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IGCasanova's Bucharest Romania trip report and datasheet
Why Romania?

I had a taste shift recently as I started to prefer brunettes with tanned skin to light skinned blondes. While I am learning Spanish and getting ready to a big leap to South America I have decided to visit the only Latin country of Eastern Europe. Some say Romania is as close as it gets to SA in Europe.

There are few datasheet on Bucharest here already and I read them before travelling. Some information might be repeated, but I hope my observations may provide some new insight to Bucharest.

Before coming to Bucharest I have learned from other members who visited that nightlife was not that pleasant. Large impenetrable groups of people, loud music, lots of pros. So I have decided to focus on daygame, twilight/gutter game and online game. Hovewer I did drink few beers in the bars at the Lipscani street and visited small student-hipster club. Music is really loud in old town even outside of the clubs you can hardly talk, so this affects your gutter game too.


I was initially not impressed with the average quality of girls. Targets were rare and bitchshields quite high. I did not get any real harsh blowouts, but I had few of those WTF annoyed face expressions thrown at me. But with some work and time invested daygaming in Piatta Unirii and Piatta Romani after 5 pm should get you enough leads to get some action. Conversion rate is low. A lot of girls would reply but would not go on dates.
Funny thing is that you can easily spot busiest city areas by presence of gipsies. Are there some gipsies stationed around? Probably thats the most high traffic area of the city.
You can also try to explore numerous Bucharest parks. But I found targets to be extremely rare there.
Dirty air. While daygaming for few hours you start to notice the bad quality of the air. Unfortunately the best daygame areas were in high car traffic areas.

Twilight/Gutter game:

For those who are new to concept it is basically a form of daygame which you run in the busy nightlife areas. Targets are tipsy girls in good mood that move in between the clubs or stay outside smoking. Bucharest has a nicely concentrated nightlife in the old city center. So it is well suited for guttergame. I had some good leads and dates from it.

Online game:

Tinder did not provide a good result. I got plenty of matches. But I decided not to follow up and of them after checking all the photos. It might be different for other guys as I am still pretty spoiled after Kiev. However Instagram pipelining did get me some hotter looking leads. My Romanian flag hapenned to be my first fully Instagram acquired lay.
Speaking of Instagram I noticed one tendency. If a girl has a private account it simply means she has a boyfriend. 99% of time, so don't bother. 


Comparing to other countries I would say that Romania is similar in quality to Poland, Czech republic or Baltics (althought with a different darker type) lower in quality than Russia and Ukraine and higher than any western European country. 
It can be affected by the fact that many girls are at the seaside right now, and there are no students in the city but I was in Kiev during summer too.

You do see lots of nice asses, every 10th girl would have those free roaming tits or nipples sticking out. Romanians hate bra's apparently. Tits are also notable. Butterfaces are many. I would say a face is a weakest part of an average Romanian girl. While the tits and asses are above average European level. But those of them that do have cute faces have it properly cute. Some really specific Romanian facial features can be very beautiful. I did not see any true stunners to be honest. But definitely few 9s here and there. 

As with all cultures that appreciate big ass some girls have nice asses, but also are chubby. 

Girl are full of suspicion. Why are you here? How long are you going to stay? They are also not easily convinced.

It is not fair to judge by the only one girl I was banging, but my flag girl made me a best blowjob, cooked me nice meal and offered me massage after sex. Pretty much a perfect girl. Although looks wise definitely a point below my Kiev standards attitude wise a point above. This particular girl was a good combination of traditions and western influences. Down for a single night lay, yet cooks you dinner and offers you a massage. 

English is amazingly good in Bucharest. Every girl in sexually attractive age range spoke great English. I did not have a benefit of speaking local language there so it was a good surprise

Girls definitely seem more emotional than their more eastern or northern counterparts. 

Trip report:

I spent 1 week in Bucharest in the end of August, Wednesday to Wednesday. 

I was renting apartment in Piatta Unirii area, close to old city. So close enough, but no noise of nightclubs.

I did as I always do on short trips. Gaming a lot on first few days and then combining dates with sightseeing.
Benefits include having a free guide and a free photographer with a conversation nicely leaning into your past travel experiences which should impress the girl. In the end there is always a chance of making sweet love after all this pleasantly spent time.

There were quite a few forum members on the ground. I met with 4 guys and had a great time. 2 guys were new to daygame and I enjoyed dropping some knowledge that I have managed to acquire in last few months. 

Observations and tendencies:

Food is great. Loved the local cuisine. In the end of august vegetables and fruits are super fresh and super cheap. Could not stop eating watermelons and pissing [Image: biggrin.gif]

People are either religious or just respect religious traditions, girls cross themselves when passing by the church.

Amount of dark sex tourist guys smoking shishas is slightly lower than in Kiev, but there is influx of Italians. Not sure about night, but during the day city is definitely not over-hunted like Prague. I have seen only one guy that approached a girl, not including me and the guys I met up with.

I am a darker looking European. Here in Romania majority thought I was local, but when I spoke English guessed that I was Italian. For example in Ukraine girls would guess I am Turkish majority of times and in Western Europe everyone thinks I am Spanish. I thing it depends on types of guys these girls see more often. FYI I am neither Italian, Romanian, Turkish or Spanish. 

Credit cards are not so widely accepted. Get the cash, or you will struggle.

Girls are looking around, and giving IOIs quite often, which is very helpful.

Funny story. I was in Caru Cu Bere restaurant on a date with a girl. When she went to toilet a waitress came to me and gave me serviette with a girl's number on it. 
Never happened to me before. I guess if girls like you they have balls to chase you and fight for you.

Girls give you complements even when rejecting. That helps to maintain a good vibe while day gaming.

Phone talking virus. Really often you see a girl walking around and talking on their phone. It does not help approaching during the day. Headphones are also often seen but this is not a problem for me personally.

Cheap internet. I got 5 Gb for 6 euro with Vodafone. With amazing speed 4g+

This is irrelevant but I have never seen so many pigeons, except may be in London. Their shit is on every bench in every park. You have been warned [Image: biggrin.gif]

Wearing blazer during gutter game might be too much. The same night 2 girls commented on my looks and said that Romanians only dress like that on the wedding date.

Surprisingly I found that Romania is a good place to learn Spanish. Quite a few girls preferred Spanish over English and I had a chance to practice a bit.

What is different to most of EE is that studies begin 1st of October and not 1st of September, I think this is due to warmer weather.

There might be some discomfort for those travelling from highly developed countries. You might encounter rusty water coming from the tap or a neighbor drilling walls early Saturday morning. Did not bother me too much.

For the end of August the weather was great. Sunny every day, and clouds came and went very fast without almost any rain. 

On average people are not tall. 

People seemed generally friendly and helpful. Once in metro I confused my bus pass with metro pass and the thing was not letting me in. A girl came over and tried to pay for me. 

2 girls I dated and one I ended up banging both talked about cooking for me. I found it to be a good sign. I am pretty sure I would bang a second girl if I would stay few days longer.

Clothing is pretty cheap. I bought myself shorts and a t-shirt for 20 euros.

Never seen so many skater girls anywhere else. And none is riding them just carrying skateboards [Image: smile.gif]

Romania is cheap. With a combination of online game, day game, gutter game, few drinks and meals in bars on dates and an airbnb for a week I ended up spending around 400 euros. Which is extremely low comparing to the amount of fun I had. 

I have only used my Russian once while speaking to a girl from Moldova who did not speak English. I think the more closer to Moldova you come the more Russian you will need.

I have learned from locals that apparently Romania is the cam sex capital. Don't know how this affects the game in Romania, but I am sure it is a negative thing if the girls expect to be payed just for you looking at her [Image: smile.gif]


While not as cheap as in Kiev metro is 1 euro for a 2 way ticket and taxi is 1.39 lei (0.30 eur) for 1 km.

To get from the airport to city center use bus 783. Don't make the same mistake I made and withdraw cash in the airport lobby before going down to buses. I stood the big line just to find out they don't accept cards.

Beware of taxi scams. I have once sat in the taxi and the guy gave me another price than the one mentioned on the car door. 3.90 instead of 1.39. I just went to a car parked behind and got a normal rate.
Uber seems to be good here. I never used it but my flag girl used it a lot. Download a star taxi app. It makes getting a normal taxi really easy.


Although Romania is beaten by places like Ukraine I still think it is a great country to visit. Has its own special vibe, olive skinned girls with big asses and nice history and Culture. I am definitely coming back to explore smaller cities with medieval architecture. Next time I am going back when students are in town.

P.S. This is the post I have originally posted on RVF. I have been banned for no real reason in 2017, so I think this forum deserves this information better than RVF. I am sure few things changed since then in Bucharest but I think this read might be interesting and useful to some of you guys.

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