What country/city was the most surprising
(04-10-2017, 02:29 PM)262 Wrote: Positive Surprise: Turku, Finland. Wrote about it here: http://swooptheworld.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=29

Negative Surprise: Brighton, England. Was there for a few days in August 2015 to hit the beach. Should've stuck with London - higher volume (obviously), but also higher quality.

im from near brighton and it all comes down to luck of the day.
e.g I was In London doing daygame couldn't find many girls I wanted enough though there are many girls. I went back to brighton approached 5-7 hot ones in a row. so that day brighton was better for me. but another time London can be.
I would specificly come to brighton to do daygame. nightgame is good on a Saturday night, Friday is quiet for some reason. 
many Asian girls live here If your into that. youl get English 7s and ocassional rare 8s but 9s are non existent. 

id only come here If your in London cause its 1 hour by train to brighton. also late june is good. if you come early june girls are going exams. if you like young girls 18-21 come early September cause its freshers week. 1000s young girls party every night for a week before they start uni.

the best cities in England for game imo are London, Liverpool, Manchester. Liverpool and Manchester are next door to each other. 45 min train journey. girls are moostly friend and at night may open you saying "you got a light"

positive: kharkiv. its 180 miles from near the warzones but feels completely safe. feels safer than lviv which is the next door to Poland and thought would feel safer. kharkiv is very clean, beautiful, feels safe, cheap, has rollercoasters in a park and ride. great for taking a girl. 

rio - sugarloaf mountain at sunset.after dark some of the best views ive seen in my life

Krka waterfalls- found randomally as I was in split, but didn't enjoy split.

Florence - beautiful city don't go in aug its too hot like 40 degrees with no wind. cant enjoy it in that heat. 

budva - beautiful little place, full of hot Russians in the summer. hard to pull tho cause most are in groups unless that's your good with that. I mostly like girls alone or 2 max.

kotor - beautiful landscapes but would only recommend 2days there as can get boring. wouldn't go there to game. better to take a girl there with you.

disappointed in:

bologna (Italy) - great food but boring but dirty run down, did 5days wished did 1 for the food. Florence was 100 x better.

Belgrade - was told girls are the best but when I daygamed every day for a week I struggled finding girls in found attractive. maybe nightgame is good but doesn't get started til late like 2am.

Copenhagen - was told hottest girls in the world, the staff of starbucks would look like models. wasn't my experience. struggled finding an 8. only few 7s. but that's my type tho.

Lisbon - get pestered for drugs, bit dirty.

porto - beggers, bit dirty and run down. 

Athens - awful, run down, 

vilnus lithuana - came from riga, viluis is very small, gets boring quickly did 10 days wished did 2max. can get around the main town in 15minutes by foot. some hot girls but nothing compared to riga. 

san fransico - never saw an 8. maybe not even a 7. did 8 days wished did 2. golden gate bridge is just a bridge. Alcatraz is ok. hills are very steep, most roads are very very steep hills. good for drugs and music festivals if your into that. many homeless of some streets. like 200 of them. very scary.

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