What are you worst travel experiences?
There are people here who have travelled to over 150 countries and lived in many of them for months or years at a time. As for me, I have been to 62 countries, so my experience is moderate and growing. We should talk about our first-hand experience, or if it is not first- hand we need to say that it the experience of our friends, or people whom we have talked to in country or from the country, or that it is our researched or educated opinion. There is no substitute for boots on the ground and Venezuela is not even close to being one of the most dangerous countries, although it is dangerous…..no doubt. I have been there 3 times in the past 12 months and it has ranged from surreal to epic. I have been on the two-way rifle range in more countries than many on this forum have visited as tourists and Venezuela is not even close to those troubled spots.
Be professional, be polite, but always have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
I've been to Venezuela about a year ago, but only to the south, crossing from Brazil and back. It was a bit sketchy, as I had to change money from dodgy black market guys, and as it was clear that the economy was in shambles, but it wasn't too bad.
(03-22-2017, 06:58 AM)P.T. Wrote: Was helping a friend get away from this crazy girl in the Philippines.  She was screaming like a banshee when a guy came over and pulled a knife.  Took off the belt and snapped the whiteknight in the forehead.  Getting ready for more when the lightbulb turned on that some of these guys there really know how to use a knife.  We exited stage left. 

Travel is a great thing and the more we travel, the more rich our lives become.  Sometimes there are difficulties on our trips or in the countries we visit.  With more travel experience, one begins to see the cycles of these things as well as commonalities.
Priceconomics Data Studio has published some general statistics on the most dangerous countries for American Tourists in 2017 based on travel warnings and deaths from 2009-2016 with countries that had over 100,000 U.S. visitors per year.  Here are two of the charts.

[Image: r9lNrTH.png]

[Image: QEWCLSS.png]

Zero Hedge picked up on the data and did an article linked below where they looked at the travel warnings, total deaths, deaths per capita (tourists) as well as a correlation between the two (r = 0.56, p = <.001). 


It is a good idea to spread information on some difficulties to others so that they may be able to minimize or avoid such problems.  There will always be risk, but managing the risk is a positive thing.

Wait, I thought Thailand received way more tourism than the Philippines, but this spreadsheet shows the Philippines receiving TEN times as many American tourists as Thailand?  That can't be right.

Am I wrong here?  The Philippines draws TEN times more American tourists than Thailand, with Thailand's reputedly great food, great culture, and most importantly, great infrastructure?  Can anyone confirm this?
I'm less of a traveler and more an expat. I've lived in China for 6 years.

My worst experience have been here in China, with people using the fucked up legal system to take advantage of me and squeeze as much as thousands of RMB out of me, all with the support and help of the local police.

I've only been really screwed over once, but there have been others who have tried. If it hadn't been for video evidence, things would have ended much worse in one particular case, where I help out a drunk guy who was about to get his ass beat and he in turn when to the police and accused me of assaulting him.

The people here, unfortunately, have no ethics.

Fortunately, I haven't had any girls go crazy on me and trash my apartment, but I've heard of that happening too.
That's bad luck. I have never been in any trouble of that nature in China but the case of helping people and getting screwed is not uncommon. Saw an accident once, nothing bad, and I went to help. About 5 people jumped to stopping me from helping saying the guy might try to sue me later.
My ex claimed that an old dude jumping in front of her car for later suing her. She ended up hitting a bus who didn't care at all about the accident... I actually never believed her story. She was and probably still is an awfull driver like 95% of Chinese population.
(03-21-2017, 03:05 PM)Traveltothemax Wrote:
(03-21-2017, 01:01 PM)TravelHardcore Wrote: I've had some bad travel experiences, but luckily nothing horrible. From the top of my head:

- Lady boy fight (in Thailand and in Brazil, it's becoming a habit almost)
- Almost got drugged by a girl in Colombia 
- Death threats from a whore in Haiti after I shored she changed her mind and flipped out

What were your worst travel experiences and where did they took place?

Met a gorgeous chick in Thailand.  I'd say she was about a 9.5. Had a great time with her and decided to come back 6 months later and visit thailand again. Much to my surprise when I was greeted by the same chick when I arrived at my hotel I found out she had gained  30 lbs! Unfortunately I had already booked a flight for her and eye to Koh Samui and Krabi. So we spent some time traveling and somehow we got talking about ex's and ot came up that I had dated a American Filipina several years ago.  Turns out this chick was racist because her ex fiance had cheated with a Filipina and she hated Filipina's. She flipped out on me.  I spent a couple uncomfortable days with a fat chick,  who was ready to rip my head off.  Luckily I made an excuse and booked it to Pattaya for 7 days of heaven. It's usually not my thing to p4p because pipeling is so easy in Thailand but I needed to just relax and forget  about this crappy situation. Always ask for pics regulary if you are visiting some chick for a second round and don't talk about ex's or make shit up.

In one year a chick can change a great deal.  I had spent a wonderful 2 weeks with beauty in Philippines.  She quit posting on Facebook about 6 months back.  She didn't reply to my tests when I arrived for about a week.  When I saw her she had gained about 30 pounds.   She went home and was supposed to come back the next day.  I never called her to come back, because I had better good looking girls to spend my time with.  After I got home I discovered her new Facebook.   She had a kid now a Aussie guy and was living a double life.  She is thin again and looks great, but I've never seen her again.
First trip to Madagascar long time ago.
I had only 1 month holidays and wanted to see as much as I could...beginners mistake...
I was in Majunga and went direct from Majunga to Tamatave by taxi brousse....around 20h on a meandering
road squeezed in a minivan full of locals and chickens..I arrived in Tamatave pretty exhausted and went straight to my room to have a nap.
Then after 30mn I started feeling hot and not well at all.
Let me remind you that Tamatave is known to be an area where you can catch malaria and specially falciparum the deadly one.

I start having hot fever now so I dont wait more and I ask the reception for the closest local doctor.Fortunately there is a small clinic still opened at this time of the night.I go there and the doctor after 1 mn examination and not even a blood test ensures me that I have malaria overcharges me for the consultation and sends me back to my room with the prescription.Somehow I dont believe him.
Back in the room I start having violent diarrhea like non stop one you see what I mean? Then since I didnt have any more water in the room and I was unable to go out of the room I start feeling weak very quickly.The receptionist was alredy asleep anyway.
At this point I say to myself WTF let s use my card assistance.I manage to call them and I tell them what happened.
They tell me this:Sir we are going to send a doctor in the next regular plane from tana (the capital) to tamatave (1 hour flight) and then you are going to board this plane and we will get you to tana where we will take care of you.You just have to go to tamatave airport by yourself.I tell them I dont know if I can manage that but they say that s the best they can do.
Finally I try to repack all my luggages go down to the reception ask for a taxi and wait in my room for the right schedule so that I wont wait too long at the airport.
I start losing consciousness once.Finally it s time.Taxi is there.Receptionist didnt even help me with my luggages I go inside the taxi tell him airport and after 2 mn I lose consciousness definitely.

When I wake up I m in the plane with the doctor or nurse trying to put a needle in my vein but she couldnt succeed that s what woke me up.The stewardess tries to make me drink a coke I vomit on her and lose consciousness again.Too bad she was hot.

I finally arrive in the best hospital of tana (let s say the least worst ) and I m surrounded by local people who have no clue what I have and then I scream I want to see a French doctor I want to see a French doctor!!!
Finally  I see a white face that s the chief of this service and he tells the local doctors what to do and what to inject me so that I could recover a bit.
I dont know it yet but this guy saved my life.He told me when I arrived my blood pressure was at 7 and 1h later it would have been too late.He did many tests I never had malaria instead I caught a virus from water or food who completely deshydrated me.There was no room left for me in this hospital and since I had nobody outside to take care of me I spent 2 days in the corridor on a table chasing flies with one arm while I had needles in the other one.The local doctors were always wrong about the dosage they gave me so every time the chief had to check to be sure I had the right one.
Every time I went to toilets the door didnt close and I was squatting  while a nurse was holding my drip.
After 2 days there I start recovering a bit and the chief told me I would be better in my hotel room trying to eat and drink a lot of mineral water.After 3 days recovering in my hotel room I decided I deserve a treat so I will spend the last days on my vacation on a beach.
I flew to Tulear and stayed there until my departure.
I still go to Madagascar and never had to use my card assistance since but still have it.
carpe diem
Heck, man. I think you win.
Yeah prisonbreak i think your are current winner. I have hard time liking something so horrific though.
(07-06-2017, 05:51 PM)BarbarianFather Wrote: Yeah prisonbreak i think your are current winner. I have hard time liking something so horrific though.

hehe no worries Cool
carpe diem
most terrifying traumatic time in my life was in oslo Norway of all places. was camping in the woods to save money on accommodation. 
heard a noise outside my tent at 2am. was a bloke about 15 feet away. 
10mins later I hear sex noises. hes watching porn outside my tent.
30mins hes outside tent lying on the floor naked what looks like a black handle to an axe.
he tried to talk to me whilst I lay in my sleeping bag. tell me how he had sex with his 10 year old daughter. 

few more stories:

Russian guy chasing me to punch me in the race in riga cause I approach his gf on the street. didn't know they were together. 
Ukrainian guy neally hit me in lviv on the street when doing guttergame cause I approached his gf. again he wasn't there before I approached her. bad luck and timing.
being sick in st Petersburg felt like I was 80 years old. don't know what I had but was shaking. 
forgetting to get food and drink for 19 hour train journey lviv to kharkiv, being sick in the toilet.
as soon as I got off the bus in Wroclaw Poland I went up the esculators of the mall saw a dead body at the top of stairs cleaner moping up blood seeing his eyes open. wont forget that in a hurry
in lviv heard women screaming following by a huge thud and ambulances soon after didn't wanna go outside as assume a women either jumped or was thrown out a window.
heard a gun shot outside my apartment in rio and I was in the safe part. Ipanema. 
had my phone stolen from my pocket in on tram #5 in Odessa Ukraine. worst part was I lost 8 numbers of georgous girls I could never meet. 
had a flight on sunday from tel aviv to London. found out they shut the trains down to the airport on sunday. had no money or credit cards. 

travel can be risky. but id rather die in an exotic location than just never travel be safe and die with regret at 100-120 of not having seen the world and meeting all the people on my way
Quit my job to go live in Australia.

When I arrived they told me that my visa had just expired and I would have to leave.

I had to fly to another country to get a new visa to work in Australia. So I flew to New Zealand and applied for a new one. While I waited I met a hot Japanese girl but she couldn't speak English so I had to start learning Japanese to chat with her.

We started going out together and after 3 weeks I got my visa and took her back to Australia with me.

I got a job selling didgeridoos and a year later moved to Japan, married the girl and had kids. I live in Tokyo now.

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