Lots of money,and time,but zero game...
i would hope most guys that cant dance and know they cant dance would be pretty low key on the dance floor

just saying that making any sort of an effort in that regard will go a long way
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Yeah you can learn to dance passable with like 2 hours of practice watching some youtube video. I also talk a bit about attractive dancing (not necessarily good dancing) in my body language book. the 9 laws of attractive body language. It's all pretty basic stuff
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Some kinds of dance you can pick up a bit in a short time. But after living in Latin America for several years and even taking salsa classes, I realize I do much more harm than good on the dance floor.

As far as being able to laugh at yourself, that seems to apply in the US and western europe, but that self-depricating shit doesn't fly well in latin america.

I mentioned above about the Bumble girl (american) who said she was looking for an intelligent, funny, articulate, and soulful man. And one who has "their shit together".  I went out with her last night and she shit tested me at least 17 times. We were at a tapas restaurant chatting, and she even said "pick up the menu and decide what you want"  I just gave her a sideways glance and kept talking.  It was classic. Shit tests really entertain me.
adding to lighters post. if you plan to do daygame. buy a divice to record your interactions on. as that's your feeback. you can use this if you cant afford a coach or want to do it yourself, even if you have a coach afterwards he wont be there so youl need to record interactions.
that way another guy, more experience wing, coach even over skype can listen to your interactions and pinpoint whats going on, what your doing right, what you need to ajust, and work on.

but if you've got lots of money theres no reason why you cant be taught by the best coaches of daygame/nightgame in the world.
the problem that most guy have is after the bootcamp the coach isn't there to drag you out your house and push you.
that's why its best to see these guys on a regular basis. e.g you could do a residential every 3-4months for 2years and become lethal.
id do a residential with tom torero every 4months for daygame, then a 1-1 with badboy in Zagreb in crotia for 3weeks then go back in 6months.  inbetween those times id travel and game in every city I wanted to visit. I have 73 left to visit.
wondering how this budapest school turned out
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