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SWOOP University
MLM. How to start and/or run a multi-level marketing operation.

To be clear - not joking.
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Start a 3rd forum on money/personal finance perhaps?
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P.T what are some good examples of countries for different flags?
[Image: aptmL98.jpg]

Foundations of Freedom -  II   Countries for different flags. 

In terms of banking, long term planning would be one per continent and at least one island nation.  You want accounts hedged in multiple currencies as well as having some physical cash.  Countries include Andorra*, Austria, Bahrain, Brunei, Cayman Islands, China, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Germany, Guernsey, Iran, Isle of Man, Jersey, Lebanon, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Panama, Samoa, San Marino, Seychelles*, Singapore*, St. Lucia, Vanuatu, UAE*, United States (for non-U.S. citizens)*.  If these seem too normal, then go to places like Gambia, Maldives, Montenegro, Montserrat, Nauru, Tanzania and Venezuela. 

With regard to your income stream, this depends so much on what you are doing.  If P.T. was starting again it would be in Singapore, Hong Kong and/or Shanghai at first then a second tier from other countries afterwards (like Anguilla, Andorra, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands*, Cook Islands*, Liechtenstein*, Nevis and St. Kitts) with multiple companies and/or streams. For U.S. citizens Puerto Rico is worth a look (see acts 20 and 22).

The investment picture is radically different than 30 years ago, or 20 or 10 for that matter.   If you have at least one income stream, the recommended focus would be countries where dividend income taxes as well as capital gains are minimal for you, having property to include land, dwellings, are part of a long term wealth picture as well as boats, planes and motor homes.  If you have precious metals, consider where and how you are storing them to include various countries and how the laws of those countries interact with the country of your birth and the country of the passport on which you opened the account; country of residence for the account can also come into play; this is true of all investments and precious metals are technically a hedge against governments and the confidence in their currencies.  Countries for investments include Andorra*, Bahamas, Guernsey, Hong Kong*, Liechtenstein (the Ansalt and Stiftung especially before 2008, but also consider LLC, Trust Enterprise or Trust)**, Panama, Puerto Rico*, Singapore.

The residency recommendation is like banking, one per continent and at least one island nation and is a long term project.  If you have houses, apartments, condos in different countries (which is recommended long term) try to buy them as a foreigner where your country of residency is a different country; even when you may live in the country with the house, your official residency is in another country.  This can be a challenge and some countries will make this difficult.  It then becomes a personal choice.  Do not sacrifice your freedom for mortgages or upkeep headaches.  Your time and your attention are two of your most important assets that most people do not consider.  It is better to start out nimble and only purchase properties when you have large amounts of discretionary income and then use it in part as an investment (although a home is technically a depreciable it is often legally out of the hands of other governments and many legal entities).  Countries for residency documents include – Antigua and Barbuda, Austria (10 different programs)*, Bahamas*, Belize, Belgium (sometimes employment is enough)*, British Virgin Islands*, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dominica (not Dominican Republic), Ecuador, Georgia*, Greece, Latvia, Malta, Malaysia, Monaco,  Nicaragua, Panama (fast track process for friendly nations, 50 of them now)*, Paraguay*, Philippines, Russia (look for investment residency in the near future)*, Seychelles, South Africa, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Uruguay, Vanuatu*.

As for buying a property and getting residency easily (there are alternate ways to gain residency in these countries besides property) look to the Bahamas ($500k), Columbia ($165K based on the municipal value of the property deed ($165,300) and you need to show at least that amount coming into the country or a Type7 temporary residence visa if the property is over 89K and you can renew each year for 5 years and upgrade to permanent visa), Ecuador (25K, but you cannot leave the country for more than 90 days in your each of your first 2 years), Mauritius ($500K), St. Kitts and Nevis ($400k), Seychelles (automatic for 5 years then a $12,500 fee), UAE (automatic for 3 years). 

Other Non-property investments include Malta (220K Euros), Portugal Golden Visa ARI (500K Euros), Spain Golden Visa (500K Euros). There are others (for example Latvia has an 80K Euro Immigrant investor visa, 250K Euro property, 300K Euro bank deposit; Guatemala $60K, Turkey $65K, Hungary $75K, Nicaragua $75K, Greece $95K, Dominica $100K), but the residency in these types of programs can be less than straight forward.  It will cost you a cool 10 million Euros in France for economic citizenship, unless you are an immigrant from North Africa, whereas Malta may only cost you 1.1 million Euros, but it is a part of the British Commonwealth so it will not matter about the Brexit.  These are CIP´s (Citizen Investment Programs) and it is for a lifetime as opposed to an RIP alluded to above (Residence Investment Program).  Your waiting time for these types of programs is generally 2-6 months.

As for Passports, if you do not have more than one you are at risk; two is the recommended minimum, more are better, one per continent with maximizing visa travel.  Some of the better countries for passport candidates would include Austria*, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Liechtenstein*, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco*, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland*.  The first line should be heritage, where you may qualify for a passport by having a family member (father-mother, grandfather-grandmother).  In Europe, countries like Spain, Italy, and Ireland are well established on this point. 

Play in different places for the different parts of your personality and interests, from women to culture to getting the away from others.  Places like Paraguay, the Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuela for women to mention a few; culture is everywhere not just in yogurt. 

Food for thought, most countries have only been in existence for a short while.  You may be surprised when you research the Treaty of Westphalia or when places like Germany and Italy came into existence as countries. 

Some of the above information may be dated, so Caveat emptor.
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(04-10-2017, 06:46 PM)Round2and3 Wrote: Start a 3rd forum on money/personal finance perhaps?

we will if we get the swoop forum to be a little more active. It's better to have 2 active forums than 3 less active forums. In time I'm sure it will come. You can tie making money to travel and even to women, so if youwant to start any threads on it, you can do so in either forum for now.
@ PT
Damn man you write such great stuff. Changing my rep points on you from +1 to +2.
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[Image: nIZTYAV.jpg]

Foundations of Freedom III – Financials and Frame.

The monetary system is an important element in our world, it can open many doors and allows access to many things, but it is arbitrary using your time, attention and labor in pursuit of a made-up idea, a con, if you will, where you trade your energy and effort for something else that you want.  It is a method of control and a way that often decreases your freedom. Get rid of the middle man and invest your time, attention, energy and labor in/on/with things of more value like yourself and the relationships that are important to you.  When you do this, watch your locus of control shift, and how you live life becomes very different. 

Alas, the world revolves around money, digital 1´s and 0´s in the bank, fiat paper money, gold, silver….blah, blah blah most do not have 20-80 million dollars of ¨Fuck everyone money.¨  Yes that is the illusion that many have bought into, like dating women from your own country or staying within 50 miles from where you are born like most people on the planet, yet the reality of many Swoop members is different from those of most people on the planet, welcome to the Matrix, your own and that of others.  Again, the real value is in yourself and your relationships, your experiences and your memories; paper currency is secondary.

In order to be more practical for a moment inside the matrix, three lesson´s that were passed down to yours truly were 1) Do not screw with the wife or family of another man; 2) Do not screw with another man´s job or labor; 3) Do not screw with another man´s money.   In the world, the notion that currency (or money although it is technically different) as a reward for accomplishment is short sighted.  When this is combined with lesson 3, the reality of trust and confidence within yourself and how it interfaces with others becomes paramount.  Caveat number one for lesson 3 is when it comes to your own money; do not deal with people whom you do not know personally or with those whom you have not built a trusting relationship that is built on practical experience.  The bottom line in a practical sense is that if you do not engage your senses and your experience in life, you will be more easily controlled and experience less freedom.  If you are converting your time, attention and labor to this currency thing so that you can use it for something else now, or in the future; why would you be dealing with anyone, whether it be a person, organization, government, system, etc. with whom you do not trust implicitly?  Many people have cognitive dissonance with this and resolve the conflict unconsciously by accepting the system, trusting it and strengthening their belief in it for their own sanity (lack of cognitive dissonance).  For those who are unconscious this includes how you invest, your retirement, your savings, when you exchange currency on your travels, as well as investing in your travels.

Where is your ¨money¨ invested?  You need to go beyond that there is this piece of paper on which it is written that it is in such and such things and these ones and zeros are allocated to you and located in the ether.  Do you know the people whom you have entrusted this representation of your life´s energy?  Are you unconsciously doing what others are doing?  Have you thought about this consciously and made a decision based on your experience and your first-hand knowledge by directly engaging your senses?  It is your decision either way and there are smart, trust-worthy people out there, but do you know them first-hand and is it based on your direct experience that they are this way?  If not, why?  The attempt is to bring this back to locus of control and being the master of your life, not a slave or member of the indentured, and hence less free relatively speaking.

We can even be more detailed and talk about exchanging currency, etc. in a foreign country as mentioned in another thread concerning the black market (which are often good things) with people whom you have never met, but are giving your trust based on zero first hand or sensory experience.  This is where  others, and their experience, whom you trust based on your practical experience; make recommendations that can be helpful or insightful as you attempt to minimize negative consequences to yourself, or maybe not and the old school of ¨hard knocks¨ kicks you in the teeth and you learn the hard way.  You may do this (risk) with a little bit of your currency/life (time, attention, labor) and see what happens, then perhaps a little more and so on until you develop that trusting relationship based on experience.  Perhaps this is yet another con to draw you in to get something even bigger. Is it different with banks, other institutions, females, ad infinitum? 

The process is similar and the purpose is to have you examine your frame in regard to your financials (or other things) and how this is part of the foundation of your freedom.
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Inner game aka unshakable confidence
How to maximize living and experiences aka being fully awake and human and not acting like a zombie. Most people u meet walk around asleep

Get ride of blocks in front of you and put yourself in the driver's seat.
Design and build and most importantly live the life you want and deserve
Multiple streams of income.
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[Image: uklEO5A.jpg]

Inner Game – I 

Is inner Game your opinion of yourself with women? What if this is not congruent with what you are thinking or feeling?  Is it confidence in general?  Is it the confidence that comes as a result of success…success from banging a hot girl? In part…yes.  As stated in a previous PT post about confidence, Success breeds success. This is why it is important for men to be out attaining their goals, accomplishing their missions and fulfilling their purpose because success (and failure) is a by-product in these processes.  When a man achieves success he will be more confident naturally.  This confidence is attractive to a woman because he has a track record of success and he exudes the confidence in his daily life which in turn affects his goals, his mission and ultimately his purpose.

Inner Game often deals more with how you experience (attention/focus, thoughts, feelings) the world where as outer game has more to do with how you interact with the world.  Inner Game (IMO) appears to be a hybrid of self-mastery, self-actualization, and self-awareness with one of the destinations of Inner Game seeming to be fulfillment, but with the realization that being full is like a pause when you are satiated temporarily (food or sex) or have a feeling of satisfaction and contentment as you are experience some natural beauty or peak experience in the moment; yet the process continues as you climb the next mountain and realize that as long as long you are breathing, there are more unknown vistas within and without.
Perhaps outward signs of a stronger Inner Game include things like Freedom and Happiness.  Something along the lines of Frank Tyger, where Freedom is doing what you enjoy with the people whom you enjoy, when, how and where you want to do them and Happiness is where you enjoy what you are doing, with the people whom you choose to be with, where you are currently.  The why may simply be because it is an expression/result of you going through this hybrid process, or the act of going through the process.  Then again, perhaps this is just some rant of a man with time on his hands.

How can we make this more practical, more tangible?  If you try to be like someone else, it may help you at first with the mechanics, but that other person is (hopefully) being congruent with himself and you cannot be congruent with his experience, but only with your own experience.  Part of self-actualization is the congruency between your experience and your interaction with the outer world.  In a bad case scenario you may become more insecure and develop a false-ego to protect this insecure creature that you may be building as a result of something or someone who you are not, a type of Frankenstein if you will.  It may become pseudo self-confidence where you are compensating for deficiencies and your reality begins to distort.  There is a link here with self-esteem and that eventually ties in with the concept of worthiness.  When you begin to internalize this worthiness and have more experiences of self-worth you begin to shed fear and may have a deeper experience of Freedom.

It is helpful to look at our past history of behavior responses, ways of thinking, and patterns of feeling.  Our Inner Game further develops along the lines of self-mastery when we are 1) aware of these things as we grow, develop, and succeed in life, and 2) these older modalities are not interfering (nor are we fighting them) as we grow, develop and succeed.  How we do this can be another post talking more about the congruency or lack thereof with your focus, your thoughts, your feelings (all internal) with your actions (external) and then back to your focus.  This is then tied in with your goals, mission and purpose, whether it be pussy or whatever.  This is often a challenging and painful process where honesty and adaptation are two of the keys and we begin to face our fears and cast off the shadows of doubt and uncertainty.  It may begin with something simple like close friends or family observing you and providing feedback (whether it be with your game or other things) and then over (a lot of) time moving on to self-observation, this then strengthens living your own reality (frame) and is, in turn, a reflection of Inner Game. 

Another signpost with Inner Game is a type of self-awareness that ties into your frame where you notice what is happening on the screen of life, but you are not reacting unconsciously to external stimuli nor are you affected by these things.  Sometimes it is not reacting to the things (people) happening around you, other times it is reacting purposefully without being attached.  Often times a lack of confidence is related to a belief that you have reinforced over time that is related to the reactions of other people.  You are the star in the movie that is your life, when you are sucked in to (as opposed to share in) the frame of another, often times you become a supporting actor in the movie titled ¨My Life.¨

Historically people have had things like codes, value systems, practices (both physical and mental), etc. to help along the path and sometimes people share those codes and band together.  This is not an endorsement for a particular code or banding together, only a consideration and a closing thought.
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Check out major mark's hypnotic awakening set. The best for getting your shit together. He is a friend and mentor and that damn good
Thinking more about how game never ends and conversing with some friends, there was a re-occurring realization that men learn in a variety of ways, from longer formatted paragraphs expanding on ideas to simple concentrated sentences, to stories with the ideas and principles imbedded and so on. Most of us also learn well from direct experiences, of success and failures, and at times from watching others first-hand.  Also many men are visual, some more verbal, others more kinesthetic. Experience shows that it is a combination of many of the above as well as others in the various phases of our lives and learning.

With that in mind, part of the purpose of this thread is to share game and experiences in the various formats.  The goal is raise the game of the readers, as some ways work well with one type of man, and another way may work better for other men.  Also consider that it is not always gaming to get a one-time lay, although most things start with the first one, but perhaps for the regular lay with your FB´s or for a harem-rotation, LTR´s are another animal, and then there are those brave souls who are married and can share married game.  Perhaps it is in using game principles with women in other parts of your daily life as well.

There are basic principles, strategies and tactics followed by intermediate ones, and then more nuanced and advanced ideas.
Get busy living or get busy dying!
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