Real fucking game thread
Can you elaborate on the feet? So you think if her feet are facing you shes likely telling the truth?
It's not that static. I can say with a degree of certainty that most of the time when someone's feet are facing t'word the door they want to leave. And when someone's feet are facing t'word you  in a slightly open angle they want to talk to you. Feet usually convey intention, but it's hard to pin down I know it's more than that

But it's situational. It's hard to write about body language in text I haven't spent a whole lot of time thinking about it in language, I mostly think in feelings when I see body language. You probably do too. My best advice is to be mindful and pay attention, you're evolved to read body language. Even if you're on the spectrum you can train yourself with a little effort, it will eventually snap in place

The thing that will really get you there is #5. Your gut instinct is usually right, it's only when you get emotional you start to rationalize ways you could be wrong. People always get hung up on body language and tone. Like there's some magic bullet that will tell you when someone is lying that's like a specific thing. That's not how it works
I've been coming back to some core game tenants and I wanted to think about a mix of inner game and outer game. Because of my own experiences and my own feelings it's led to me to a conclusion.

Emotional bandwidth
We all have a limited amount of emotional bandwidth and I'll give two illustrative examples.

ex1: We've all met the guy that says "yeah iun even try bitches just come to me". I've seen this from multi-millionaires and I've seen this with broke ass chumps daydreaming. Obviously the formwr is more successful and their strategy is more viable, but I've seen it with chumps and it's a similar attitude. There is some commonality. 

ex2. You see the guy that tries really hard. You can imagine a PUA. A PUA tries hard, nobody can deny this. He's going way out of his way expending all of this energy. Getting real fly in the morning. Hyping himself up to go out. Pays very close attention. Memorizing literature and lines and hits it. A good PUA will use all of his emotional bandwidth to try and close a set or a number of sets during the day. Very few don't get burn out and need to rest

ex2.b the simp. Uses all of his emotional bandwidth on a small set of girls or even a couple. Unsuccessful attempts in  concorruence usually follows to a similar depletion of the simps emotional assets.

You clearly can gauge what would be more  successful between all of these examples.


So it should be fairly obvious if you think about it long enough we all have a limited emotional bandwidth and it varies greatly. Some people have huge reservoirs and different strategies on how to use those reservoirs. If you pool is shallow, you should make the best of it and not cop out like ex1. If your pool is deep you can afford to you should focus it correctly.

This is all vague kind of nonsense. I already know what the reader is going to say. I'm just saying know yourself and use your emotional resources optimally because nothing is infinite. 

I've been having great success putting some thought into making my singular interactions the highest quality they can. I have low emotional bandwidth. I can't do more than that.

Even if I'm talking to an ugly girl at the bar I'll have the best time I can. Or messing around with business and people really sitting there and trying to bring the quality.

Excuse my ramble.

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