Holiday Cheer
No police officer yet.
So far I have done safer options. I have a flight attendant, one of those girls from Chinese trains and dated a nurse while I was still at the university. Had a quicky at the hospital while she was in uniform. Probably that's not as good as a gun belt
Uniforms count no matter what as good, nurse I have but not in the hosp, nice one on your part for that one. Flight attendant I keep getting shot down. Did you get yours in the air.

Not sure I would call this a uniform, I have the american version I want the actually German/Dutch version.

[Image: 6ddd732f83c8a5a907f28160c9f5484a--oktobe...n-beer.jpg]
Nah, didn't bang her on the plane, didn't even meet her on the plane. I would say it's virtually impossible or you need to have an insane game level to get a flight intendant during the actual flight. They are busy as hell and probably have their guard very high on work.

I met mine at the Shanghai Pudong airport's hotel. When I arrived at the hotel she was smoking outside. I am not a smoker usually but I always keep a pack of cigarette with me as ice breaker or for offering (in China, it's very common to offer them to anyone), so I joined her and ask for her lighter-that's like the easiest approach possible. She is from HK and spending the night in Shanghai by herself since the rest of her crew was already gone and she was transfering to another team. Nothing that night, we exchange phones number and sex-texted for some time. A month later, I met her at the same place and banged her, or actually she banged me is more accurate.

That bavarian outfit can be classify as uniform imo. Didn't have it but two big boobs with two big glasses of beer is a good combination for me.

Today on French calendar it's St. Thomas day, the dude that only believe what he sees.

Let me introduce to you Lure Hsu from Taiwan

[Image: c86824914.jpg]

[Image: juventud1.jpg]
And with her sisters

[Image: 42-year-old%20Taiwanese%20woman%20Lure%2...281%29.jpg]

Lure Hsu (left) is 41 (or 40 or 42 depending on the website), the sister in the middle is 40 and the one on the right is 36.

[Image: 41CDC91300000578-4643126-image-m-5_1498569530051.jpg]

In the middle is their 63yo mother

Believe that
Wow very nice
A girl who look 20 in her 40s is great, Would not mind sharing my genes with one of them.

Today is the 4th of July, I am expecting qualities from Americans
Not sure if that is possible but here is my shot at it.

[Image: Happy-Independence-Day.jpg?w=600&h=0&zc=1&s=0&a=t&q=89][Image:]

[Image: eb70a88f1587c71e14d397a4e0896e4e.jpg][Image: G215-0.jpg]

[Image: 36b012db69a856b0e961203d0a15d9f3.jpg]

[Image: fd2f5d939358d48b13b58fbb2e3792a7.jpg]

[Image: 40060a32732a494d4f5b469ee4400a95.jpg]
Blonde and tanned with blue eyes, that's exactly how the american beauty is considered in France at least (thanks to Hollywood and especially Baywatch, even if Pamela Anderson is Canadian).

I have got some work to do for July 14th, I believe
14th of July, French national day in celebration of the Storming of the Bastille and la fête de la Fédération:

In 1789, Queen Marie Antoinette had a bad reputation, she was a spoiled little bitch who was waisting the kingdom's money, forced the King to fired some of his best ministers and was (possibily) a spy for Austria and cheating of the King:

[Image: 61c4fO-0%2BxL._UY445_.jpg][Image:]

She ended having her head cut off in 1793:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

The Storming of the Bastille took place on the 14th of July 1789 and was a rather small events in the whole French Revolution but is generally considered as the (symbolic) starting point. The Bastille was a prison in which only 8 persons were locked in and it was mostly used as a arsenal for the army:

[Image: Sexy-Guilty-Girl-Prisoner-Inmate-font-b-...Jail-b.jpg]

Since then, the 14th of July is celebrated every year by a military parade:

[Image: s-l1000.jpg]
In which every year another country is invited as a guest. This year it's the USA who come for celebrating the 100th anniversary of their joining of the Allied ranks in the First World War:
[Image: eb70a88f1587c71e14d397a4e0896e4e.jpg]

And there is fireworks, an invention that dates from the Tang Dynasty in the 7th Century

[Image: 785ebd80c2a3d24171dbb8cfe1f30524.jpg]
Well done story with pictures, I like it.
Been a bit busy, figured someone may need some cheer.

National Dollar Day

[Image: ff40585f7b70cb6daaaaeec62f2c26d9--hallow...oween-.jpg] 
 [Image: L2ltYWdlcy9wcm9kdWN0L2p1bWJvcy8xMTM1MDRf..._MW350.jpg]

[Image: Yoga3.jpg]
Thanks for the necessary Asian inclusion at the end.
Every Holiday cheers deserve an Asian
(08-09-2017, 06:51 AM)TigerT Wrote: Thanks for the necessary Asian inclusion at the end.
Every Holiday cheers deserve an Asian

I agree,
National Spoil Your Dog Day

Have a Sexy women walk your dog then spoil you.

[Image: 17b12f99049371997951bdae981cba59--walkin...-walks.jpg]  [Image: 2474ce5adbe256f6564a0e5335ec5f90--la-nat...tdoors.jpg]

[Image: 45165242-Young-beautiful-asian-woman-wal...-Photo.jpg]
"National spoil your dog day", is that really a thing???

Anyway, I am not a dog man even if I had some nice bitches.

I prefer cats, especially pussies
[Image: what-does-it-mean-when-cat-wags-tail.jpg]

But my favorite animal is still the yellow tit:

[Image: 4303108972_b857d5b4d2.jpg]

Blue tits are too weird for me
Yellow tits are nice

[Image: 6944d870df49fbcb58624da067825d48.jpg]

[Image: 1.-LSU-Boobs.jpg]

[Image: 303a528ab50cc4ddaf783ce5aa513f5a--body-p...ntings.jpg]
Today is 'I love cowgirls day'

[Image: 9d5a317bd35733c0f6e5b87fca08fca6.jpg]

[Image: wallpaper_20120828045218_19217421762.jpg?itok=UB8RP6qc]

[Image: f3759a1a25947f8e0130e1eb823ba972.jpg]
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Needed a pic with cow in it.

[Image: c28bd32e4b79857bc5f4684de7ad3222.jpg]

Fore play?
Staying on the importance of cows in the society, August 15th was Indian Independence Day

[Image: 1369377284_49750.jpg]

[Image: Hot_indian_girls_in_bra_and_panties_014-7%2017177.jpg]

[Image: sonam.jpg?itok=iQRBnRJ0]

[Image: 2568a2a73fd674037f2b9debbe57ff64.jpg]

[Image: costume9.jpg]
My next post will basically be on my personal experience with indian women in Mumbai. It was a great adventure. I do appreciate indian women Wink
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I really do also 20Nation. I have been to India once, one week in Mumbai for a week. Going back to India for a longer trip has been on my mind for some time now.

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