BEST BOOKS about pick up, red pill, manosphere...
Do you think only his approaches are bad or his entire process?
@ Goose.

Bad process leads to bad approaches.

The thing i give him credit for is his honesty.

But if you rock with him, don't mind my criticisms.

Right now there are a ton of guys that are into "choosing signals". SMH

All sorts of pickup strategies work.

I recently bought the book, so I'll put his methods to work over the next few weeks.

I appreciate your input though.
(01-25-2020, 06:35 PM)WestIndianArchie Wrote: I do believe him when he says he's bagging 1 out of 20, and that's a good average for day game.  

Which is why anyone sensible should be doing night game.

Would love to hear your arguments for this WIA...
I would also like to hear how you believe why you believe 1/20
(01-29-2020, 06:18 PM)WestIndianArchie Wrote: I own the hard copy of day game mastery.  I paid the ~100 bucks for it.  Corny illustrations and all. I have consumed a lot of his blog content.  I haven't bought anything from him since based on how bad DGM was.  

It's not very good.  

He builds his game on a poor intellectual basis, seems to hate approaching, and goes for easy targets.  For the most part, all the London guys have some of these same flaws, which suggests something about London.  

I think people dig Krauser for his politics more than his actual game advice.  

And that is cool I guess.  

But Even R's day game was better than Krauser's.  

There are tons of day game resources now.  Day game, unfortunately, dominates the community along with online dating/social media stuff.  At least online stuff is time efficient.  

Now if you want to actually defend Krauser's game, do so.  I've already given my arguments, you're welcome to give yours


Are there any day game resources that you would recommend? The only one I've read is day bang.
Yeah its interesting.

I read some of Krauser's books. Mainly because the Rock Solid Game guys that he 'sarged' with (we used those terms) were my buddies for a while and I taught with that school doing their boot camps. I'm not claiming I was any good but.. "I was there.."

I never once met Krauser because events conspired to take me out of that life altogether mid-2009 at pretty much the exact time that he came in.
Guys like Yad, Tom Torero also intersected with those guys after that time.

Its funny reading his biographical book "Balls Deep"  and seeing all the once good friends in the pictures and reading about the London flats, bars, places that we spent alot of time in.

I think Krauser, whilst being a little sarcastic about them, embellishes the attributes of his wingmen who, despite having good qualities and being my friends for a while, were fucking morons and losers to a man. One or two solid guys on the very fringes of that crowd.

I was having a look at Day Game Mastery just now after reading the comments and my impression was that people like Mystery were the mad scientists and pioneers who really opened the way for many of us and then the following content is as good as anyone makes it.

You're not going to find anything ground breaking in books like Day Game Mastery and no doubt much will be outdated but..
In the words of an under rated PUA (IMO) Carlos Xuma "ANYTHING WORKS.. as long as you use it"

people make massive strides reading Og Mandino's books (each chapter 3 times a day or whatever his rules are) Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey whilst others can't get past how cheap and corny they are.
Fuck, ever tried reading Twelve Steps literature?
Alot of it is dire, but obviously many people use the literature as a spring board to a real life lived transformation around other people.

If someone gets into a PUA book and really goes for it because it resonates with them, they WILL become a good PUA, they might have to tweak the odd thing or iron out the odd kink because of bad advice later but making it an intense lived experience is what the book is just a device for.

Granted, many are better than many others (hence this thread). recommendations below.

I skimmed over what WIA had to say about Krauser's book and it seems fairly mild and reasonable. Certainly the London Daygame scene is hilariously beta and pathetic if you really want to spend alot of time around those people.

But then.. I got alot of lays from it and for a while the daygame life was like nitro for me compared to what I was before.
I still think Daygame is the most under rated approach in Game, especially because of everyones over reliance on phones.

In terms of beef, I became aware that there was meant to be some controversy over things Krauser said on the Roosh V Forum so I tried to research it.
Couldnt find much except for Krausers comments to the effect that he believed Black men were overgrown children but he usually kept himself from saying it .. which he, I believe, tried to pass off as tongue in cheek later and I remember listening to a Rudebwoy etc podcast where WIA said something like "he said he didnt like Barack Obama as a president and, in my experience, thats usually a sure sign of a closet racist" - I paraphrase, but I believe they were words to that effect.

So there probably is a beef, Goose probably already knew that, WIA stated a pretty mild critique and Krauser isnt the greatest PUA -- but then most of them aren't in any way what they claim to be : definitely not well rounded or healthy people,

..... alot of people get things from his books and if it works for people then I say ride that wave if thats where the energy is, use it for all its worth.

In terms of Day Game resources:

Mileage is Gonna Vary and its very obscure and dated but
 after reading Mystery
and Magic Bullets (which I rate still)

try downloading "Approach Women Now" by Carlos Xuma. Its MP3s mainly focusing on inner game. I liked it alot and the attitudes therein definitely helped me.
WIA, if I recall correctly, you're writing a book too. If so, how's it going?
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(01-30-2020, 10:28 AM)262 Wrote: WIA, if I recall correctly, you're writing a book too. If so, how's it going?

Written and shelved 3.  

Gotta finish one though

I started reading Krauser when he was still an average frustrated chump who was simply charting his progress. That was what I like about his blog. His honesty about his failings and the incremental march to success, and seeing the little shifts in mindset that changed his results.

Once he became competent and started speaking as an authority on game, and then politics, it was good night Irene.

Those early years of his blog though were so achingly honest about everything, including his fears and frustrations and insecurities. There was nothing like it out there.

Recently, I listened to a Youtube vid he uploaded talking about his legacy for future generations who want to know about his years as a London day gamer.

Can you stop linking your shitty forum?
(12-27-2019, 12:21 PM)Rottenapple Wrote:
(12-26-2019, 03:25 AM)JolietJake Wrote:
(12-24-2019, 01:01 PM)Rottenapple Wrote: A collection of early essential articles from the Roissy/Heartiste blog which are bundled and available in PDF/E-pub. That together with 'The Rational Male' and you're good to go.

Where can that be found, other than the way back machine?

Essential reading guys!

Pdf file:

And the .Mobi file:

I'm also recommending the Black Phillips show:

The more I read about game and having the right mentality, the more I believe it is better to really master the basics first instead of going off and reading every available book out there.

Probably better to read 'The rational male', 'The Heartiste archives', 'The book of Pook' twice or three times and listen to some of the OGs like Patrice O'Neal to really incorporate that way of thinking in your life and understand the basic principles. Many of the other books can add an element here or there or can help you improve specific elements like daygame or whatever, but as long as you don't internalize the basics you will come off as incongruent. You can only build when there is a proper foundation.

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