Recife, Brazil Datasheet - Dec. 2019
A little about me first: I used to be on RooshV Forum, but as you probably know, things have changed there. I’m 32, American, above average looks, beginner Portuguese skills but enough to hold a conversation/flirt.

Recife – Definitely way better than what I expected

First of all, I heard that Recife was basically a shithole. Let me assure you that that is not at all true. It may have a rep for being very dangerous, which I’m sure it probably is in some areas, but there are several large chunks of the city dedicated to affluent locals who love to shop, party, and dine.

The city itself is actually charming and I wish I would have planned on spending more than three nights there. The locals are super friendly, lively, curious, and open for conversation. I got a ton of IOIs pretty much everywhere I went. I got the sense that it would be extremely easy to walk up to anyone and start a conversation, which I did at nighttime, but due to being exhausted and busy trying to balance work, I didn’t do daygame. Next time I will.

The Girls

There are a lot of floofy hair chicks around, which is fucking great. I just love that sort of blend of curly and nappy hair. A lot of the girls who have it are like half African or something. It’s usually accompanied by a fantastical ass too.

There’s also a decent amount of Euro looking girls around, but certainly less than in Joao Pessoa—it’s neighbor to the north.

The Beach

…is loaded with hungry sharks who occupy shallow depths. Recife is one of the most dangerous places in the world to go swimming, so limit your beach chilling to the sand.


Riomar mall has some good options. Also, if you’re staying in Antigo like I did, there are some cheap and delicious lunchtime places that cater to the business crowd.


I was only around for three nights, so that was just enough to see what the deal was. It was championship weekend (NCAAF) plus I had some work to catch up on so I couldn’t line up any dates. I relied on night game, which was quite spread out. I found it hard to find a good spot but knew that there were plenty of places I didn’t know about. The reason I say that is because the city was buzzing and there were people out partying in the streets in several areas that I went. It was just that finding a good night club as a total noob was hard to pin down, especially since I did zero research before arriving.

Where to Go

I did find a list online of some clubs that were supposed to be good. Here’s where my journey brought me:

Downtown Pub

Fri night it was absolutely loaded. It was 35R to get in and it was a live band playing that everyone in the entire place seemed to be singing along too. I decided to find something with an easier approach atmosphere, although looking back I should have probably stayed. Saturday I went back and it was half empty and filled with older people, like 35+.

Bar do Ceu

This is a gay club. I didn’t know that until I had already paid the 20R cover and entered. I approached a random set of three girls asking what other clubs to go to and ended up making out with one of them for most of the night but she wouldn’t come to my hotel at the end.

UK Pub

After Bar do Ceu I decided to scope out UK Pub. I arrived pretty late. It was definitely busy and seemed to be mostly milves. This was probably the best spot in the city that I found but it’s a bit pricey. 50R to get in and it closes at 4. I had arrived at like 3:40 and they still wanted to charge me 50 so I said fuck it and went home.

Gentlemen Loser Club

There was a private party going on when I arrived so they wouldn’t let me in, but I got the sense that it would be a good spot on other nights.

Biruta Bar

…was closed when I arrived at 1am on a Fri night.

Club Metropole

This is also a gay club, but it came highly recommended. I think I negotiated a rate of 15R to enter by making up some BS about how I had to leave in an hour and just wanted to check it out. It’s normally 30.
I have to admit, the place is pretty impressive. If it were a hetero club it’d be dope af for sure. It has a huge lounge area with a pool, two floors, several side bars. It’s a cool place other than the fact that I was being looked at like a juicy piece of meat by everyone in there.

There were a few girls around though and goodness gracious were they fucking horny. I mean, one girl literally grabbed me and was like guarding me from the rest of the room. I entertained it a bit because of how weird and interesting the whole situation was and we made out a bit but wasn’t that into her so I made up some BS and walked away. She came looking for me though and was very determined.

Another girl asked her friend to check if I was straight and then after I went over and introduced myself she instantly leaned in for the kiss. She also wasn’t my type (I am picky) so I told her I have a gf.

After making out with some hot but confused lesbian in the street on my way out, I found myself in a taxi going home and wondering how the hell I was going home alone on a night where the potential was so incredibly high and I was getting stared at everywhere I went.

I guess I simply didn’t know where the best spots were.

Is Recife worth a visit?

I think Recife is a low-key pussy haven. I guess the reason why no one explores it is because it’s similar to Natal and very near Natal but you can’t even swim at the beach in Recife, it has a rep for being very sketchy, and its nightlife seems to be dominated by LGBT.

BUT! The gringo factor is real in Recife. I mean, way, way more so than I thought it would be. I think with a good daygame strategy, any decent looking gringo could kill it.

I will be going back at some point to cash in on the many, many IOIs I was getting last time.
Nice data!
Good datasheet! I would add that special caution should be taken in Recife, as it's regarded one of the most dangerous cities in Brazil and indeed, it feels very seedy after dark
I heard its mostly black people in recife? is it a problem if your white? that's my concern.
Sounds like an interesting place
Nah it's not mostly black people. There are a lot of sort of half-African people around but the majority remains the same as the rest of Brazil.

You should not be concerned though as unlike the States, biracial dating/hooking up is very common in Brazil. Approaching girls with African heritage has gone well for me overall here.
"Just ask questions. That's it! All women wanna do is talk about themselves anyway. So you just got to let them do that." -Seth Rogan

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