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I visited Las Vegas winter of either last year or the year before. While it was my first time and there were fun things to do I probably wouldn't visit during the winter time again. 99% of the people there were older people and couples. It was such a bummer the pools were closed. I stayed at the Mirage to pickup at the pool so that was a waste of money. Vegas is crazy expensive. I made the mistake of ordering room service for an overpriced meal. Let me use this analogy: You pay $10 for a Chipotle burrito but in Vegas it would be $30. Don't take it literally as Chipotle was about $10 but that's to drive home the point. 

If you like shooting guns you will be in heaven. They have mini guns, pistols, military grade weapons, pretty much nearly everything. There's even an experience where you can crush a car with a tank which Dan Bilzerian did. There were some pussy Europeans that shot guns and go figure they would wonder why we Americans are so gun crazy. Only recommendation I would give you is do a little bit of research before going into a range. It could be as simple as watching a group do it before you do. I went into one where live ammo wasn't used and it was like playing laser tag which sucked. 

There are also places where you can go diving with animals (like sharks), axe throwing, skydiving, outdoor rock climbing in the beautiful Red Rock canyon, clubbing (which I don't like), and shows. 

I also got very lucky on this one but I took Sprint and from what I've been told by someone who has traveled more than me since Sprint doesn't have its own space in the airport there's a possibility you could miss your flight and get delayed. They also love tacking on fees. If I recall correctly my initial flight was about $75 and it ended up being around $100 round trip. 

If you've never been to Vegas definitely check it out. I think it's impossible to not have fun in Vegas. Vegas is like Hawaii as both are for adrenaline junkies like myself. I wish I could say it's cheaper but where going to Hawaii the airfare kills you in Vegas the hotels and the alcohol fueled carnage is what gets you. If I were to go back I personally would stick with picking up girls in the outdoor pools on a Monday afternoon but as I have stated in other threads my money would go much farther if I head out to Latin America or SEA. 

Please share your experiences with Vegas!
will be hitting Vegas next april. heard april, may and oct are best times to visit. maybe march madness is great cause many college girls or maybe sucks cause more competition I don't know.

do you know where the best pools are to game? heard mgm is good.
^ March Madness sucks in Vegas. Its basically all dudes, barely any girls go, and the ones who win big on gambling are going to be balling out hard in the clubs so you'll have competition. I've gone before without an expectation to get laid and had a good time, but if you're traveling from further away and trying to plan in advance, I'd avoid March Madness.

As for pools, you have both pool parties (full-on day party with DJ + cover, etc) and regular hotel pools. The best pool parties are Encore Beach Club (EBC), Kaos, and Wet Republic. Marquee and Drais aren't worth going to. The issue with the pool parties nowadays is that they are hilariously expensive ($100+ cover for EBC most weekends) and the lines to get inside can take hours while standing in the searing heat. I personally prefer to hang out at the hotel pool and recharge for the night. Palazzo, Mandalay Bay, and Caesars Palace all have nice hotel pools with some attractive ladies around. You can also try to make moves on girls leaving the pool parties.
I'll drop some additional info to get the thread going. For perspective, I have never lived in Vegas but have traveled there ~15 times over the past 5 years and am well versed in the party scene on the Strip.

Basic Logistics:
-- The clubs and famous hotels are located on "The Strip", a 4-mile stretch of Las Vegas Blvd. that starts on the south at Mandalay Bay and ends up north at Stratosphere. As a visitor, this is where your focus will most likely be. If somebody else has data on Downtown Las Vegas, I'd be happy to see it. I just have very little experience with it, and the vast majority of tourists spend their time on the Strip.
-- All flights will take you into McCarran International, which is a 10-20 minute cab ride from the Strip. Don't bother trying to make a grand entrance with a limo or something like that (there will be plenty of advertisements for this), just pay the 20 bucks for a cab and get to your hotel asap. Don't bother renting a car unless you really want to explore the natural scenery.
-- Driving from Los Angeles can be as little as 4 hours without traffic, though 5 hours is a more realistic estimate. If you choose to drive, do not head out of LA later than noon on a Friday, and do not leave Vegas between 10am and 5pm on Sunday. I've had to endure 8+ hour drives when I didn't follow those rules.

This is really important. The hotel in which you stay can make or break your trip. Don't fall for the old trope of "bro we're barely even going to be in the room, who cares". Your hotel room sets the entire foundation for the experience. If you have to stay off-strip at a cheap Airbnb or at a spot like Circus Circus, you shouldn't bother wasting your money.

Over the years, I've stayed at basically every hotel on the Strip. Here's a brief description of some of the ones you'll be considering, broadly in order from most to least luxury.

-- Encore/Wynn: Best combination of luxury experience and great nightlife. 3 nightclubs (XS, Intrigue, EBC at Night), the best dayclub (EBC), and plenty of pools and restaurants between the two properties. These are not cheap, though at times I've found rooms on the weekend for as little as $200-250/night. Best place to stay for top-tier women.

-- Cosmopolitan: Best hotel rooms in Vegas, only spot that has balconies. Once you stay in a balcony suite overlooking the Bellagio fountains, its hard to go back to anything else. The downside is that it is REALLY expensive (particularly on weekends), and the club in the hotel, Marquee, has fallen off significantly. If clubs aren't a top priority (ie: you're going with a chick) but you have the $, stay here.

-- Bellagio: Beautiful hotel right on the center strip, just quieter than the others and there is no club on the property. If you're looking to swoop, your money is better spent elsewhere.

-- Palazzo: Overall a great place to stay, rooms are all suites and really big (750 sqft), logistics for restaurants and cabs are really smooth, and it is a short walk from the Wynn/Encore. Only downside is there's no club. Pro-tip: If you're staying with 4+ people in a room, stay here. All of the rooms have a pull-out couch, so if you get a 2-queen, you have 3 beds. I've literally stayed 6 to a room here and it wasn't crazy cramped.

-- Venetian: Next door to Palazzo. It is cheaper, but with worse logistics (multiple elevators, lots of walking) and a lower-quality crowd, including at the hotel pool (though note you can use the Palazzo pool). Still a really nice hotel though and can be great value.

-- Aria: Modern spot, next to Cosmo and has a new club on the property as well. It is kinda expensive for what you get though and the club is small. If you get a good deal on it, go for it, but for the same price I'd prefer to stay at Palazzo or Wynn/Encore.

-- Caesars Palace: Probably the most famous hotel, has been around since the 60s and obviously featured in The Hangover. That villa will actually cost about $10k for a night though, and the standard room at Caesars is mediocre. It is also really spread out and walking from some rooms to the main hotel club (Omnia) can take 15 mins. Pretty expensive. Would stay here if you want to lock down Omnia or if you find a good deal online.

-- MGM Grand: Most overrated hotel in Vegas in my view. Rooms are old, shitty, and small, no better than any other 3-star on the strip, yet they try to charge 5-star prices just because Hakkasan and Wet Republic are there. The place is a maze. Unless you want to spend your entire trip at those two clubs, avoid.

-- Mandalay Bay: Overall a beautiful place with the downside of being far away from basically all of the desirable clubs. Highly recommend if you aren't clubbing, and for the right price, the logistics are manageable particularly if you go to Hakkasan. I've gotten 40th floor view suites for $120/night here before.

-- Mirage: Once used to be a top-tier hotel, has now come down a lot and you can find great deals. Rooms are decent, and location is basically equidistant from Omnia and XS/Encore. If you're on a budget, this is a reasonable place.

-- Treasure Island/Luxor/Excalibur/NYNY/Tropicana/Bally's/ParkMGM: These are all MGM-owned properties, each has their pros and cons but the similarity is they are all family oriented (no clubs and filled with boring bars) 3-star hotels with a non-trendy crowd. I wouldn't recommend any of them unless you're coming during a Holiday weekend and everything is full, or if you find a crazy cheap deal online.

-- Flamingo: Generally considered a lower-tier hotel with the upside of excellent logistics to Omnia for 1/3rd of the price of Caesars Palace. The rooms aren't great but they're not terrible. The crowd is a younger, trashier, party crowd, with the expected pros and cons. If you have a very low budget, you can work with it.

-- Circus Circus/Stratosphere/Hard Rock/etc: Don't stay there. Please.

Overall, my personal hotel recommendations are as follows:
-- Best choice (no financial constraints): Encore, Cosmopolitan
-- Best for big group: Palazzo
-- Best value: Venetian, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Flamingo

Vegas is a nighttime city and despite the increasing prevalence of day parties, I still believe the best time to meet and pull women here is at night. The biggest upside is the sheer number of available women. I've yet to find a place that matches Vegas on that metric. If you're playing the numbers game, there's no better place.

To keep the format simple, I go through a list of the main clubs that will be available to you, and then through some pointers on strategy and things to keep in mind when going out at night here.


XS - My favorite club in Vegas and arguably the world, this is an incredible place. Set up between Wynn and Encore, the inside area is in a semicircle format around the DJ, and then opens up to an enormous outside area by the pool. Best place to meet women is either in the outside (very easy to have a convo), or in the back walkways of the inside. Keep in mind that on busy nights, you will have to wait in line to swap between inside and outside, so after midnight try to pick one depending on your game style and stick with it. If you're around a Sunday night and Nightswim is happening, go. It's worth every penny.

Omnia - Megaclub at Caesars Palace, primarily inside with an outside balcony. Don't bother with the outside unless you just want to check out the view briefly, the energy dies down significantly out there. Best spot to swoop is in the walkways, particularly on the 2nd floor. Great DJs, top-tier girls. If you have the $ for it, this is the best spot to get a table.

Hakkasan - All-inside club with multiple floors, this used to be a pretty hot place but has come down some. Can still be fun on the right night. Biggest problem is they let in a ton of people to where you can barely move. If you go, don't even bother with the dance floor, go straight to the balcony or to the back area of the main floor. A table here can pay major dividends. Wouldn't recommend with GA.

Kaos - Brand new club that just opened at Palms. I have not been here yet, though everything I've heard so far suggests that it is a combo of the inside of Omnia and the outside of XS (ie: that it is incredible). I think size-wise it is by far the biggest club in the city. Will update when I go later this summer.

Marquee - This used to be an awesome club that rivaled XS when it opened. Over the past few years it has fallen off considerably and now primarily caters to a middle-tier crowd, doesn't really have name DJs, and really goes to shit when the hip-hop stars come. The setup is still great though and due to its sheer size, you'll be able to meet girls around. If you're in town on Monday, this is the spot to go.

EBC at Night (old Surrender) - Similar setup to XS, just noticeably smaller and with a worse crowd. Occasionally can be great if they're having a big name DJ, usually not worth going. If you go, the outside area is best for making moves.

Drais - Rooftop spot that has a dayclub, nightclub, and an after-hours (goes till 9am I believe). I've only been a handful of times, wasn't a huge fan but if you're just trying to get laid without a major focus on quality, you can definitely pull here. After-hours gets really ratchet.

Jewel - Smaller version of Hakkasan, this is a newer club at Aria. I went once and had a great time, though I wouldn't recommend it over the bigger venues like XS/Omnia.

Options to Consider:
Tables + Bottle service - Whether bottle service is worth it could be a separate post in and of itself. In short, bottle service itself in Vegas will not get you laid, but it WILL improve your chances, especially with the best looking women. Think of it as running a 10k in track shoes versus in Converse. A great runner in Converse will beat a poor runner in track shoes, though the best possible outcome would be the great runner in track shoes. The decision for an individual should come down to your budget, your group, and the women you are realistically pursuing. If you are going to XS (great choice!) or you are in Vegas solo, do not get bottle service.

GA tickets vs guest list - These are basically your two options to get into a club without a table or knowing somebody. I'll say it clearly: guest list does not mean jack shit nowadays, and is actually a huge disadvantage. Maybe 5y ago it was cool to be on a promoter's guest list, but nowadays, it is just as a simple as texting a promoter and telling him your name. Because of that, the guest list lines are enormous, and men always end up paying sticker price to get inside after waiting for hours. At XS, guest list only gets you outside access, compared to presale tickets which get you both inside and outside. I highly recommend just buying presale tickets online.

There's many different ways to go about pulling in Vegas clubs, and I've seen multiple strategies work. My method is centered around the following points.

-- Make lots of approaches, and don't waste time with a girl if you feel like you aren't getting anywhere. I don't spend more than ~15 mins with a girl unless I am making tangible physical progress. Vegas isn't the place to try to convince a girl who doesn't have some interest off the bat.

-- Avoid the dance floor like the plague unless you're rolling on molly and just want to vibe with the music. It is usually so crowded on there that all you can do is wave your hands and scream. By 1am it is jampacked with sweaty dudes. Almost always a waste of time.

-- If you feel that a girl is into you but is being cockblocked by friends (happens all the time!) or the logistics aren't lining up, grab her number. The trick is that you will need to text her later that same night and offer a meetup either in the casino outside the club, or at your hotel. If she happens to be staying near you or was really into you, you can get a surprise lay. Around 2am as the main DJ is halfway through his set, send out a text to each number that you got.

-- If you have bottle service with a group of 3+, have 1-2 people in your group with the best opening game walk around and talk to girls. Approach them just as you would if you didn't have a table and flirt for a few mins. If they seem interested, offer them to come to your table. Walking around and just saying "we have a table" is what most dudes do, and its a great way to get nothing but bottle rats.

-- Also with bottle service, you will likely have girls that walk past the table and try to talk to you. What you do with them is up to you. If they seem cool from a brief convo, its not a bad idea to invite them up and offer them a drink, especially if you have booze to spare (you should), since a table of just dudes sitting around looks really bad. In general with a table, try to create a fun mini-party environment rather than just having everybody sitting around, and once you zone in on your chick, make moves quickly. If a group of girls are clearly being boring cockteases once they get their drinks despite your best efforts to entertain them, you can actually ask security to make them leave. Dick move but I've seen it done.

-- Best time to make the exit is usually between 2 and 3am, as the main DJ is wrapping up. If a girl spends more than 30 mins with you at the club, she is almost certainly ready to go home with you. Just grab her hand and go.

That's all I have for now. Would be great to see more input from others!
Are there more affordable areas away from the strip that aren't shitty? I want to check out Vegas again, but I don't want to party much. Red Rocks looks great. Is it expensive to live near University of Las Vegas? There must be plenty of cute girls around the university.
Great Datasheet Dali. I've been to Vegas about once a year for the last 10 years in various contexts and agree with everything you said.
I'll be in Vegas till Monday. Hit me up if you're around. Will also give an update afterwards, planning to be out each night and probably hit one day party.
Here's the promised bump after the summer season and a very [too] long trip.

The info I gave earlier is still correct. XS remains an incredible club. Early in the night, by far the best place to spit game is outside, since so many girls get in with guest list which only gives you outside access. When we did the lap outside after getting in, the ratio was 90/10 (in the right direction). Even later in the night, the ratio never became awful.

Hakkasan, meanwhile, has gone to shit. We went for Tiesto, a top 5 DJ, and the crowd was mostly dudes and a bunch of mediocre chicks. Very few women above a 7. Still ended up meeting some cute girls, but it took a lot of effort and was not worth paying for a table. Would only do it if you have a really good connect for a top-tier dance floor table, and even then, better to go to XS.

If you want to rack up numbers in Vegas, the two main things you should keep in mind. 1) never spend too much time on one girl unless you are clearly making progress, and 2) always be approaching. Here's a description of several lays among our group trip.
- Met a girl at XS, got her number, tried to invite to hotel that night and she declined. Invited her to club the following night. She showed up at 2am after her show ended, pulled to hotel to smash
- Met a girl at a sunday day party, she wouldn't come home with him after a few invites so he dipped and went to talk to other girls. An hour later she approaches him and invites herself to the hotel
- Walking around the casino at Caesars on a Sunday night, having failed at 2 clubs and a day club, started talking to girl at a slot machine. After 5 mins of convo he asks her "Where are you staying?", "this hotel actually!" "oh, I heard the rooms are really nice here" "they are, want to come up and see?". Check and mate.

The point with theses stories is there's so many ways to skin a cat in Vegas besides just typical club pulls, and you should always be approaching and keeping your options open.
do you know the best pools for spitting game?

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