Just arrived in the Philippines with no pipelining
(02-04-2019, 03:46 PM)hnmw Wrote:
(02-03-2019, 05:10 PM)Adrenaline Wrote: Read my thread about 20 lays in 13 days. I go through my routines that allowed me to bang on the 1st date 15 out 16 girls. But they were pipelined... so definitely use cupid and pinalove. Girls are pinalove seems to be more down to fuck.

Cheers. I have read your thread. I had a couple of lays but there different types of girls I have had trouble with:
- a few girls have been hesitant to come to my condo during the first date (excuses so far: going to work, meeting a friend, don't go to someone's condo on the first date) 
- a few girls who say they don't kiss on the first date
- and lots of girls who say they won't come to Greenbelt because it is too far and want me to come to them instead. A lot of girls live over an hour away, even though they are in Manila because of traffic etc. I have been hesitant to meet them because I will need to bring them back to Makati to close

Next, how do you also juggle the numbers? I am usually texting around 20 girls at the same time and wasting 4+ hours a day just texting which is very time consuming.

Also, one thing that might not help is that a lot of girls think I am Filipino. I do look Filipino and they assume I look Filipino or another Asian ethnicity.

I haven't used pinalove. Just cupid. The dates I have had been a mix of cupid and day game.

- that's why you should meet outside and then naturally to to your condo. I brought some sweets from my country. Told them I brought it for them as a present. Then they're in to come to the condo. The "I need to charge my phone" excuse failed because nowadays all these chicks have a fucking powerbank
- Many chicks there in my experience hesitate kissing in public. Holding hands is not an issue (if she does it's a good sign usually). So just kiss them inside where they don't have to worry to be seen.
- they simply don't want to meet you enough. Of course the fucking traffic is a big issue. You need to be clever...
So fuck texting girls. It's hard to make a connection over text anyway. So show balls and call them. My girls said they liked that I called because no-one dares to do that anymore.
Girls from Cupid are mostly poor and can barely afford it to take a cab to Greenbelt. Better are tinder girls who went to uni (or still go). If a girl works full time of cause date in the evening or in the morning for breakfast if she can start a little later. And fill the free girls in the free times if your schedule.
- I actually totally failed with the numbers because they were just too much to handle it. But doesn't really matter. Maybe put some emphasize on the 5 hottest ones. 
- and be careful when you have a date at Greenbelt. There are some golddigger bars and usual chicks don't wanna be seen close to these places with a foreigner 
Good luck dude!

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