Introduce yourself
I'm a white guy from Western Europe, 30 years old. I speak four languages. Currently on a trip in SEA, will visit Central Asia later on.
Been over a dozen of times to Africa, will post some travel stories soon.
Thanks THC and 20 for establishing a no-politics forum. Oh and many thanks for all the advice you guys gave out for free on your blog. I wouldn't have been so successful with girls without your Caveman and Making girls laugh guides.
Guys, I'm Larki from India. Following STW for last two years. And this really change my travel activities. By Profession, I'm a software consultant but in mind a deep Traveller.
Travelled lots of countries, but last two years I got a good change due STW. Like in mexico, Curaçao, Brazil and Vietnam
Thanks brothers.
(02-08-2017, 02:44 PM)TheManWhoSoldThWorld Wrote: Hello everyone,

I would prefer not to tell my name but I am currently a Freshman in college in the San Antonio area. I very new to the study of seduction or "game" and I am very interested in the history of the art of seduction. What interests me is how people in past civilizations used "game" and what tactic and strategies they used for their time.

Thank you for allowing me to sign up for this forum.

Welcome. That's actually a great idea for a future post, wrote it down.

(02-08-2017, 05:48 PM)Beentheredonethat Wrote: I'm a white guy from Western Europe, 30 years old. I speak four languages. Currently on a trip in SEA, will visit Central Asia later on. 
Been over a dozen of times to Africa, will post some travel stories soon. 
Thanks THC and 20 for establishing a no-politics forum. Oh and many thanks for all the advice you guys gave out for free on your blog. I wouldn't have been so successful with girls without your Caveman and Making girls laugh guides.
That would be awesome, especially on Africa. Here at swoop we have very little info on africa (except egypt), and are thinking about a trip there in the near future.
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Hey guys, I'm 27 years old and coming from West Europe. I'm a native French speaker.

I work in International trade in a sales function. I get to know by this forum because i follow swoop the world his articles already a long time( thumbs up for you 20, you're really an inspiring guy), and i found his articles by 20 nation by his posts on the roosh forum, where i'm also a member from but with another name.

I already travelled to almost all the countries in Europe, only Albania , Bosnia and Montenegro and the baltic states are lacking. I ' ve was working before 1 year in China and visited other countries in asia such as south Korea, japan, cambodja and i visited in Africa Cameroon already.

At this moment i'm in Warsaw, i will drop a datasheet later, but now i don't have enough information yet. If someone want to meet up or have some questions about some destinations, Always welcome. Cheers guys
Hello hello. I'm Ricardo, 30yo from Brazil. 30yo, though I grew up mainly in Europe and am now on my 10th year in Asia. My "yellow fever" now gone, the goal now is move to Australia. My main hobby and alibi is photography (art and commercial), which eventually leads me to meet my second main hobby, girls.

Thanks THC and 20 for building the first World Lair !
I'm lavidaloca, late 20's from Canada. I am a lawyer and am looking forward to travelling the world in the near future. (About 5 years away from having enough investments to walk away depending on the market)

I've always enjoyed the writings of 20, thc and fisto and stories of international travel. With each blog post it makes it harder for me to resist walking away now!
Welcome to the forum all.

(02-08-2017, 06:00 PM)vipinlarki Wrote: Guys, I'm Larki from India. 

Which part? We'll be going to India sometime next month. New Delphi, Mumbai (et al.) most likely
Hey dudes,

I'm Mikey, avid traveler, climber and adventurer from the Netherlands.
Late 2015 is saw STW for the first time and it stirred the desire to make some happen.

Quit my job because of it's own reasons that year, and decided to make a worldtrip in 2016.
Spend 4 months living in Phillipines, 1 month in Dominican Republic and 1 in Colombia.
Lived the life there and mixed it with lifting heavy, Crossfit, learning Spanish and just having fun.

Became a big fan of boardsports like wakeboarding, skateboarding, kitesurfing, surfing and all,
since it's so easy to do in these countries.

Right now i'm starting a serious job next week, so got to focus there.

If you guys have any questions regarding living in Cebu and Medellin and all the rest ask away.

Hi everybody,

I like to discuss topics about travel, game, nightlife, sports, culture and adventure.
In my filosofy I always prefered living in a foreign country over a short visit. 
Lived in various pussy paradises. After that I lived backed in my home country but couldn't adapt anymore.
I chose to live in Colombia where I am settled right now.

Looking forward to meet like minded people in Colombia and discuss about various topics on the forum.

Hello STWF, 

I'm Don, I am in my early-20's and I work as an engineer in a company.
My plan is to save money and be able to retire as young as possible.

I like the literature, travelling, the music in general and learning new things. I don't drink or smoke, I consider myself a healty nut, I lift and eat good. Actually, classic novels inspired me into getting to know girls; before that I was really shy, just imagining scenarios in my head without approaching seriously.

I'm here to learn about travelling and to learn to attract the kind of women I like into my life.
Also, I am not a native english speaker, so apologizes in advance for the mispellings.

What's up guys.

I'm 27, been travelling for 2 years, mostly around SEA with a lot of time in Thailand. Moving to Vietnam in a couple of days.

Hit me up if anyone wants to know about chicks or travel in SEA or to meet up in Vietnam and go out.

Honestly I don't normally post on forums but I registered coz I love the stories you guys post here, one of the few sites in this part of the Internet I relate to. You remember chicks are supposed to be fun and actually live a playboy lifestyle instead of theorising about it. Keep doing what you do
Hello guys!
I'm baimu 30yo from France. Been traveling for 5 years : Australia, New Zealand, SEA and Bolivia. Since my first real womanising period in Taiwan I'm a bit addicted to big cities and easy girls. Ex shy boy and still not a party animal, you won't find me chasing drunk meat at 4am but I might be at a motel by 9am for a morning quickie with some cheap milf before office time Big Grin
Hi, I'm Vice, 26 and from the UK. Been backpacking on and off for the past 4 years, and currently in the Philippines, largely due to what I read on swoop. Hoping to improve my game and generally have a blast here.
Hey what's up

I'm Josh Bar, I love Basketball, Beer, traveling the world and Banging Bitches.

As a long time reader of STW, I have been inspired to to do some swooping of my own and have plans to travel to Brazil and Colombia later on this year.
I'm Traveltothemax. I am 33 year old white dude from the US and I work in finance. I kind of have an Asian fetish lol. White chicks just don't do it for me anymore. In Asia I have traveled to Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, HK, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I have also been to the DR, Mexico, Europe, and Canada.

I am a travel hacker and have been using credit card bonuses to travel the world free for the past 4 years. I've earned over 2 million points and I like to stay at luxury places when possible.

I have been pipeling and meeting many chicks in every country I have visited. Day game and night game isn't really my thing but I am going to try to try to imrove in the coming months. When I found STW a few years ago I was surprised their were other guys out there like me that weren't looking to settle down, ever...

My goal is to move to Asia in the next year... Cebu, Changmai, and Ho Chi Minh are 3 places I plan to live.
Welcome to the forum. Interested in your travel hacking experience. I need to improve on that. I'm barely collecting air miles atm, so I'm missing out.
Yeah welcome everybody. I'm reading every single post on this thread. Will be good to get to know everybody and interact more with some of our well known readers (ie JoshBar)
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Hey all... I'm Jodester... been posting on the Swoop site, under a similar moniker, pretty much from the beginning I guess. I like to compare notes and found 20 is pretty spot on and so I've been keeping tabs on his trips for a number of years now. Looked like he was getting into the international player side of things as I was starting to tone it down a bit, since I'm a bit older. It's been interesting to hear about how the scenes change, and yet how things remain the same in many ways.

I'm more of an old school natural than a PUA as I only try to shine who I really am and have never pushed myself when it didn't flow naturally. Still, the way you show your true colors is key, and there is an art to that. I'm at the point where I'm pretty fussy these days and tend to spent my time with the best one, rather than playing the numbers. But the numbers have been kind to me over the years to a perhaps embarrassing degree that is beyond mentioning. It was never my plan... it's just the way things turned out.

I've been to close to 70 countries and travel and making music are my main interests, and of course meeting nice girls is part of experiencing new cultures. I've got about 60 more countries on my to-do list, so there are still many miles to go.
ENGLISH isn't my natural language so sorry for syntax. European guy.

worshipper [Image: icon_worship.gif] of woman's ass & brown eye & raw anal banger & [Image: eatpuss.gif] /eat asshole. skinny women (petite or tall) turn me fucking hard ON. 50 y old, looks 45. average look. never mongering, no drinker, good girl hunter. flags : some european & filipino. 1 long stay in phils(you can check my post about it on RVF) .
PS : french speakers welcome(all others too [Image: smile.gif])
PT here. Older, active guy that has been around the block a few times and explored many of the nooks and crannies on the planet; travelling in both conventional and unconventional ways.  It has been an odyssey.  Adventured/travelled extensively during life as a professional and built a solid network.  The spirit of adventure remains while the treks are less frequent compared to the past.  The lifestyle of staying in fewer places for longer periods of time and really squeezing the juice from the orange is more satisfying at this point in the journey.
Get busy living or get busy dying!

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