasty pussy 6.8
213 cute 21 year old close to Bui Vien amazing riding skills on top 6.7
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218 little Karen swimming pool invite clean
219 vanna cambodia awesome bang easy cummer qui credit card company 7.2 A
220 d3 awesome apartment but too chunky and I expected a super fresh vag was disappointed 6.3
221 Alissa nice pretty with tasty vag gave swimming lesson 7
222 chunky but nice enough figure with dress insta bang Duong had piles though 6.3
223 older tiny chick with massive tits easy cummerbund supersensitive skin 6.8
224 random party girl lush Khmer/Thai fun fuck 6.7 A
225 nice quick bang very soft 32 after previous meeting with socio/psycho path 6.4
226 fit Valerie awesome taste bang and person 7.3 A
227 underwhelming Petite bang Mo hotel in tan phu 6
228 dumb cunt direction but instant meet mature enhanced pussy 6 A
229 cute tiny pinay insta bang pick her up does not like oral 6.6
230 pretty Khmer instant bang absolute quest in tuk tuk 7
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Massive pinay but in proportion slightly smell in vag insta bang 5.5 A
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Random meet observ bang 3 meets later Duong 6.7
Fit petite cat eyes Yuki super practical bang 6.9
Pink hair Taeri watch the Great Wall movie soft feminine bang mad tattoos 6.9
19 year old aleka afternoon fuck very nice 6.7
Eugene/trinh epic bang great body and very lovable after 3 meets watch black mirror 7
Epic bang Angie reminds me of Khmer Lyly easy comer perfect fit nice ass white dress 7
French sounding girl nice fashion yeri 7 A
Bkk kind of exhausted but woke straight up 35 year old party girl much hotter in person 6.9
First bang return to phangan awesome nipples from full moon party Fon fon 6.5
Pinay very easy Haad rin squirted in corner room she didn’t know she could 6.5
Ononut rasta bar thinks I look like movie star but rather mediocre fuck perhaps pain in vag 6.6
Very quick meet and bang at coco garden nice quiet bar bit chubby for Thai but nice girl she is nurse 5.9
Manager at hostel wants bang after I did shitty shroomsat eden garden, great bang, deep throat, anal and fisted 5.9 A
Great pussy Pimmada semi shore, 32 years old but pussy great from kegels 6.5
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Mature Mook, nice room in shack on hill, thought was crazy but nice enough alone. Quite good bang 6
Cute sweet oil spend lot of time together
Hot rapid quick bang Philippines quite exhausted petite hot invite straight to fancy hotel 7
Old women Muay feel shitty about it was horny enough but smell and other things made me question life
Hot sweet party girl Bee feel in mini love with her but god damn I cannot be assed dealing with party girls
Random Japanese whose husband gets fucked by dudes squirter mature great bang but I’m still questioning life choices
Nice enough figure very enthusiastic bang, met at o brienns Irish bar 6.7
Kazakh rich women great bang 7.4
Random day meet business marketer small pussy touchy about money 6.7
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Radical feminist chick electric shock at bar throw beer over her still bang in end quite nice behind her extremist ideology 6.8
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20 year old instant bang my place not particularly hot just bangable wasn’t comfortable letting her stay shouldn’t have made false promise of doing so
Doan bang from trung legend very filthy fisted her while fucking ass and she tried fingering me in the act fun overall
6 A
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Hanh 2 meets rewatch cinema Hobbs and Shaw is so so bang little exhausted 6.8
Hannah vinhomes amazing ass great to rim went for swim then bang great apartment 7.6
Random Buddha bar bird wears glasses but not bad without them lent me 2 million
18 year old Jolie amazing tits and insane period wrecked a towel and some sheets
Hot chick tinder thought wasn’t keen on me but won her over great fuck 7.6
I never really got the concept of "flags," I just have a very approximate number of bangs in my head.
Most guys just love to stroke there ego's about how many women they banged as a way to cope with insecurities. Quantity doesn't correlate with quality. Many of these so called "bangs", are not fufilling sexual experience. Imo, men should use sexual opportunities as a way to create dynamic experiences, and self actualize there sexuality. Explore positions, fetishes, roleplay whatever your into. Creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

I'm guilty of sleezy hookups just like everybody else. But i've come to the realization that I should pursue fufilling experiences that would bring me greater joy and happiness than non intimate casual sex just to eleviate biological urges.
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