Used Tinder for 1 week in November in Stuttgart
I visited Stuttgart in November for 1 week, and I knew it was too cold (for me) for daygame. Which was bad, as I like daygame, I like walking around for a few hours per day, it just makes me feel good.

However, I decided to completely go online that week. How did it work out? Surprisingly good. I went for an Airbnb in the center (Eberhardstrasse). There were lots of bars around me, so I could meet the women always close to my apartment. Plus, there was the christmas market, not really a place to approach women as it was too cold, but as a dating start point, it felt good to stand a bit with a woman first, instead of sitting down (always prefer to move the whole body a bit instead of sitting, it just creates a better vibe).

I used multiple tinder profiles (different age settings), swiped a lot but never reached the ("there are no more people..") end. Didn't swipe super heavy but still, you can easily swipe a few hundred times per day for a week. There are enough people in Stuttgart who use Tinder. Much more people than in Belgrade where I was in October (report will follow), especially in the milf category. There were not a lot of 40+ women in Belgrade, but there were plenty in Stuttgart (who were better looking as well, at least in the milf category). Probably a surprise for some, as Stuttgart has 630'000 inhabitants, compared to Belgrade with 1'300'000.

I can recommend visiting one of the thermal baths in (better: near) Stuttgart. For example the "Schwabenquellen". Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to go there with one of the girls, but I also like to go to such places for myself, to enjoy the "hunt" factor. Nothing happened when I went there, as I didn't feel that good (at the beginning of getting a cold). At least I said hi to a milf (her husband was on the toilet and she was waiting for him), told her she looked sexy. Haha, it was about 11am and she looked at me and I'm sure she would have wanted to spend some time with me, but her husband was already coming back again so I said bye.

There is also the web community "" that you could use, it's the biggest german speaking sex community. It's a platform with real people, where women/men/couples search for others. However, there are so many men on that platform, imho it's even more difficult to meet a woman from that site than from Tinder. But if you meet a woman from there, chances to have sex with her are very high. I had one date with a 20+ girl, and she came directly to my apartment :-) (I am 38). Tipp for Joyclub: it's pretty important to have a good profile text (unlike on Tinder), and it's super important to not only come up with "hi" but with a meaningful or personal or at least funny message. Even more important than on Tinder. Because like I said, IF you meet a woman from Joyclub, the chance to end up having sex is pretty high (I'd say 60-80%, compared to maybe 15-30% on Tinder). Btw, Joyclub is a place for older guys. Yes there are younger girls there (18-23), but they usually search older guys (30+).

How would I rate Stuttgart after that week in November?   

- Unfortunately too cold for daygame
- Airbnb cost benefit ratio: very good
- German willingness for ONS: higher than in other countries
- Looks: average
- Availability of milfs online: much higher than in Belgrade
- Wellness possibilites: yes, thermal baths nearby

Would I recommend Stuttgart? Yes. Ok, the girls in Belgrade were prettier but I had more ONS than in Belgrade, and I also preferred the mindset a bit more of those girls in Stuttgart. Oh but should you go such a place during winter, don't forget to take your warm slippers with you, as there is nothing more annoying than a cold floor in an apartment..
Interesting info about Joyclub

You said you are 38. What ages were you able to match with on Tinder? Were you able to get matches from girls in their 20s or was it mostly older women?
Good datasheet. Looking forward to your Belgrade sheet!

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