It occurred to me something I have not thought about at all is a cell phone during travel.  I will say I take my current one for granted. Did a quick online search for some info but nothing really note worthy. I do know mine is networked locked, so if I where to get a phone for travel what are some suggestions. Thinking in terms of traveling anywhere in the world with it, buying a junk phone each time I travel just seems like a waste. 

I phones vs Android, 
I would guess smart phone over flip. 
Ease of use. 

Feel like there is something else I missing.
Honestly you need a smarth phone. You need to be talking to girls on all the social media, etc. and you need tinder. Then, you need an excellent camera because you are going to want to take pictures (of the view in the country and view in the bedroom), so a nice smartphone with a nice camera is so worth it. It's way better than a good normal camera because you have it with you all the time.

I would just say get the Iphone. Has everything you need, reliable and always updates with the best possible cameras.
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Just for the camera go for the iPhone (7). The quality is hard to beat, many people ask me what camera I use for my video and pics. It's just my phone though. Since you always have your phone on you, you don't need to worry about carrying around an extra camera.
iPhone 7 or Galaxy Edge

I made the mistake and bought a mid range phone. Thing freezes and pisses me off all the time. Gonna get the iPhone 8 when it drops.
For me it's midrange phones all the way. There are some solid options available, for example the redmi note 4 at around $170. Performs well and great battery life. If I lose it or break it, it's annoying, but not as bad as losing a $700 iphone or other flagship.
I am starting to see people talking about using Google's Project FI, anyone with experience with this?
Getting your phone right when traveling is a key topic, glad you guys have this thread Smile

When traveling with an iPhone, does anyone have advice for short trips?  I live in the US and have an intn'l plan so can use my US number when traveling.  I'll be in Manila in late June and I'm wondering if the girls there will be able to text me on my US number, or if it makes more sense to get a local SIM for my 9 days there?  Really appreciate understanding what works best.

Was in Japan in March but everyone there uses Line so getting a local number wasn't needed.
You are going to need a local sim.
If you're wanting to game girls whilst travelling, it's preferable to have a modern mobile capable of using apps and 3G/4G (preferably 4G connectivity), then buy a SIM card in each country where you want to game girls. If you're just going for tourism I don't think it's necessary to get a SIM card. As others mentioned, you'll want a nice camera.
Apps for communicating (almost obligatory since most girls don't call or text): WhatsApp (most important), Line (useful in Asia), Viber, Facebook Messenger (I don't give out FB personally, unless I want to maintain contact with someone long-term), kik (kik and Viber don't seem that common)
Apps for hunting girls: tinder, okcupid + others
Apps for displaying value: Instagram, Snapchat (I don't use Snapchat and question its worth, but others may endorse Snapchat game)
Apps for getting around: Google Maps (you may need to give taxi drivers or girls directions at times), Uber, country-specific apps (e.g. in Indonesia, the only country I can comment on in this regard: go jek, grab, blue bird)

Random suggestion (most smartphones are up to the task, but I saw this one recently and it has a good camera): Samsung Galaxy A5
This is what I carry currently.

[Image: nokia_100-BLUE.jpg]
I've got an samsung LG style 3 and love it
t-mobile has a plan with international roaming so in most countries you won't have to buy a new SIM card and can continue using your US number. It's convenient but usually you can only get up to 3g speeds. It's especially useful when you just arrive in a new country and need a GPS to get to your hotel/apartment.
It's useful at the beginning (for the situation you described) or if you plan on staying for a week only but in case you are planning a longer stay, I still consider getting a local sim is a must. If possible even get your sim card at the airport because in some country you might have trouble to find a person at the telecom company who can speak English while at the airport it's usually fine.

International roaming is always expensive and people might be afraid of the cost of calling an international number
It really depends on the country where it s best to get a local sim.In the phils you can get one for free at the airport while in Indonesia it s best to wait being in the city since at the airport they overcharge you.
carpe diem
I have the Vivo V5 right now after my Samsung smashed in the pavement while driving a motorbike taxi. It has Android just like the Samsung but it cost like 1/3 of the price.

Really happy with the phone and I'm not so afraid of trashing it as it doesn't cost a godzillian dollars like an Iphone does. The Vivo phone has a great camera too. I can't really see the difference between an Vivo camera and Iphone camera.

Maybe you should check it out? It's just 190 bucks on Amazon. Big Grin
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