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What are 3 of the most important things to you?  This may be for life in general, or more specific to the areas of travel/game/girls.

P.T. Basic happiness is:



Right now it is:

1. Making money online
2. Gym (incl. health)
3. Graduating university

Before this year it was:

1. Travel
2. Women
3. Gym

But I realised that this lifestyle is not sustainable unless I make money my first priority until it allows me to travel and chase exotic women as much as I want.

In 5-10 years my priorities would be:

1. Travel
2. Women
3. Money (goal is to just maintain the level of online income then)
4. Gym (goal is to maintain my body then)

Once I have no desire to travel 3-4 months a year any more, I will start thinking about settling down and starting a family
Just got out of a year exclusive ltr, so all I want is an old fashioned rampage ?
Financial Freedom
To better myself and help others if they want to better themselves.
(1) Family, (2) women, (3) travel

But I'm trying to make it: (1) Family, (2) Health, (3) Money, (4) Travel, (5) Experiences, (6) Friends, (7) Women

Which in the very short term means: (1) Eating well and going to the gym, (2) studying.

Women don't want themselves to be one of the highest priorities in your life, but my biological predisposition seems to think otherwise unfortunately.
1. Freedom (directly tied into making money online)
2. Health (fitness)
3. Getting laid
Mine is Simple,

WOMAN (Lifestyle Change)
Life is too short for the bullshit and mediocrity!!
After another wacky year, I'm moving my focus as well:

1) Increase passive income
2) Health & fitness
3) Self improvement (learning new skills)

Time to kick down getting laid a notch
I will keep it simple:

1. Health
2. Continue doing well in my work as it allows me to travel and getting decent money
3. Self improvement (specially foreign languages)
4. Friends and familly
Good idea with this type of thread.

In General
+ Integrity
+ Moral Courage
+ Discipline

For Game
+ Frame
+ Status
+ Satisfaction
Be professional, be polite, but always have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

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