Rank The Best Cities from Different Countries (Pussy Paradises)

someone said cali for black girls, are the girls really that dark there? what other colombian cities (or brazilian cities) have really dark skinned girls?
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^ Buinaventura (spelling?)
Buenaventura is the most dangerous city of Colombia (#murders), but it's safe if you stay near the port. There are some good nightclubs.
Also in Quibdo, Apartado and Turbo you'll find the blackest women in Colombia.
(05-11-2017, 02:39 AM)guys Wrote: what would be the best city in china for

few foreigners
easy girls
cheap costs
less pollution
less traffic
easy maneuverability


Traffic is not much of a big problem in any Chinese city except maybe Beijing where some roads are clogged 24/7.

Maneuverability is also never a problem. Cheap taxis, and expansive/efficient/supercheap public transportation.

Pollution is a big problem but only in some northern cities and only in winter.

Other than that, few foreigners and cheap costs describe every damn city except Tier-one (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou). And easy girls? I'd stick to Tier-two, like all provincial capitals, where girls are less likely to be "tradishunurr girls" with the personality of a plank of wood.

Don't expect much English spoken at all. And also don't expect girls to be flocking towards you just because you're a laowai, you gotta put in a bit of work. Get Tantan on your phone, it's like the Chinese Tinder (they have an English version).
I want to do my list of best american cities for getting laid, but I went there in my younger years( most of the cities). So I also want other peoples opinions on most of these places:
1. Las Vegas
2. Miami
3. Chicago
4. New York
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(05-13-2017, 02:29 PM)Julius Wrote: Buenaventura is the most dangerous city of Colombia (#murders), but it's safe if you stay near the port. There are some good nightclubs.
Also in Quibdo, Apartado and Turbo you'll find the blackest women in Colombia.

I dont know why anyone would go there unless you're from there, you work at the port (aka you own a ship) or you have a death wish. 
Cali is worth it and much closer.
(05-15-2017, 12:49 PM)20Nation Wrote: I want to do my list of best american cities for getting laid, but I went there in my younger years( most of the cities). So I also want other peoples opinions on most of these places:
1. Las Vegas
2. Miami
3. Chicago
4. New York

Id include New Orleans to that list. Also, LA for just the sheer number of females that live there. 

Honorable mentions


San Diego
What do you fellas think about a 2nd tier city in South Korea like Daegu or Busan, not just for Korean girls but for expat women/OFWs as well?
(05-24-2017, 10:42 AM)Exultate Wrote: What do you fellas think about a 2nd tier city in South Korea like Daegu or Busan, not just for Korean girls but for expat women/OFWs as well?

Doable but not advisable. 

Want to be in Seoul if at all possible.
[Image: vn9ybvj.jpg]

The thing about pussy paradises is that most men are out of phase with them.  Swoop readers may be an exception as they are active travelers and adventures in terms of personal growth and sampling women.  

Most countries are pussy paradises well before men even consider going to them, this is generally because people are afraid to go there due to things such as social, economic, or political instability.  It often seems to generally be related to perceived discomfort and/or potential risk, both of which are reasonable considerations.  P.T.´s position is that many of these decisions are instinctual and your early environment reinforces.  When some comes after you and tries to hit you, you naturally have one of two responses, you either lurch forward (attack) or you back away (retreat); it is instantaneous and you cannot fake it.  The key is to know yourself and then practice in uncomfortable and progressively more risky situations (whether it is personal combat or exploring pussy paradises), because you will need to do both in life depending on circumstances. 

Number three on the list below is Columbia which in 2017 is still a great country to visit for pussy, but many cannot imagine what it was like in the mid-late 1980´s or early 1990´s when most foreigners were afraid because all of the Drug lord activities in the 80´s.  Between 2001 and 2005 you could get a sense that things were changing in Columbia (you could see it in the legal system as well) even though it was still a pussy paradise, although many people were not looking back then.  An example would be Medellin.  A great place to go with all of its idiosyncrasies, but if you ventured out with a car to places like to la Ceja, Guarne, Girardota, or Rio Negro; it was more similar to the mid 1980´s.  Even if you go to these small towns today, they are places with hot women and you stand out while most people have no knowledge of them.  There may not be much to do beside chasing girls and exploring (only Spanish will be spoken), but if that is what you are looking for, well then. 

The Philippines in the early 1980´s was a greater pussy paradise (PP) than today (IMO), and today it is still pretty good after having 8 coups in the past 45 years.  Second hand stories indicate that it was even more so in the late 1940´s.  Rio/Sao Paulo Brazil 1986 then again in 1998, Buenos Aires/Argentina 1989 (inflation over 3000%) then again in 2002 when unemployment was almost 60% and those high end Latinas were seriously distressed, Ukraine 1993  when Kiev was out of this world, and a little on the dark side, inflation was running over 50% per month and you could rent modest apartment for $10 dollars per week (not day) or play baller for 5 times that; they had things like separate hard currency grocery stores as well as coupon stores; Mexico City/Mexico 1994, Santa Domingo/Dominican Republic 1994 (although not PP´s add San Jose/Costa Rica and Managua/Nicaragua for 1994), Moscow/Russia 1995 and back for more in 1998, Belgrade/Serbia 1996, Bangkok/Thailand 2nd half  of 1997, Jakarta/Indonesia 1998, Seoul/South Korea 1998, non-PP Quito/Ecuador 1999 when the Sucre was closing in on 5000 before dollarization (it changed 400% in a little over a year and great deals where to be had).  Financial crises are most often temporally and regionally clustered.  Examine the history of Thailand, 21 (mostly peaceful) coups in the past 100 years (most in the world for the 20th century), or 17 coups in Paraguay in the 20th century and there are others.  Second hand information indicates that Spain was a pussy paradise in the 19th century.  Spain had 21 coups in the 19th century as a side note.  

Understand Crisis and human behavior and being willing to lurch forward.

Projecting into the future, where are the places now where people are afraid or hesitant to go?  Some (not all) of these places will become pussy paradises in 2020-2030 on an economic basis alone, others because of political changes (coups are only indicator) and still others in 2030-2040, and so on.  In these places the big cities usually open up first and like most pussy paradises throughout history, the vast majority of beautiful women are in greater populated areas.  Experience shows that this gravitation is due to status (power, reputation, wealth), and most often due to wealth, particularly to hard currency; there are many other factors, of course.  Follow the money is a good basic guide as the women do this naturally and have done so from time immemorial (this does not diminish the effects or importance of Looks and Game). 

[Image: ahUVuhV.jpg]

As a generalization, where your wealth is closer to or exceeds the per capita average (mode), all things being equal (which in reality they are not); your status will often be greater when the differential is higher and your probability for getting more desirable looking women goes up significantly.  On a common sense level look at the difference between driving an Aventador in Monaco vs. Dallas, or Flying in on a G-III into Teterboro vs. Panama City (Panama), or being docked in Miami vs. Cartegena; they are powerful, yet more common magnets in the first city listed, but the differentiation is much greater in the second city.  The second greatest general factor for differentiation seems to be height compared to the general male population with taller being better up to a point.

Many men already have spreadsheets for themselves based on the women in each city/country as well as their actions (from approaches, things that work, things that do not work, types of women, quality locations, opportune times, type of game, etc., etc.), consider adding a basic economic indicators spreadsheet.  PT´s are in 3 tiers, with decreasing predictive accuracy as the tiers descend.  Tier 1, A) Price of a gram/ounce of silver in local currency, B) Price of a prostitute (high end and low end – knowing the price does not entail using services); C) Price of a basic basket of 50 (100) items of food (using ounces, grams, pounds and kilos, not packages).  Tier 2, D) Price of 1Kw/hour of electricity; E) Price of 1 L/Gallon of gasoline. Tier 3, F) Price of X square feet (meters) for a penthouse/ground floor apartment/condo (per month or 3/6/12 month lease), G) Weekly/monthly/yearly basic transportation (car, taxi, bus, etc.) costs; H) Monthly/yearly basic medical insurance/treatment cost for a healthy male who is 35. 

There are many others but the above 8 give a basic picture and the first 3 are a good thumbnail sketch (when using official numbers be cautious of how institutions play with and interchange arithmetic and geometric means or use inconsistent weights and measures).  Another more easily recalled thumbnail is to look at the price of the three B´s A) Beer (water), B) Big Mac, C) Boobs (hooker). It is best to build this from scratch using your firsthand experience.  Next you would compare these local (black) markets to the currency you would be using such as the dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen or Yuan to further determine the magnitude of your differential advantage.  Using these over a defined time frame (using 2015, 2016 and 2017 as an example here), experience shows that Venezuela (Bolivar Fuerte), Dominican Republic (Peso) and Brazil (Real) have had the best competitive changes for foreigners (and conversely some of the worse for the locals) compared to other countries in the Americas (not the whole world) from 2015-2017 and provide the greatest economic differentiation (intermittent shortages can skew your numbers).  This is only a basic economic indicator (based on personal data) and is/should be used in conjunction with other indicators to include non-economic. One might also compare population density vs. per capita income (or average height) between cities (by country) and between cities/countries to target locations based on where you stand in order to give you a relative competitive advantage. After height differential, it is suggested that your language differential compared to the general population is third most important factor.

A third type of valuable spreadsheet/database is to developing your own (game related) logistics databases.  You can start by region of the world then move to cities/towns, then by areas of a town/city within the country. This affects how you use your time and money within a region in the world, between countries, between cities as well as within those cities.  When time and money are less of a limitation (although they are not when you look at your limited lifetime) many just accept the inefficiencies like the man who is not thinking about being thirsty when he has a full glass of water after he just drank something.  Over time it will be a golden nugget when it comes to focusing your attention, your money and time with greater efficiently and eventually more effectively; your weak links will be more easily identified.  You can do this heuristically or with more precision O.R. (operations research) algorithms depending on how much effort you want to put in or how much of a machine you want to be (here is conceptual link to start for those with more detailed interests:   http://www.science4all.org/article/vehic...ng-problem).
Projecting further, when you are in these pussy paradises in 2025 for example, that is the time to start going to nearby smaller cities and then into the country.  When you have done this a few times, you are in country (or city) before (most) everyone else and when others start to arrive in country after you have been going there there for a while (a decade), you are venturing into the outlying areas where some may come in another 10-20 years.  Later, when others come to these outlying areas, and sometimes they do not come for yet another decade or two after the initial 10-20 years, you may be there occasionally, but you are off to yet greener pastures (X, Y, Z)…and on and on. 

[Image: 5DoHCea.jpg]


Philippines -  Cebu, Cagayan de Oro (with caution in times of civil unrest), Makati, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Bacalod, Roxas.

Columbia – Cali, Medellin, Bogota, Cucuta, Cartagena. 

Thailand – Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan (week of the full moon).

Ukraine – Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lugansk, Dnipropetrovsk.

Brazil – Rio, Porto Alegre, Campinas, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Recife. 


Romania – Constanza, Chisinau, Ploiesti, Bucharest.

Latvia – Riga, Daugavpils, Jelgava.

Serbia – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis.


U.S.A. – Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas (honorable mention).

Indonesia – Surabaya, Jakarta, Yogyakarta

Mexico – Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara.

Bulgaria – Sofia, Varna, Burgos. 

Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg. 

Poland – Lodz, Warsaw.
Dominican Republic – Santa Domingo, Santiago.
Croatia – Split, Havar Island (summer), Makarska (summer).  

Estonia – Tallin, Tartu. 

Finland – Helsinki, Tampere.
Get busy living or get busy dying!
Bangkok - No one above, no one beside. Best in everything. Amount of girls, nightlife, food, prices, things to do. Amazing city.

Chiang Mai - I like this place too. Hot girls, look more Chinese and white skinned. Very polite and feminine girls. Nice nature and places to explore. Many small cities around with tons of farm fresh pussy. Girl next door type of girls. Just my type.

Udon Thani - Tons of hot girls here with caramel tan skin. A nice mall in town with tons of hot girls walking around looking for an adventure!
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Awesome writeup as usual PT!
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Cucsco in Peru is suppose to be the easiest place in South America to get laid.
ya wonder how long that will last or if too many gringos have already flooded the place
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Cuzco is already gringo-flooded and has been for the longest time. The Machu Picchu was a tourist attraction in the 80s when Theroux was writing about it.
ya but there is a pretty big difference between gringos passing through and gringos reading what gets spread online and setting up base
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