Philippines day game - 6 months in Jail if you get it wrong
Is the Philippines becoming a feminist society ????

Also passed today, was a bill to outlaw catcalling and other forms of street-based harassment.
Bill 1326, or the “Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act of 2017”, seeks to penalize “catcalling, wolf-whistling, cursing, leering, groping, persistent requests for name and contact details and the use of words tending to ridicule on the basis of actual or perceived sex, gender expression or sexual orientation and identity in public spaces”.
Senator Hontiveros was the principal author of this bill also.

She hailed the passage of the measure calling it “a major push back” against what she called the “growing culture of misogyny and sexism in the country”.
As we have previously reported, verbal violations could be penalized with fines of up to 3,000 pesos and arrest of up to 30 days.

First offenders would also be forced to sit through an eight-hour “Gender Sensitivity Seminar” conducted by the Philippine National Police.

Medium violations are expected to include making “offensive body gestures” and flashing. The penalty for these acts could be a fine of up to 5,000 pesos and imprisonment of up to six months.

Stalking as well as “light and medium violations accompanied by touching, pinching and brushing against the body of a person” could incur a 10,000 peso fine and six months in prison.

The new laws would be enforced by “Anti-Sexual Harassment Enforcers”. These officers would have the power of arrest, and could immediately impose fines or issue community service orders.

Penalties for oral defamation can also be severe, with the highest penalty imposed for those found guilty of the act is up to two years and four months. (Article 358, Revised Penal Code).

Often foreigners involved in such cases tend to find hardships in cases involving heated arguments. Like numerous laws in the Philippines the local barangay will take on such cases between two parties and release it to a higher court after a 3 and final hearing on the matter. Once in the upper courts the offense can take years to adjudicate.

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