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(11-18-2017, 02:43 AM)Malo Wrote: Tinder only updates the location once every few hours or so. You can restart it or the phone an endless number of times or you can do nothing, the result will be the same, it updates every few hours.

Despite this infrequent update by the way, it keeps the gps on non-stop and guzzles battery like crazy. I've switched to using only the browser version.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to crown Tinder the buggiest popular app in history, but I digress.

this is not true for me, think it has to do with which GPS you are using, try the fake gps app with the light blue icon, will update within minutes
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So today I tried to add girls with the fake model tinder profile.

Decided to just tell them "this profile is fake, i do not want my personal info and pics on Tinder, but you can check my facebook which is xxxx. add me if you would still like to chat or send me your zalo, viber number"

3 girls total. two agreed and didn't give me any shit. the only girl who had a problem with it was a western girl.
be careful, you raped that precious western girl's time & fantasy lol
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(12-27-2017, 05:18 PM)262 Wrote: be careful, you raped that precious western girl's time & fantasy lol

Yea that one minute of chatting really hurt her. 

She was just mad to find out a 10/10 male model (no homo) didn't really swipe her. 

I don't think this trick works anymore. I downloaded 3 different GPS spoof apps and tinder will not change my location. When I go on google maps my location has changed. You have to pony up the money for gold unless someone got another trick up his sleeve.
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Damn you guys need to work on your income if $20 month on tinder is hurting your wallet so bad.

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