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(03-04-2020, 05:00 PM)28Mackn Wrote: @dafeiji thats a nice report man.
Hows the virus situation in both these places?Vietnam and Bangkok, which city were you in Vietnam?
Also did you like/prefer Bangkok or Vietnam more ?
I really like Vietnam (ho Chi Minh) allot of quality girls there, had a couple mini relationships there (but it also has slumrats allot if you are doing online, which is normal in most of Asia I guess)
Bangkok I haven't been for long time only when I was a teen with no game, so perhaps I should hit it up now. But I'm hearing mixed reviews about Bangkok now a days.
Phuket is nice with all the islands it best to go there with a girl already. Quality of girls is big trash unless you're into other foreigners and tourists then it can work. Phuket has a decent night life too

Seems like a lot more people that I see on the street are wearing masks in Vietnam, both Hanoi and Saigon, whereas it's a little more spotty here in BKK. I'd have to say I have a slight preference for Bangkok, but I really have nothing against Saigon. Hanoi is a little rougher around the edges, I'd say Saigon to Hanoi is like Shanghai to Beijing, if you've ever been to either of those. Only issue is I got some food poisoning from a Halong Bay Cruise which for the most part ruined my time in Saigon, so it's tough for me to really put one city over another.

I liked the look of the girls in Vietnam better though, probably because Viet girls look more like Chinese girls than Thai girls do, and I'm more into the Chinese look, given that I've lived there for around four years now. Bangkok is also more expensive. These days I've been spending almost as much on food here as I normally do in Shanghai.

Signed up for a 10-time pass at Muscle Factory here for 2600 baht. Gotta say the hype around it being the best gym in Asia is definitely real, this place is fucking dope. Plenty of squat racks, benches, random machines I've never seen before, and space for sled pushes/other athletic training, not to mention the cheap ready-made meals that are available on-site. One of my Chinese friends is a pro athlete, and is staying in a hotel right next to Muscle Factory. All he came to Thailand for was to work out here lol
Hey y'all, I just found this forum a couple of days ago. 

I've been living in Bangkok for 3 years now and recently a lot of my closest friends here have moved away, so looking for some new guys to hangout with.

About me:

Lifting 5x/week boxing 4x/week
Been in game on and off for about 9 years with a few bootcamps under my belt
Online business owner, can work from anywhere but enjoy Thailand the most

Frequent places I go to are Khao San, Sugar, Koi, Sing Sing, Babyface, and I throw hours parties once every couple of months or so.

Anyone here that wants hangout shoot me a message, looking forward to meeting new people.
They were about to cancel visa on arrival but turned around last minute. Pretty dicey

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