Introduce yourself
(07-11-2019, 08:00 PM)SwoopTheIncels Wrote:
(07-11-2019, 05:41 PM)Seersucker Suit Wrote: Allow me to re-introduce myself. I am self-proclaimed Balkan-area expert Dragan from RVF.

About me, lived in Belgrade for a year; did some traveling around the Balkans. In the past I have been a smelly backpacker as well, so I saw most of Europe that way.

Just your stupid GIF was irritating enough. Makes sense now you're Dragan.

90's SNL is the best SNL mate. Are you a parody account?
Its roosh or one of his sycophants. Hes salty and making cuck threads. Hey he gambled and lost, now his forum is dead. Even the JQucks are migrating here , they need an audience to try to convert.ha.
Here to get travel advice. Happy to be here
(07-14-2019, 05:16 PM)CountDraCooLa Wrote: Here to get travel advice. Happy to be here


Which places do you already have experience travelling to?
Welcome aboard
Hello- I'm a long time Rooshv and recent STW forum lurker. This is my first time registering an account on either. I'm looking forward to contributing here rather than just consuming.

I'm in my late-twenties, currently live in the Bay Area, California, USA and work in the industrial sector. I live with my girlfriend of two-years and i'm generally happy and satisfied with this relationship. She is very sweet, attractive, has a high sex drive, submissive, feminine, kind, loyal, supportive of my demanding career, has a good job of her own, great cook, does my laundry, cleans the house, and we get along very well. She has all of the qualities i'd want in a committed, long-term relationship.

This relationship has enabled me to focus on my career, which has been very fruitful for me in an unexpected way. I stumbled into a blue-collar trade in 2015 and have enjoyed great personal and financial reward from it. The work is very challenging physically and mentally, but it truly inspires and fills me with pride. The only caveat is that I have to work like a dog.

I had a fair amount of sex in my early-mid twenties having been with 60 different woman when I was between age 18-26. Despite the commentary on the Rooshv forum about Boston not being a great city for hooking up, I had great success there. I would largely attribute that success to being an early reader of Good Looking Loser. That guys knowledge was/is legit. I kept good record of all of my hook-ups in a google drive file over those years and I now enjoy reading through and reminiscing about that period of my life when I prioritized getting new pussy and juggling fuck buddies.

I've travelled extensively all over the US, been to Mexico a few times, but don't have any other international travel experience. I'm getting the itch to jump back in the game and begin a period of long-term slow-travel around the world. I've built up a large sum of cash that could keep me going for many years without working. I would eventually like to apply my trade skills internationally and keep the money coming in, but that would be after a few months/years of relaxing/gaming/pure hedonistic pleasure.

The countries I'm most keen to live in /explore are Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Albania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines. All of which have been discussed at great lengths in the various manospere forums. I'm about ready to experience these parts of the world for myself instead of merely second hand.

I have various commitments that will keep me where I'm at for the next year, but at or around July 1, 2020 I fully intend to quit my job, leave my girlfriend, and move abroad indefinitely.
Blackfriar from RVF. I met a couple forum members in real life on Roosh's website. Located in the midwest. Was debt free about 2 years ago. Then decided to buy a car, get a motorcycle and rack up credit card debt. Gotta pay those off. Am considering taking a year off and living in the Baltics. Then come back to America and start over. Always wanted to live in Europe. I am 40 now. Not getting any younger. Had the same job almost 20 years. Wanna try new shit. Good luck to every one on here.
Kuy Agüero from old RVF. Live in Peru. Native spanish and fairly good english. Active daygamer in early thirties with good experience in the streets of cities like Lima, Medellin and Rio de Janeiro. This spring I made my first long trip to central Europe where I also met some cool forum members. I loved it and learned a lot. I plan to go back and go further east. My goal is to spend more time abroad progressively. Happy to give advice on cities for DG.
I'm in my late 20s, from Italy. I speak 5 languages.

Living in a touristic city, I can do flag hunting here. I've been reading other blogs aswell.

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