Making conversations interesting with ladies at social functions?
(12-04-2019, 10:20 AM)Noir Wrote: When she is talking, your eye contact is on point. The ol' 'triangular gazing' i.e. looking at each eye and then her lips. It's suggestive. When girls do this to me, I know it's on.

I also incorporate the 'look' with the smirk. Then you eject and go around the room and give her that look when you lock eyes...

^Great post!

Triangular gazing subtlety and with a half-smile/smirk and not overdone/continuously (look at the left eye, right eye, lips, left eye, etc.), is definitely important.

Now if for some reason someone wants the opposite effect, try the power gaze on someone that's annoying you or cockblocking you. You might basically get the following three types of responses, unfazed, sweating bullets, and or confrontational. Power Gazing is going from eye to eye and then to the middle of their forehead. This might throw a lot of people off, makes them self-conscious or feel challenged, some people do not like it when you do this to them.

For those interested in learning a bit more about the gaze(s) and some other telling cues about the eyes:

Perhaps watch a practice eye contact video (see in full-screen): - (avoid the guys, lol)

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