Poll: From where do you pull the hottest girls?
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Day Game
6 35.29%
Night Game
5 29.41%
Online Game
4 23.53%
Social Circle Game
2 11.76%
0 0%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls?
daygame as I don't like clubs. online is the easiest but ive never met a 7 or above online. all are below. depends on the city and your type but if I want my 8 or 9 unless im living in Ukraine for a long time im more likely gonna find her doing day or nightgame. heard rsd max met his gf on tinder in Kyiv. I met 1 8 in oslo she said was doing tinder but met her on the street.
think it comes down to are you content satisfied with the quality + personality of the women your getting. if not might be worth trying other avenues. social circle is probally good if your already friends with hot girls or in a city where it could work e.g L.a but if I look at most guys social circles the women to me arnt the quality I want. again it depends on you and what your after.

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