Sub-saharan Africa and African girls
last year i was doing a deep dive on kenya, at the end of the day there just wasnt enough info out there to make me think i would want to stay there too long and dont wanna take that long of a flight and spend that much money to go for a week
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(09-04-2017, 10:25 AM)Hooked On Tonics Wrote: I am also on the fence. I would go for two reasons: to experience a drastically different culture and to have some fun with the girls.

However, I have so many hangups:
-Expensive (the idea of paying first world prices for a third world experience is not appealing)
-I am not into short haired girls unless they have a KILLER body and cute face
-Poor hygiene (I can overlook a lot of things, but this may be the biggest deal breaker if its really as bad as I'm hearing)
-Poor food quality (I also travel to experience different cuisines, if the native cuisine is too risky to eat or too inaccessible this is a strike against the country)
-Isolation (Africa is so far away from everything else--excluding West Africa and Western Europe. This means very long and expensive flights.)
-Language barrier (I speak neither French or Portuguese)

Overall I am much more open to North Africa, but sub-saharan is still a question mark for me. I am currently researching West, East and Southern sub saharan Africa to see whether I should eliminate it and focus on greener pastures or give it a try. I have written off Central Africa, since it has all of my cons in the most extreme form (although I could be talked into Uganda and Rwanda, if those are considered Central).

As I said previously I've been to Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda and thus can refute/add on your "hangups":

- It wasn't too expensive. If you're a cheapass who refuses to pay for more than $5 a night for a hotel room because your first trip to Thailand was 10 years ago you'll have a bad time. Touristy shit is overpriced (the Kilimandjaro costs AT LEAST $1000 and safaris are starting at $300) but you can stay at local hotels, ride buses and eat ridiculously inexpensive food. 

- Short-haired girls?! What are you on about? Most women have long hair there.

- You mean body hygiene or dirty streets and the like? Well it's the third-world Timothy, of course expect to see poverty and sprawling piles of garbage. People I interacted with including the girl I fucked had OK body hygiene.

- The food generally kinda sucks but not because it's unsafe, rather because it's bland. Pretty nourishing though (as opposed to the Philippines where it both tastes like wet garbage AND makes you feel like dogshit)

- Nairobi is well-linked with a lot of other air hubs, so is Entebbe (Uganda's international airport an hour or two from Kampala)

- Kenya and Uganda have no language barrier at all. Children, grandmas, janitors speak English, and not of the crappy incomprehensible Shitglish found in Southeast Asia and the like. Tanzania is harder in that regard. But yeah for some parts of Africa you might be shit outta luck in that regard.

But yeah in summary while it's not as bad as you anticipate, it's still not a beginners' destination and certainly not for humorless autistic international wannabe-PUAs on a "smash trip" unless you want to flat-out pay for it in the big p4p scene of Kenya (located a bit north of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean). You go there for the culture, the adventure and the general sense of understanding what 3rd-world countries are like.
^Thanks man. I appreciate it.

As far as the hair thing... don't most of them wear wigs / extensions and in reality have very short natural hair (perhaps less so in east africa than west)

In regards to hygiene, I have read numerous reports that the women have poor body hygiene (not shaving armpits, not using deodorant, etc.) It's good to hear that that wasn't an issue for you.

Of course there are many things I am attracted to about the culture and the people, those were just the most obvious negatives for me.

what are the quality of these cheap local hotels? cuz just about everyone who has been there says you need to pay like 50+ a night for a hotel
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At times cruddy... hahaha. But again you have to keep in mind that you are in the underdeveloped world. I did a bit of Couchsurfing here and there though. Hotels of a high or reasonable standard are indeed expensive.
cambodia is underdelevoped also but there is no problem finding decent places to stay for $15
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Generally I would say south east asia is the cheapest place in the world.
The only place I have been that compares is Nicaragua, Ukraine and Egypt. The latter two simply because their currency thanks to political issues.
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I am starting to strongly consider going to live in Africa in the not to distant future as long as I can get a job there, preferably in the Southern part of the continent. I had an opportunity in Gabon a few years back but freaked out and prefered staying in China.
Botswana is particularly attractive to me (except for that crazy high HIV rate).

That's something I will definitely consider over the next few months.

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