The Thailand Thread
Wondering if i should pay for 1 month membership for ThaiCupid.

I was not thrilled with my Tinder results from my trip back in July.
Yes. It's worth it. Just create a stock message and spew it out.

Also, a good trick is in the search preferences you can designate what the girl has selected as her "best feature."   Do a search with "chest" and "butt" as the criteria. You know any chick who lists their tits or ass as their best feature is DTF. Using this simple trick has cut down on my LMR significantly.

Tinder is oversaturated with attention whores now.

Also try Skout.
skout is pretty bad for me in most places. badoo much better than skout imo
I prefer Badoo in the Phils, especially provincial cities. Also good in Indo and Hong Kong.

I've actually had good luck with Skout in BKK, which is the only way I can judge.  But ThaiCupid or ThaiFriendly is the way to go.  I will also troll around on DIA for some province girls fresh in town. Just make sure they've only been on the site for less than a week.

I like being out on the street so much in BKK I don't really do much online game anymore. My favorite is salon game. I have some serious grey going on now, so the first thing I do when I roll into town is a hair color. I walk around until I find a salon with a good number of women hanging about. The more packed the better as you meet them as you're waiting. You make friends with everyone, and by the time my hair is done I have many contacts. I got some business cards made at Instant Print Plus, 2nd floor of the MBK Center (BTS: National Stadium). They have my Thai number (Happy).  I'm a psychologist so it fits kind of nicely as a joke to hand these out. I usually get about a 50% response rate. I just hand them out to all the girls there, and sort through them based on their Line photo.

Find some ploy like that where you can be the fun Farang, distribute the cards and you cut through all that online banter bullshit. I don't have time for it.
(09-27-2017, 01:04 AM)k pop Wrote: AirBnb is always a great option, but I usually stay at this cute little hotel near Asok called RetrOasis. Soi 29 I believe. Its simple, clean, cheap, lots of hot water and cold AC. It also has a great set-up with a nice little pool in the central courtyard where you can see everything. More than anything, I love the little cleaning ladies who I've known for years. They always leave me little treats on the pillow. The breakfast is pretty good too. You're probably not gonna knock their panties off with this place, but I usually just see my regulars when in BKK so its perfect.

This looks very good value for money. I'll really consider this one.
just be close to the BTS and you will be fine, most foreigners stay in the lower sukhumvit area (soi 33 or lower) but that is mostly because that is where the vast majority of the mongering is
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So they changed ThaiLoveLinks to ThaiCupid?

Just signed up but there is like no women on it. 18-21 logged in this week search yields 500 people. That is terrible. Should be 500 just for 18-19 year olds.

Could have sworn some years ago when i checked it, it was much better.

ThaiFriendly user interface not as good as Cupid if I remember correctly.
thais age pretty well, in most places in SEA i wouldnt wanna deal with milf's but you can find some sexy middle aged thais let alone 25
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Was wanting to check out Route66 but it looks terrible for me. Dark, loud, asian/europen music, no booty dancing, guys and girls just bobbing up and down.
Arrived in bangkok. Staying at Rhyme Asoke 2 near Rama9 station. Walked to Central Plaza or World and got some food.

Got a fuck ton of work i need to finish by tomorrow night for my job.

Gonna fish on some of the social apps and see what presents itself tonight.

If nothing i will probably go KSR. Will be my first time there.
lol i think i just matched with this muslism thai girl i saw on the david bonds video (thread on him atm on rooshv). 

should i bang?!?
If you dont know him, I don't see why not. If you do, ask him. Man i'm jealous you are in Thailand, but more at the moment because of the food. Missing Thai food and eating at terminal 21 5x a day because that food.... so good.
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yea food is amazing
who is htis girl... but if hot why not
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Uneventful first 2 nights here.

Met a questionable girl first night to eat and was unsure if I wanted to fuck her. Then my dumbass invites her over the next night. She is too dark for my liking. She stayed the night but I didn't try anything.

However, I was super busy the past 2 days with completing student report cards. So I didn't even want or need to do much.

She is gone and I finished my work. So free tonight.

I am really lazy here. Dont want to do any dates or even invite a girl out drinking as I don't want to pay for them.

Plan tonight is to go check out KSR at 10pm. Then go to Climax for old times sake and then to Ladies night at Mixx.

Rhythm Asoke is a pretty good location. Can walk to Central Plaza which has everything you could need.

I got a 8 day sim with unlimited 4G for like 200baht at the airport.

Seems most foreigners here date down. I am guilty myself. But then again I do not live here and I am too lazy to actually go on dates. But even then I am not thrilled with the quality I am matching with on the dating sites.

Saw a youngish white guy with a pregnant dark skinned looking ugly farm girl with tats with another kid in toe. How?!?!

In Vietnam most guys date up from my observations.

Thailand food is fucking amazing. Love this shit.
I think Climax closed down a couple of months ago
Damn i like the set up there with live music and a separate dance floor.
Fuck came here too early. 11 20 pm and it's dead
dont understand why someone with the 'dont want to pay' mentality goes to climax?
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(10-19-2017, 02:38 AM)guys Wrote: dont understand why someone with the 'dont want to pay' mentality goes to climax?

Very easy to understand. 

People go places they like. 

Climax had one of the best setups ive been in Bangkok. 

I loved the live band on one side and the Western music with a real dance floor on the other side. 

As for paying vs not, that is a non issue. My first time there I took a girl home. Never asked or mentioned anything about money. 

Most clubs are going to have pros in them if it is Western themed. 

Personally I do not like Bangkok nightlife. Too many pros. Too overpriced. (If you want the Western theme / music)

Ladies Night @ Mixx

So I arrived around 11:30pm and it was dead. Paid a 350 baht cover which came with a drink. 

Place is expensive. 200 baht for the cheapest beer which is about 6 dollars. 

Place started to get going around 12:30 - 1am. 

Id wager it was 80% pros and 20% normal girls. Maybe a little higher in favor of pros. 

Only a few options I was really interested in despite the amount of girls present.

Girls really layer on the makeup here. Turns me off so much. 

I set my eyes / sights on a cute young natural looking girl with her older Aunt. 

I approached her and got her line ID. She left around 3:30am. She had work at 11am. 

Two girls opened me as Mixx was closing and asked if I wanted to go to a Shisha place with them. 

Should of said no but agreed. We go outside and they talk to taxi and taxi say 300 baht. WTF

I paid 55 baht to get her from Rama 9 and this shisha place was even closer. 

I wanted to get an uber or check the location but the girls didn't know. 

I reluctantly got in the taxi and one girl try to explain why its more money at night etc etc. 

Told her it was bullshit and I was only giving him 200 baht. 

We pull up to the shisha place which is a nice looking hotel and I see lots of foreigners and shit. 

I am thinking its going to be expensive and not trying to spend more money. So I tell the girls I am going home. 

Even uber is on the high side in Bangkok. Paid 125 baht to go home. I think taxi is when metered is cheaper. 

Whats strange is the uber bikes are almost same as the cars. 

I really love the music at Mixx. The DJ plays a good mix of latin music, current and past top hits. 

Atmosphere is pretty good and good dance floor with many dancing. 

Only problem is most are working. 

Tonight is my last night here. Think I will go to KSR and Sugar.

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