Tinder for free
Yea but as you said, you could miss out on a gem because you got bored of swiping one night.

Id rather just go ahead and see ALL of who liked my profile off the bat.
are there different tiers of tinder plus? im seeing a very cheap price of only a couple bucks a month but its not saying they will tell me who has already swiped
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only tinder plus and tinder gold to my knowledge
ok i assume you guys have tinder gold? dont even see that as a sign up option on mine

one argument against it could be: if we think that girls who have already swiped for us are pushed up in our swiping queue in turn it could be said that we should be pushed up in theirs as well

girls are pretty lazy when it comes to swiping, particularly hot ones, so if you aren't showing up early you might never be seen
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the pros still outweigh the cons imo.

esp if you get the under 30 price and pay for the yr package
definitely still is worth it, just thought id mention that so those who have gold know there are still some benefits to swiping girls who havent already liked you

how do you find tinder gold? dont even see it as an option
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I still dont have the new upgrade. I don't know why, but I enjoy swiping. The most boring part of tinder for me is going through my matches and messaging them. I have a huge list of matches right now and just don't want to even start messaging. Would prefer to swipe more haha
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(03-09-2017, 05:22 AM)Bizzy Wrote: To get unlimited likes:

1.) Go to settings once more, then go to date and time.

2.) Turn off automatic date and time. 

3.) Then click on "Set Date " and set your date to a day ahead or any date in the future. Do this step once you have run out of swipes.

4. ) Then if The tinder app is a recent app , close it, then go back to it

P.S this helped me pipeline a week ahead on my last trip.


Do you have to do this every time you run out of the 120 swipes per day, or just once?

If it's the former, not worth it at all. Just pay the $9.99 and enjoy your unlimited swipes.
super likes are akin to a preemptive shit test
Ahh there we go because I hit reply has a text box uptop I can't delete. 
Everything works except when I use the location spoofer my tinder comes up with nobody nearby. I know the gos is working as when I use other apps it says location set to wherever the GPS spoofer is located.
Any ideas? I suspect somehow tinder knows I'm spoofing so doesn't let that location work?
sometimes it takes awhile for it to relocate, might need to restart phone and change location before logging into tinder
helping guys find the hottest girls at GuysNightlife
Tinder only updates the location once every few hours or so. You can restart it or the phone an endless number of times or you can do nothing, the result will be the same, it updates every few hours.

Despite this infrequent update by the way, it keeps the gps on non-stop and guzzles battery like crazy. I've switched to using only the browser version.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to crown Tinder the buggiest popular app in history, but I digress.
Fucking facebook just disabled my new account I made.

Was going to use it for a new Tinder account.

Is it impossible to have 2 facebook accounts now? Wtf

I did not even use my same name as my main FB account
I uploaded two pics of a male model on my 2nd tinder account. Going to see if I can parley those into meets and lays.

Plan is to ask for their zalo number. Then add them. If they ask who I am I will say we met on tinder a few weeks ago but I deleted my tinder.

Or I could possibly just tell them hey I don't want my real picture and identity on dating websites, and send them my real picture. Which I doubt they would X me for for.

Not sure. Will see how this works and if it is a worthwhile strategy.
That's something I was thinking about doing a few months ago:

Creating a second account, posting male model pictures looking more or less than me and saying for protecting my ID. The idea behind that is to have a second look at girls I passed on the first time/account.

Let me knows how it goes, how girls react to it. On Tantan and Tinder from my previous experience, most girls use so many filters than they are often unrecognizable so it's not far from what they are doing anyway.
it is not unusual to see girls using completely false pics

No one said anything about trying to scam people.

If a method would allow you to bang more and hotter girls, that is reason alone.

As I said, I already have my normal account. This is just an additional one.

So my match count and options can only go up.
Not a scam if you are completely honest after matching her:

"I have to tell you that those pics are not from me. I use them to show my identity as I don't want people I know/ work with recognizing me on dating apps".And then you send her your real pictures.
Nothing stops her to unmatch you after that. It's just a way to have a little bit more chance to talk to her, nothing more.

Of course, if you don't show any picture of yourself at any point then you are legitimately tricking her but it's not my intentions.
about tinder:
you can now have account only with phone number, receiving sms to verify. but if you change country and phone number, account lost... also a problem if you have a paid one.

I noticed the last year (or two, not sure) my match rate decreased a lot. Am I more uglier? maybe, but not in in photos, so my guess is ranking algorythm its much more complex, so they level what kind of girls you can see and see you.

for example, while in Rio i bought some super likes and boom, girls were damn hot, all of them. why? so I spend all super likes and buy more (didnt)

The boost is the best feature with gold accounts, because you just press that button and wait to see the matches shown to you, no need to swipe.

I think tinder has well stablished its meaning to people who use it (or know about it). So it became boring for everyone. Guys are bored to swipe, to message all girls and repeat same pattern over and over. And girls are also tired of the same. People can't watch a video longer than 1 minute and are supposed to engage in multiple conversations ?

Still works and Its usefull when travelling, but worst.
(12-14-2017, 06:58 AM)new Wrote: about tinder:
you can now have account only with phone number, receiving sms to verify. but if you change country and phone number, account lost... also a problem if you have a paid one.

Untrue. If you have over 100 friends, Tinder won't ask you to verify with SMS.

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