Keeping girls around
I'm running into a bottleneck. On the whole my game is pretty efficient: I convert a decent amount of numbers, secure dates, and get them back to my place without much time or money expended. Things go smoothly and we get down.

Problem is, I'm struggling to turn the hotter girls into plates. This is really frustrating, because I feel like I'm just wasting energy on acquiring new girls all the time.

Something is clearly going wrong. Now either I am giving off needy vibes that I'm somehow not aware of, or the problem is not game at all. I'm beginning to think this is about things I can't easily change: the value of my apartment, the size of my dick, my perceived status, etc.

What is your experience with keeping girls around? Do you have particular techniques that are effective? Or is this just a fact of life when running game in 2019?
In my experience, the best looking girls that a guy can get will either be one night stands (where the guy being in the right place at the right time was part of the equation) or they will be with a girl who is more serious than a plate. A plate is a low investment but a girl who is at the upper end of your range is a girl who can do better than you so she usually requires more of a relationship or at least a strong emotional connection.

There might be something specific you could improve but it is difficult to tell without much more information. If not, then you just have to raise your value in general. Of course if you raise your value then there will be a new set of girls who are the new upper end of your range and they will be just as difficult to plate.

That is somewhat of a mathematical answer that suggests everything follows hierarchies. I think that is most of the answer but maybe not the whole story.

One thing that works for me is that I am used to mini-relationships and prefer those to one night stands. So both my experience and motivation is for those types of relationships so I am certain that I give off that vibe to girls.

Second, I talk a lot with girls. I ask them a lot of questions. I get them to talk. I get bored easily with girls if I can't relate to them or if they are dumb. I don't really build comfort intentionally but I just have conversations without thinking too much about it because that is what I want to be doing anyway. It's like a combination of "be yourself" game and "WIA's understanding women's emotions" game.

The third thing is understanding ages and what girls are looking for. For example girls in the 28 to 34 age range are usually shopping for husbands. They might work for friends with benefits arrangements if you make it clear through your actions that it is only friends with benefits, but that is unlikely with a hotter girl at that age.
+1 to what raetj is saying.

Let's start with the basics.

1)Girls don't like you. They don't even seem to like guys.

They like the way you make them feel. They chase feelings. And when she stops getting those feelings, she leaves.

To that end, great sex for a girl is sex with a great man (or a man that she feels is great), not necessarily sex with lots of intense orgasms.

2)Plates fall off.

It's just unstable emotional position for most girls.

Ideal plates have boyfriends, husbands, or the dick they truly serve is career.

A regular girl?

Regularly handing over pussy? to one guy?

Over a long period time?

That is not what she wants.

They feel used, partially because society says sex is rare and valuable.

She wants commitment.

And when she gets the alpha to commit, she will unconsciously destroy everything that made him sexually attractive in the first place, lol.

With that in mind when it comes to sex, girls have two typical modes.

1) They take random/means nothing dick at their pleasure.

She is not your plate, you are hers. She calls you to fuck, but if you call her, she doesn't jump in an uber for some magic stick.

Your dick will never be big enough for a chick like this.

Meaning no matter how good you are with the sex, it's not likely to remain a sex only relationship where the man calls the shots.

That's untenable for women.

She has the pussy, she makes the rules! She even has the t shirt!

2) She wants something more and will accept sex in the interim.

These are the girls you call after you strike out at the club and are happy to suck on sweaty balls.

She'll do what ever you want, because she loves you, and wants you to love her back.

She might tell you this or she might not admit it to herself - but there is something there beyond the poke and go.

She is fucking you for affection, not for sport.

These are the chicks that stay in your harem for a long time, don't fuck other guys, and hope you change your mind about having a relationship with her.

These bitches are unhealthy emotionally and self destructive. I don't think traditional game material cares about this. I care because it's been a source of drama.

These are your normal 4's with good bodies to 8's with bad personalities.

Hot girls.

I forget what video it is, but Kenzie Reeves (the porn starlet) is talking about guys she dates before she gets reamed out for the camera.

"Some guys are rich. Some guys are funny..."

She goes through a whole lost. She treats guys like you might treat Seamless. What do I want to eat today?

I really don't know how to rate white girls, but I'm pretty sure Kenzie is not a 10 on the white scale. But even she has this level of choice.

When the girl gets to being objectively hot - like sugar babies/strippers/models/actresses - she can get hard dick or hard money. She can get the pretty boy or Mr Muscles.

If you are trying to put this high level girl on your team, you have to offer something that's psychologically interesting for her.

The easy one is being a drug dealer. The hardest thing I mess with is rum and Coca Cola though. That's not an option for me.

So a lot of my game is trying to give a girl some sort of emotional breakthrough/insight into herself. That's a drug of sorts. The right comment at the right moment can release dopamine in her brain.

I need her to think about me, what I'm doing, when I'm not with her. What do I say to her that stays on her brain?

So with these higher end girls, this sort of psychological thing is crucial.

Sometimes she tells you things.

Even if she dumps all of her emotional baggage on you, and says stuff that for normal people would make them vulnerable - she probably does that all the time. There are a lot of no filter/no shame girls out there.

You need to get her to do more, to feel more.

How she feels when she is with you, should be singular, something she can't get from someone else.

The drug dealer has this insane advantage in that he can provide these amazing mental experiences.

So to keep Instagram Thot on the team, you have to give her the drug of you.

In practice, the old school way was making the sex very ritualized. Simple things like candles, incense, music are kind of a start, but I actually think roleplay and light BDSM and into sexual exploration are better moves.

Every bang is some new adventure. She looks forward to this. So there is no Netflix and Chill, but more like I hope the mask stayed on and my Dad doesn't realize that's me on Pornhub.

The appeal of affairs and illicit sex, secret society, cheating...girls often have sick fantasies that they don't even want to admit on anonymous surveys. (There is a good Patrice O'Neal episode on this)

I think there is a lot more to be said on the topic. But this should give you a start in how to think about the girls you deal with.

She is far more fucked up and dirtier than you can imagine, and getting her to bring that out and work through it will serve you better than dick implants, a million bucks, or even more time at the gym
WIA preaches the truth as usual. Girls are way dirtier and way more in tune with their body & sexuality than 90% of guys. There's a reason the top fantasy for them is sex with a stranger -sometimes they don't even look at his face- and 2nd is group sex with multiple guys [and girls]. Illicit sex, cheating, kinky sex, submission, this is what almost all of them want, often with toys and on camera, especially the ones who are surrounded by beer drinking chads all day in college.

The number of hot girls who've told me/asked me to punch them in the face during sex. Hold their head underwater while I fuck them. Want video of me fucking them in the ass, who love drinking cum and piss. They are dirtier than you can imagine.
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(07-23-2019, 04:09 PM)WestIndianArchie Wrote: 1)Girls don't like you.  They don't even seem to like guys.  

They like the way you make them feel. They chase feelings.  And when she stops getting those feelings, she leaves.  

I think it's obvious women have a far lower attraction drive and sex drive towards men. The  PUA methods were always like "she only acts that way cause your game is off" and they'd always blame themselves for why girls don't like them. Women simply aren't attracted to 90% of men. It's hard for men to comprehend their enthusiasm for the opposite sex isn't remotely mirrored by females. Women have endless waves of dudes hitting on them. The PUAs are like "nah you need to approach MORE!" 
It doesn't matter how witty you are, or how stylish your clothes are, if you have to put in constant effort to spike her emotions (or whatever) then that should tell you how passive they really are. Their material needs are met in this modern world so they aren't going to give a shit, period. 

Objectively viewing marriages of other people, I'd say 90% of the time the guy is more into it than the woman is. 

It's why I buy hookers periodically. I'm not going to chase around girls trying to constantly keep them entertained while feigning indifference. It's exhausting. Their mental processes are unbearable most of the time to me. 

They're just not worth it. The PUAs blame themselves too much, it never crosses their minds that women are inherently fucked in the head or don't want the same things they do.
@Disco. The only thing they seem to want is a baby. And even that is not rock solid.

WIA you just gave me a great reason to go ahead and get into some bondage. I was interested in this for a while but I read a comment on RVF that put me off – something to the effect that there's no need to make the sex more extreme, you should just enjoy it as it is. Think it might have been Debeguiled unless I'm mistaken! But actually using bondage additionally as a kind of psycho-sexual technique could be a good play.

Also a good point about commenting on the girl's own personality and gratifying her ego. Instinctively I tend not to be conversationally generous with girls in this way, but maybe that's just bad game on my part.

I've realised that game is like any other business interaction. You should constantly be asking yourself: what does this person want. And in the girl's case, she wants her ego gratified, and she wants to feel subordinate to a higher-value man.

(07-21-2019, 09:49 PM)raetj Wrote: One thing that works for me is that I am used to mini-relationships and prefer those to one night stands. So both my experience and motivation is for those types of relationships so I am certain that I give off that vibe to girls.

I also wanted to comment on this. Because these girls are actually at the upper-end of my range, I do give out these vibes, because I'm more interested in mini-relationships. But I'm actually wondering whether exactly this is putting them off. I was actually viewing this as a game hangover from SEA, where the girls definitely wanted this. But in NYC I'm not so sure...
I could always keep my girls around but thanks to Tinder and Smartphones, it's a lot harder cause they can get cock anytime now. Before the Internet, the average women was lucky to get asked out once every 1-3 months hence why it was so easy to keep them around then. 

I would suggest you avoid contacting them after your first bang. Give it a couple days or a week after first bang and keep it very very short and act uninterested. If she wants to see you again, she will contact you and show interest. You have to show 'high valve' by not caring and treat her like an ugly chick where you don't care about. Remember, the more interest you show a woman, the more they run away. 

I usually throw out 1-2 'baits' if I want to see her again. If they don't show any interest, I move on! Half the time I show no interest hence they end up contacting me again. Even months later... in fact if you act needy or fucked things up, not messaging her until a month or two later is like a fresh start.

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