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The "would you smash it" thread (contains NSFW)
if they were coming straight to my place to bang and i didnt have to work at all why not?

that is pretty much always the answer unless they are like 200 lbs plus
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Today's topic nose rings.

I find hoops like this doesn't annoy me to much. I just think slutty easy girl.
[Image: cute-nose-ring1.jpg?fit=467,700]

The next two make me think of boogers and want to hand them a hankie. 

[Image: DoreenBeads-Hot-Sale-font-b-Sexy-b-font-...b-Ring.jpg]
[Image: Piercing-For-Girl-Nose-Stud-Picture.jpg]

On the right women a nose chain I actually find attractive, but when worn wrong I just shake my head.

[Image: burun-zincir-par-as-v-cut-tak-f134-i-in-12pcs.jpg]

Others thoughts.
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  • TigerT
My favorite one is definitely the second one, but I won't introduce her to my mom. She is a gorgeous one, the ring doesn't change that.

What the third one is wearing (the small stone), it is/ was pretty common in France around 10years ago. I see less now but I am not spending enough time here now. I like it and think on the right girl, it can give an extra point on the Barbarian/Dash scale.

The last one is not my cup of tea but I can definitely see the appeal of it as long as there is no ring like on this one.

[Image: 67a88d09e6f462a40f457f5adfd704a6.jpg]

or even more on this one

[Image: wad81x-l-610x610-jewels-nose+ring-nose+p...cesory.jpg]

That's way too much. Thankfully she is not wearing it everyday.
There you are minding your own business and you come upon a nude beach

[Image: 662e4e2dc1b70a0db60343caca6aae22.jpg]

Today you can only have one, though you can rate all three?
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  • TigerT
The one on the right of the picture definitely.
The one in the middle is average
The one on the left has a weird smile but seems fine

Unfortunately in France on 90% of nude beach you don't have one girl looking like this, let alone three.
Smash the midget
Blonde or Brunette

[Image: teen-beach-girls-bikinis-1-161.jpg]
@ BarbarianFather Some good ones in this thread. Kind of happy its pushing away from gross haha. For the nose rings, they have never really bothered me, other than the bullish one. I prefer them over tatoos to be honest. I just don't like the ear gauges. For piercings I prefer the third pic.'

@ nude beach. I would take the one on our right. She just sees the hottest and my inner man instincts just make me want her more. Probably because she will give me better babies Wink

@ blonde or brunette
I would actually go for the brunette. I think the blonde is hotter overall, but I'm feeling like having at least some boobs.
Red vs Blonde Vs Brunette which version would you rather smash?

[Image: scarjo.jpg]

[Image: rbb14.jpg]

[Image: rbb4.jpg]
BarbarianFather is big on piercing lately. Your last posts had been about nose piercing, three naked chicks with pierced belly button, one pierced nipple and another pierced belly button.

Blonde or brunette:
I go for the brunette. Bigger boobs and I prefer the face. The blonde has something I don't really like. Can be from the makeup around blue eyes. Not sure about it.

Scarlett Johansson/ Angelina Jolie/ Jennifer Lawrence.
I think they are three of the most overrated women in Hollywood. I don't say they are bad but I don't think they are as beautiful as I often read or hear. Angelina Jolie has never been attractive to me (even more about that South Park episode), Johansson is a solid 8, Jennifer Lawrence a borderline 8 (above average face with a killer body that more than make up for it).

Scarlett Johanson is the best of the three like I said. I go for the red version, blonde one is a very close second, the brunette version is lower.

Like I say, never found Angelina Jolie attractive. Got worst with the very version of herself. I put her popularity on being Lara Croft then on being with Brad Pitt: "She is with Brad Pitt, she should be hot. Right?"

Jennifer Lawrence is a good looking girl with a killer body in my mind. She also has a slutty/ playful attitude in her eyes that I like -If I have to write a book about how to seduce myself for a ONS, I will recommend using her body language- I prefer the blonde hair version.
I think a lot of females just can't help but adorn themselves and when they take there clothes of they want to show more off. Now the nose rings where on purpose. Honestly on the others I didn't even notice them until you brought my attention to the other piercings. They are so common place in my day to day life, that if its not bizarre or I am truly looking at them I don't notice them.

I have noticed this is becoming a problem with tattoo's also, if there not full on garish or just out of place it takes me a few moments to notice that girl has them.

Sad really.
That you didn't notice them is kind of missing the point of what those piercing (or tattoos like you say) were supposed to be on the first place. I notice clearly on the picture with the three girls then after I was clearly looking for them since I felt it was a common thread on your last few posts.

What was supposed to be different become normal -piercing or tattoos- and what was supposed to be normal become amazing -for example French people being able to speak French normally or people caring a little bit about other people around them-.

Like you say, it's sad

I really sound like an old man
@blonde brunette redhead
If it's fake like that, I prefer girls go blonde. But, overall I don't really like it much when girls change their hair color. Maybe it's because I'm a variety guy and theres nothing better than the real thing.
Mudding events are pretty popular. 4x4s and mud go well together. The girls on the other hand..........

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinim...e0.jpg&f=1]

[Image: ?]

[Image: ?]
Perfect example of the cheerleader effect

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