Instagram-best platform to meet/pipeling/date hot girls
Can't seem to find an instagram thread on this site.

Thinking of creating an insta to link to my Tinder account, chicks seem to dig that stuff.

Questions: does anyone have any familiarity with FollowLiker? Rate it? Think its rubbish?

Another question:

What would be a decent amount of pictures to start off with? 50? 100? 150?

Thanks gents.
Cattle Rustler
I can't speak for girls checking your insta since I'm not a girl, but assuming their attention span...they probably just look at your main pictures. Once you talk to them and get them offline, they'll look at your insta. IG has cracked down on follow scripts/bots/etc so they don't work as well as they used to.

Also, bitches will know you bought followers if you have 20K followers but only 50 likes on a post. How would they know? Why would they care? Because they do the same shit. You can post as many pictures as you like but don't post everything at once, do it once every 2-3 days. However the "in" thing is posting stories, bitches can reply privately and you can see who viewed it. Plenty of hoes rarely post now but frequently update their stories, like 2-6 times a day. The higher the engagement is, the more your visible your story or post will be.

Edit: I increased my subscriber base from 150 to 700 by pasting it to my copy/paste messages on SA and LatinCupid. And I hardly ever get on those websites, too lazy to promote myself but on a bad day I can get 20 add requests and on a good day 40. They're organic and highly engaging demographic.

Thought I'd reply to Cattle Rustler on the bespoke Instagram thread.

I was going to wait until I was famous/ had an 8 pack/ was a millionaire/ before I started doing anything with my blank IG account.

Im a big believer in the basics, cold approach, day game, self improvement etc. and am probably too averse to social media to devote a serious amount of endurance to my IG account/ game BUT

I'm grateful for the feedback and I am bored whilst I am in semi lockdown awaiting a local driving licence to get around I figure I will construct an insta account and add that to dating profiles etc.

I am still confused as to whether to start with 50 or so pics to start with or 0-3 , 3-6, 6-9 as the days go by..
I don't have instagram but I can build a high value oriented one . Like a dozen fly photos, unique captions, etc. and get the ball rolling. Seems very easy for me to meet girls from instagram especially if you are traveling

My only problem is. I don't have any desire in trying to build a follower base. I've always been a lowkey type of person

But having a high amount of followers boosts your success rate on Instagram

So my question. Starting with 0 followers. Can I just buy fake followers. Few 100 or 1000s . And that's it.
I'm fine with having fake followers. Don't need to interact with anyone. It's solely for the purpose so the girls see he has followers and is not fake account/catfish or loser. When I'm dming them

Need feedback please. I think not having a instagram to meet girls is missing out
You can buy fakes followers very easily
Well, aside from purchase, what would be an easy way to get followers? I'm in a similar boat as 28Mackn and I've found that the follow/unfollow method doesn't have much of a return to it.
^ I mean... there's really only 3 ways to get followers, right?

1) Purchase
2) Follow/unfollow
3) Organically (ie: people you know, or actually going viral ).

I still believe that the best way to do it is a combination of (2) and (3). Follow/unfollow has gotten worse, but it will still work to a certain extent by definition - as long as people are following you back at least sometimes, you're going to increase the follower count. It's just going to take longer.

The past few months I've been adding random chicks in Brazil to pipeline for a trip there post-pandemic. I mostly follow attractive girls ~20-25, usually with 1,000+ followers. Surprisingly I've gotten at least 10% to follow me back, plenty of them liking photos/stories, etc. Gotten like 200 extra followers, all of whom are real people. Returns will probably be much higher in other places too, just too lazy to bother since I'm doing it manually.

The good thing is that if you don't want to do (1) or (2), it doesn't really matter nowadays. The days of chicks getting wet for a dude for having a lot of IG followers are over. If you have a cool profile and a decent number of people following (just your friends/people you know), that's all that matters. Only exception is if you truly become instafamous (think 50k+ followers and a ton of engagement), but that's a whole other can of worms.
I'm not sure if follower numbers make much difference, sure you don't wanna have say 100 then be following 500 but even if you've got say 200 followers and your profile is very good thats gonna be better than a guy with 1000s who's not got an optimal profile.

I've never really gone in with ig as I cant yet be bothered to and I still do fine the usual way eg taking number/whatsapp. But I do see the potential if you work hard on your profile and get it right. I feel it will certainly become more key in the future.

My experience so far with ig is as I say I barely use it but I have an ok amount of followers (600+) that are mostly girls but also have a few guys I met on my travels there and I follow less than 100 people. I have just a couple of pics on there (high quality ones but just a few) and I only really check it to message girls I have added from dating apps, so no story updates. I add them on ig if they don't use WhatsApp which is not that uncommon where I am.

I can say so far with my current profile its been completely useless, ive not met a single girl let alone banged one that I primarily added on ig. I'm talking about ones I matched/spoke with on dating apps not cold adds. Probably added 100+ by now. So yea if you've not got your profile seriously on point ig can actually be a cockblock imo.

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