Introduce yourself
A lot of new members with different travel experiences, game experience, backgrounds, ages & goals. Welcome to the forum, looking forward to your contributions.
What's up guys!

I'm Wdubz and i'm so pumped that stw started a forum!

I'm 27, spent most of my 20s chasing girls. Not the most productive use of my time but it's been fun.

Spent most of my time in New Orleans bubut have chased girls in Spain/Vegas/LA.

Currently living in Austin, TX. Hmu if you need a wing!
Hey guys, im new

29 from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I read the blog you have solid info and good vibe.
I try to travel a at least 3 months every year, last year did 6 so it was a good year.

I find Buenos Aires more boring as times passes... even planning to move to another country at some point in the near future.

But if you need any info from here I can help
Hey everyone. Stumbled on to Roosh after a bad breakup, which eventually led me here. From the U.S., and originally from a religious background as well. I want the whole family thing, but I feel like the best way to get there is to live an amazing life. In my personal experience and observation, non-traditional approaches can get the best results. Still have a regular job, but planning trips to some of the places talked about in this forum. The tips and insights on these boards are great - many thanks. I'll try to post when I'm headed to any of the regular spots listed on the board.
Hi guys. Im a 20 year old nigerian student living in Washington. Newbie to to the game lifestyle. I make a solid income from a couple of my online businesses and I intend to live the STW life after graduation. I found STW by searching" how to bang cuban girls" on google.
Solid group of guys here.
In my 30´s, charging hard making my mark on the world. Worked for my uncle, Sam, during the first part of adult life, now via the contractor route. I have seen some cool places and more than a few shitholes on my tours. The more I travel, the more adventures I have, the more beautiful women I meet and the more things I learn from cool guys.
Be professional, be polite, but always have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
Welcome new members, we are at 400 members just now after just a few weeks.
Hi I am Asianpanda. An asian guy grew up in South East Asia before moving to an English speaking country many years ago.

I was inspired by swoop the world about 12 months ago and decided to quit my job and unhealthy relationship and travel the world seducing girls and sightseeing fulltime.

To date I have bang more than 50 girls in Europe and South America. I am so addicted to this lifestyle I do not think I can change.

I speak English and Chinese
Hi there, I'm TC. I found STW by chance and I'm glad I did. What I found here is just amazing, so many quality post!

I speak spanish, english, french and a bit of german, and I use these languages to swoop as many girls as I can. I'm just a freshman, and thanks to the Game I'm one of the popular kids at school.
Welcome to the forum new members

(03-10-2017, 11:01 PM)Asianpanda Wrote: I am so addicted to this lifestyle I do not think I can change.

The lifestyle is very addictive, I concur Wink
I'm sivur, I speak three languages and I swoop 0 girls at the moment. My track record is a modest 25. I am educated, persian, 5'10, good looking but 100% coward :Big Grin Looking to change my outlook on things and so far STW is usually the highligt of my day (so far nothing has changed, though) Planning a trip to the Philippines in the summer!
Welcome to the forum guys!! Looking forward to some cool stories and Adventures
Life is too short for the bullshit and mediocrity!!
Yo Yo, I am Mortay. I am 29, from the States and I am stoked to join the STW Forum. I have been doing cold approach in the US for the past 5 years, but now I am ready to travel. I have been lurking on the RVF for the past year, which is how I found STW. I bought THC's Thailand Guide Book last year and went to Thailand for the first time in September. Had a fucking blast and realized I wanted to travel.

When I came back to the states, I ended up getting in a relationship for a bit, worked a corporate slave job, and started an online business on the side. The itch to say 'fuck it' came and I just broke up with my gf, quit my job, and now I am moving to Bangkok in May to focus on my online business full time. I am excited to see what's in store, and I'm glad to find a community that's into banging chicks while traveling.
(03-14-2017, 07:10 PM)Mortay Wrote: a community that's into banging chicks while traveling.

Travel, banging exotic women, adventure. The best things in life!
Hi Guys,

Very familiar with your body of work. Like many, I found you through RVF, but I'm branching out because of the toxic political atmosphere. I'm interesting in relocation and traveling since I do not like life in the US all that much. I have already been to Asia and am planning another stint soon.

Love you guys. Keep up the good work.
Welcome to the forum!
Hey all I'm from the USA late 20's and spent about a year in Latin America recently and enjoyed it!  I prefer healthy living to drinking but that doesn't always happen while on the hunt, does it?!

I've been reading swoop the world for about 4 months now and was pleasantly surprised when this  forum was introduced.  

I'm trying to get out and travel again as soon as I can, but gotta I need to get a few things in order first.  I'm here to live vicariously through others until then, and improve my game.

I'm TigerT, turned 30 last summer, born and raised in France but I have been living abroad for most of my adulthood: study one year in Romania as an Erasmus student, worked for one year in Malaysia, six months in Laos and have been mostly living in China for the last 6years. I often travel to South Korea and Japan for my work as well. I was never into French women, so travelling, living and getting girls abroad always seems like the best for me. Got my italian and german flags before my french one.

I discovered Swooptheworld before going to a friend's wedding in the Philippines a few years back as I was looking for infos about Pinays.

I can speak french (obviously), english at, I will say, a good level, still remembering some romanian, spanish and german from my studying years and I start to have a pretty good knowledge of Mandarin by now.
Hey there amigos.

I am Vinny aka Instagram Casanova from

Long time poster on RVF, I like the format of the blog and willing to give this forum a try.
I am currently on a world tour for a year doing exactly what this blog preaches. Hot exotic women, travel and adventure.
All the same stuff but with a slightly different approach, using Instagram as a tool for game.


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