Hot Yoga Game
My background: Started doing yoga seriously about a month or two ago. Hot yoga is very intense and I'm the only one I've seen in my class to have to step out to cool down and drink water pretty frequently. Every studio is different and some can reach 105F! I am reasonably fit and can do some of the intermediate poses like crow so I'm not too far from going the next level. I also haven't closed any girls in my classes. As most know some stunners do yoga and most of the guys (90%) that do this are either cucks, old, or kooky vegans. It's possible to get laid doing yoga but I can't speak from experience unfortunately. Everybody runs out the door when the session is done and I don't blame them as the smell is pretty nasty. 

Benefits besides game: Feels good (endorphin rush), sweating is great for the skin (toxins unfortunately don't release too much via sweat), great for pinpointing immobility to further enhance weight lifting protocol, establishes flow. I personally like to do yoga to prepare for my surfing trips. 

Long term: 
Can show non-yoga girls your expertise. When the teacher puts me in a new stretch it feels really good. I'd go as far as to say you can be a spiritual guru. 

Post here your pointers and LRs. Sometime in the future I will post how I get laid by bouncing around yoga studios and by doing yoga while traveling. As of now all I can do is keep going and once I feel I'm a bit more advanced I'll do groupon deals and do hit and run tactics on the hotties outside where I currently train. Apparently the studio/girls are apprehensive about thirsty new guys so show people you're serious and that you're not initially about fucking.
Yoga is and has always been one of the most sexual coed things you can do. A lot of people sleep on it, but at the same time, a lot of people know what the game is. Yoga male teachers gaming their students is a thing, though it's not as frequent as one thinks. Likely cause of the stereotype. I've been interested in yoga simply cause I want to extend my joints to improve my weightlifting health. I don't want bad knees at the age of 40 or 50, so it has been on my mind. Just make sure if you're taking yoga, you're doing it first for yourself. You'll hate yourself if you're there simply to get laid.
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Yoga Girl (Definitive Version)

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