Flamite : Tinder for web
Hey never saw this talked about, but this is a google chrome plugin that lets you use tinder for web.


It has auto swipe, not sure if that gets you banned or not. But at least to chat is much more easy if youre working or just prefer to use a regular keyboard...
Just tested this, this works great! It also lets you see the 5 pictures at once so you don't have to open a profile to check the other pics.

Great share New!
I heard it doesnt work like it should work
These tinder extras always end up having problems for me. I've given them up
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Looks like Tinder itself is rolling out the browser version now:


Currently works for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Italy, and Sweden. Should be available globally later on.
so thats why they killed this chrome plugin
There's still tind3r.com. Very similar to Flamite
I've been using the official one today as I'm in the Philippines. Its pretty basic, but is quick and everything is working properly. However, boost and reverse swipe are not available.

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