Headed out to Tampa next weekend and I couldn't find any threads on this forum about the area, so here's one. I've never been to the city or any of the surrounding towns and the most recent and comprehensive information about the city that I could find was here. Ybor City is where I'll be staying and I'll record my observations at some point within this thread. From what I see, Tampa may be a more laid back version of many northeastern US cities without the massive party scene found in some other places (like Miami or Nashville). Any comments or thoughts are welcome here.
Anna Maria island and longboat key are about an hour away with beautiful beaches. This time of year is not possible to swim tho. Tampa itself is nothing special in my opinion. What are you looking to get into ?
(12-28-2019, 06:41 PM)Rang off the Pipe Wrote: Headed out to Tampa next weekend and I couldn't find any threads on this forum about the area, so here's one. I've never been to the city or any of the surrounding towns and the most recent and comprehensive information about the city that I could find was here. Ybor City is where I'll be staying and I'll record my observations at some point within this thread. From what I see, Tampa may be a more laid back version of many northeastern US cities without the massive party scene found in some other places (like Miami or Nashville). Any comments or thoughts are welcome here.

Try SOHO and let us know what you think, I spent very little time there compared to the other neighborhoods - and it might be a better scene.

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E: Tampa
There are quite a few Tampa posts if you search, but I'm a local so I'll give you my take:


As long as you stay downtown, in SoHo/Hyde Park, or International Mall you'll be fine. Logistics suck down here but people are used to taking cabs on weekends. If you want to ball out, stay in the Epicurean. It's right next to Bern's Steakhouse. If you're on a budget, stay at a place downtown or near International Mall.


If you're here for only 4 days I assume you're looking for SNLs. Weekends are your best bet for night game, the bars in the following places are fairly dead except for a select few during the weekdays.

In that case, for bars I'd recommend going to SoHo (South Howard). It's primarily college students who I find are generally unreceptive to people outside their social circle, but there are a decent amount of young professionals as well. MacDinton's, The Lodge, Yard of Ale, are all prime spots for hunting.

I'd also recommend a weekend night in Ybor City. It can be a little sketchy, but there is a TON of young talent and they're much more open to cold approaches. I recommend Doubledecker, Ampitheatre, and Czar. Street game is easy as hell in Ybor--everyone's drunk and open to chatting. Go on a Friday or Saturday. Easily the best place to pull.

I'd also recommend spending a Friday or Saturday night at Jackson's. It's the only Miami-style club in Tampa. Hottest girls are definitely here, but it's a little tougher to pull since they're generally with friends.


International Mall and Westshore Mall are paradise for day gaming. Lots of rich dumb broads shopping at expensive department stores. I've pulled twice from International Mall.

If you're here on a Sunday, go to Shephard's and/or Hogan's Beach. They have ridiculously good beach parties and the girls are hot and come out in droves.


Eat at Bern's. It's an incredible steakhouse. Some other good (albeit pricey) options are Edison's, 717 South, Mise En Place, and The Refinery. If you're looking to eat on a budget check out Taco Bus and Yummy House--two classic "rough around the edges but great food" Tampa staples.

Other info

I haven't explored St Petersburg or Clearwater much, but don't forget you have those two cities at your disposal too.

I've lived in Tampa for 3 years and to be honest I'm not a huge fan. The people are mostly transplants and there's little pride or cohesiveness in the city. Everything is victim to the typical "Florida sprawl" and driving is your only option to get anywhere. The people are generally Northeastern transplants and southern natives (lots of confederate flags) which ends up as a really weird mix.

That being said, everyone's in shape down here, especially the girls. They're mostly dumb, somewhat friendly, and somewhat easy. Best of luck to you, and if I missed anything you wanted me to cover or have specific questions let me know.

Honestly I've been there 3-4 times (once on a weekend, the rest on ladies' nights) and I don't get the hype. I found it was mostly older (35-40+) traveling consultants hitting on older women and the ratios are piss poor. If you're into cougars, I'd go to Ocean Prime instead--unless rudebwoy, you know something I don't and I'm going on the wrong nights.

A couple more tips I forgot to mention in my first post:

-If you're in Ybor and you're trying to do a venue change, take the girl to Czar (The Ritz) and do "ice shots". They're shots of vodka and you take them out of shot glasses that are literally molded out of ice. The tradition is to chuck the shot glass at the wall/floor/whatever. You can easily pull a girl from the street and do this.

-Still in Ybor--don't be scared about hanging around "Gaybor", especially by Honeypot. It's a traditionally gay club but it's recently become more of a dance-y place for straight people, and the last 3 times I went there I went f-close, f-close, make-out and it was gay guys who introduced me to the girl outside the club. You can easily get a girl outside Honeypot and pull her to Czar (The Ritz) like above.

-If you're in SoHo, hit up Hyde Park Cafe on Latino night if you can dance--and even if you can't, they have a class early on in the night. I got my Brazillian flag from here and I've never danced salsa, bochata, etc ever.

-Take the advice above about going to the Hard Rock Casino. It was better when there used to be a club but you do indeed find drunk girls gambling and they're almost always DTF if you're staying in or near the hotel.

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Tampa data sheet
Summary: I think Tampa Bay is one of the most underrated cities in Florida. Everybody knows about Miami and Daytona and the used to be famous spring break destination PCB, Disney World (Orlando), University of Florida (Gainesville) and Florida State University (Tally) but I really feel like Tampa is forgotten and underrated. If you either have a) bankroll b)good looks c) game d) all of the above you can absolutely crush it here in Tampa... Really you should be able to crush it anywhere, but if I'm doing fine here, so will you. For reference I’m black 6’0 great body good face probably 7-8/10 low bankroll compared to most of you here… and my game is really not too good plus I drive a shitty car and I get attention. I’ll be honest I suck at day game so most of this will be centered on night game and online game. Now this isn’t only for black guys, of course white dudes you’ll have no problems and if you’re foreign really you should have an easier time than us Americans.

Nightgame –
SOHO if you want to dress up/ lots of young professionals/ the most beautiful people in Tampa:
(Macdintons) I fucking love Macdintons… Every Friday happy hour all you can drink 6-8. There’s always a plethora of chicks here on pretty much every day of the week. I’ve gone on Thursdays of course Friday’s Saturday’s Sunday’s Tuesday’s. Ratio is pretty much equal. You will have a great time here. I’m going to lump in the bars across the street… you have world of beer, Saloon, Lodge, and Cheap you can walk into any of these places for free. Typically you’ll see females, if not just move to the next one. All these places are free unless its happy hour so typically I or if I’m with people, we bounce around until we find a place with lots of people.
(Hyde Park Café) Another dope place… happy hour is from 8-10. Once again there’s always a bunch of fly ass girls here. This place and Macdintons is the main two spots that white people go to in Soho however you will find a variety of people in all of these places.
(Drynk) This is where they play hip-hop and where the “ratchets” go… Of course I don’t think it’s ratchet at all but my white friends will say that because they play hip hop. Typically they charge a cover here, if you go to their facebook and sign up for the texts they will send you texts for free entry and free bar. Also lots of girls.
(Kennedy) This is where most of the Hispanic people go in Soho. Once again still a bunch of fly girls you’ll find more Hispanics and black people here… I know on Monday’s lots of people go but during the weekend of course there is people. Typically they have a cover.

Also if you're in Soho and you just walk around you’ll see plenty of fine ass women just walking down Kennedy Blvd.

YBOR CITY younger people/definitely more ratchet:
(AMP) I personally hate Amp… I hate EDM music and its just of people on molly jumping around, really hard to talk to anyone in here but if that’s your scene check it out. Lots of white people here
(Prana) The 5 story mostly hip hop, with one latin floor dance club in Tampa. Lots of pretty mostly black and Hispanic girls and some white chicks. People will step on your shoes. It will get hot. If you dress up you will stand out but don’t say I didn’t warn you about your shoes and clothes getting fucked up. There is always a cover and I barely go here because I’d rather go to Soho where there isn’t a 25-50$ cover for a crowded ass club. But it can be fun. A mix of people white black hispanic
(Czar) I’ve only been once and I was fucked up so I cannot remember, I know they change music every night. Mix of people depending on the night
(Castle) For a once in a lifetime experience check this place out. It’s fucking weird. There’s a few hot weird ass anime chicks but seriously I let one of my friends take me here one time for a costume party and it was one of the strangest experiences of my life. white people here.
(Honeypot) This is the gay club and I have been multiple times, Once on a date for some random girl online and twice with my girlfriend. I would definitely check it out but not by yourself, I only got grabbed by the arm a few times but I would just grab my girl or keep it moving. This place is fun. Lots of girls go here to “dance with their girls” my ex has tried to get threesomes here but like I said I have little game haha. I would actually call it a lesbian club because there is always way more girls, I think the gay club is across the street but I have never been. Mix of people here

Honestly just like I said for SOHO you can just walk down 7th street and talk to any of the chicks walking around. There are a plethora of other bars and a few other clubs down here and if the girls like you they will stare, have the guys they’re with invite you over, or just open you.

USF Younger girls but cute:
(CDB’s Pizza Bar) If you really want to cradle rob go to CDB’s on a Tuesday. They have drink deals and the line is always way out the door…. At least the last time I went. All the sorority girls and frat guys with a few other random people come through here on that night. You can also try on the weekend and see if its popping, or try coppertop across the street… which is usually wack.
(The Study) Once again if you want to cradle rob try the study on the weekends… It’s near the hood like five minutes from USF. Go on the weekends and you will see some cute sorority chicks. I prefer this place to CDB’s
(RoundUP) Full of white people line dancing. If this is your thing there is lots of girls. I went one time and felt uncomfortable not because I was one of the few black people there but because line dancing is weird haha. I’m sure if you line dance you can pull from here. They do also have an upstairs that plays hip-hop.
(Whiskey North) I’ve only been one time and there is lots of black people. I’m sure it depends on the night. I think its full of older people.
(42nd Street) 42nd street is where all of the student housing is for the University of South Florida. I would advise if you look older or if you are older then this part probably isn’t for you… Girls will probably think you’re creepy. However if not you should be good. If you walk on this street on the weekend follow any large groups walking around to where the party is. Some groups are mixed some are full of girls, if its girls just open them and ask where the party is at. When you find a party they may or may not let you in, some people are chill some guys are intimidated, if that is the case some beer or liquor should get you in… just make sure you watch your bottle or cans of beer.
(Hard Rock Casino) You can find a mixture of women here, typically they are a little older but I used to work here and I know there is talent and thirsty ass women here. (They would come up and hit on me) Just be social and if you’re a baller who’s spending lots of money it should be easy for you to pull these girls…. I’m sure its why they go to the casino in the first place.

Daygame - Remember I am not a daygame guy but these are places you can go–
(International Mall or any other mall) This is the most upscale mall in Tampa and you will see absolute stunners walking around in here.
(Clearwater Beach or any beach) Lots of families but you will see the occasional girl by herself or two or three girls all hanging out together.
(College day pool party game) If you’re ever in Tampa there are a few apartment complexes you should check Facebook for their pool parties at all times no matter your age, if you have a nice body or a nice car or lots of alcohol go for it. The Venue(mixture), 4050(mixture), Uncommon(mixture), Monticello(mixture), Campus Palms (black people), campus lodge(mixture), IQ Apartments(mixture), Avalon (typically black) If you are black or if you like black girls you know what the popular black fraternities are… add them on instagram facebook or snapchat and look out for pool parties that they host. These parties have literally the finest black girls in Tampa, the ratios are legit 70% girls to 30% guys and if you’re not somebody they usually see they will give you attention. (I’m not in a frat so I would only show up at these events sparingly.) If you're white and you like black girls do yourself a favor and go to these events, you'll have so much attention from fine ass black girls you won't know what to do, white people who live here are scared to go to these events. These are the only times that I have daygame success because I can just take my shirt off. When a girl starts staring just open her ask her number and to hangout later and she will say yes (just don’t fuck it up)

(You can also check out the Tampa fair) I was actually impressed at the amount of girls at the fair… Now if they’re 18 or not is a different story. I went on a date there and was sad I took a girl because there was a bunch of pretty girls there… See if its happening when you’re in town.

Online –
(Tinder/Bumble): If you’re attractive you’ll have hundreds of matches. I had a 6’3 white roommate who played for the college football team who fucked 50 girls in a semester mostly off of tinder. They would all come straight to the apartment… Black guys I really don’t think you should struggle here. I have a profile pic with my shirt off and my bio says 6’0…. Just be attractive or have a cool profile or something. I just reset my tinder three days ago with tinder plus and I do it every few days because I get bored and I have 85 matches(I know its not too much I have white friends with 500+ in the same amount of time but still) just autoswiping everything right I’d say like 60 are 7+ and I delete girls I already added on snapchat (typically I send a few messages on tinder… ask for the snapchat then snapchat them from that point on and eventually they come over) Also, Bumble is great here in Tampa, girls will message you if you’re attractive or have a cool profile...
I just spent approximately 3 days in Tampa and while it didn’t seem like the worst place in the world by any stretch, I can’t say I experienced enough of it to form a proper opinion. It didn’t help that I was sick much of one day and had to leave the city for a while on another day, which prevented me from doing some things that I wanted to do when the sun was out. That being said, I did go out on all three nights and I wasn’t overly impressed in regard to the night scene.
I arrive at the airport and I obtain a quick reminder of the obesity problem in several southern states—the noticeable presence of several men and women who are grossly overweight.
I also quickly realize that the airport is really damn dispersed. Going from the gates to the main “terminal” requires a trip on a train and then going to where most ground transportation is actually located requires yet another trip on a train. As a first-time visitor to this particular airport, this caught me off guard and I missed my bus to downtown Tampa as a result and had to wait about 30 minutes for the next one. The airport is in the western part of Tampa and the trip to downtown would be about 30 minutes on the bus. Once downtown, I had to catch another bus that would then take me to Ybor City, which is where I was actually lodging. The cost of an Uber to Ybor City would’ve been about $25 compared to the $4 taking public transportation.
For those of you wondering, the 30 route connects the airport to downtown Tampa, and it also happens to go through the Soho neighborhood on the way to the transit center on Marion St. The 5, 8, and 12 buses then originate at that transit center downtown and go through Ybor City. Each ride is $2, but the transportation center downtown has a vendor who sells unlimited ride cards for longer periods. I bought a 3-day unlimited pass for $11.75 and that more than sufficed.
Once I reach Ybor City, I hang out in a café until I can check in to my AirBnB place. The neighborhood definitely has history…and a lot of wild chickens. These chickens are the descendants of those that belonged to the immigrant settlers that resided in Ybor City over a century ago. They’re noisy and ubiquitous around Centennial Park, but the city decided to let them stay to retain one of the area’s unique charms.
After putting my stuff away in the apartment, I walk around Ybor City for a bit. There are some tourists, but on a Thursday afternoon, there is unsurprisingly not a large amount of foot traffic. Most of the tourists appear to be families with some of them occasionally speaking Spanish. I then decide to leave the area and ride the free streetcar to Channelside, which is in downtown Tampa near the arena. Sparkman Wharf is evidently a nice place to relax when the weather is pleasant. I noticed several families, couples, and groups of friends, but no girls by themselves, so I only stayed about 25 minutes since I wanted to eat dinner and relax before the night time.
I eat dinner at this restaurant and I’m not impressed with the food. It’s good enough but the composition is off, almost as if the food was just thrown together. As I would find out soon enough, that wouldn’t be the last time I would think about the meal, but after eating my immediate thoughts are to find a bar and see what Ybor City is like in the night time. By 10 PM, I’ve walked up and down 7th Ave. a few times to measure the temperature of the area and look inside the bars. There are several homeless people and panhandlers looming on the sidewalks, as in certain other parts of Tampa, but I didn’t feel particularly threatened or unsafe at any point. I eventually decided to step into one bar, which I will keep anonymous because of the story that’s about to follow.
I sit next to a blonde woman who is by herself with a drink in front of her. She is definitely at least 30 years of age, and is not a stunner but looks well for her age and has a good rack of tits—probably a solid 6-7 overall. I chat with her a bit about what’s on television at the bar and she’s friendly enough and engaged in the conversation. She starts touching me a bit and gives me good eye contact, so I can tell something could potentially happen if I play my cards right. After some dialogue, she reveals that she’s a sex worker who was stood up by one of her clients and she decided to stick around Tampa for the night. What would follow was some very interesting discussion about her background, her travels, and a few jealous ex-boyfriends. She hoped to naturally have a child with a lover by 40, but would resort to other means if necessary. For me, it was a rather red-pill discussion and yet another first-hand experience of the female hamster.
Regardless, the discussion didn’t become sexual enough, and admittedly my experience with shoring before that night was nonexistent and so when I made an excuse to try to get her to my place, she didn't have interest in going with me. There hadn’t been as much sexual energy as there was at the early stages of the conversation, but looking back I do think things may have been different had I went for it earlier, as we had been talking for about an hour. She eventually thanked me for listening to her and left the bar.
But even if I had managed to bring her back, the night likely would’ve been more of a nightmare than it would soon become. In the later stages of the conversation, I started having these significant urges to vomit, and at one point I went to the restroom to do so. However, afterward I still didn’t feel well, so I went to my apartment and tried to sleep. However, I started to feel worse and threw up no fewer than 10 times within the next 6-7 hours. This was accompanied by a slight fever and stomach pains.
I spend all that morning and a good part of the early afternoon recovering from whatever sickness I had obtained. The source of the sickness was the food that I had eaten the prior night at the Asian restaurant. Ironically, I no longer had an appetite and could barely eat any food. I made sure to drink plenty of water and when I felt well enough to leave the apartment, I drank some ginger tea from a café nearby. Unfortunately, the recovery ruined my plans to check out International Mall and the Riverwalk downtown, but I did feel well enough to go to Soho in the early evening to check out Macdinton’s.
Macdinton’s had their Friday happy hour option and so there was a decent number of people in the venue, but certainly not enough to stay overly anonymous. The predominant population was early 20's-early 30's and white--similar to what one would find at several “mainstream” bars and pseudo-clubs in any major US city. Almost everybody was in a group of at least 3 people, with some of those groups being mixed in with guys. I spent about an hour there and got bored. By this time, it was about 7 PM, so I just went back to my apartment and took a nap before heading out to Ybor City around 11 PM.
Ybor City was much more populated on this night. However, I still wasn’t impressed with the talent in this area. It’s a mix of hipsters, white southerners, and ostensibly ratchet black and hispanic people with very few girls that were above 6. My comparison would be a more active version of South St. in Philadelphia. In fact, there were even police officers blocking off segments of 7th Ave. throughout the night.
There are several bars—Gaspar’s Grotto, Boneyard, Bad Monkey, Coyote Ugly—on the 7th Ave stretch between 15th St. and 21st St. They vary slightly, but all share the common trait of being so loud that it’s hard to hear anything or anyone. I didn’t go into any of the clubs like Prada or Honeypot, and I imagine the loudness would be even worse in those places. I spent a good 2-3 hours during the night chatting up some random pairs or groups of women but nothing stuck and no group was even close to receptive, which didn’t really motivate me to stay up until the 3 AM closing that applies to Tampa. By 2 AM I was sleeping.
I wake up in the morning to drive about 200 miles in the direction of Miami to see a relative whom I hadn’t seen in years. That initial drive, the time I spent with him, and the return drive consumed about 10 hours of the day. When I’m back in Tampa, I relax for an hour before having dinner at the original Columbia Restaurant, which is the oldest restaurant in Florida. I have enough of an appetite to enjoy the food and the interior of the restaurant is one of the most artistic that I have ever seen. Shortly after the meal, I head to Soho to see how it is later on a weekend night. Now, all bars on the S Howard Ave. strip are hosting several people and there is some foot traffic on the streets. The crowd demographics are similar to what I had described earlier and the girls are certainly more attractive than the ones I saw in Ybor City. However, there are very few girls in pairs or small groups, the ratios are generally not great, and every place has loud music. It’s not really my scene anyway and I don’t spend more than an hour there.
Ybor City is similar to what it was like on Friday, and although I make a reasonable effort, nothing really stuck. I leave the city the next day.
Stay in Philly,

Ybor City was pretty underwhelming to me also.
You can get the same kind of vibe in New Orleans and it's friendlier there.

St. Pete's would have been the highlight of your trip, but still fairly old in terms of the population. Otherwise, I'd probably skip Tampa altogether. We have better nightlife and a younger crowd here in Dallas. I was liking the Midwesterners there though, it's hilarious how much stuff has been imported from Detroit.

Florida in general is overrated I think (while Florida chicks are underrated - wherever they are exported). Cheap sun lures old people and crazies.
(01-09-2020, 11:27 PM)Colonel Sanders Wrote: How much is a one bedroom apartment there?

I looked this up out of curiousity and saw apartments with more than 700 square feet going for anywhere from 950-1600 USD per month in Ybor and Soho. Soho had more options than Ybor and would probably be the better area to live anyway. Downtown/Channelside was definitely more.

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