Strategies for acquiring a cheap condo?
There are a few ways to reduce your accomodation costs.

If I like an AirBnB flat after spending one week there, I may negociate directly with the owner to get a deal for a month (at least the monthly rate minus AirBnb fees). The AirBnb fees represent around 15% which are pure lost money if the owner is trustable. You can save those at least, and maybe more for 3 months, if you are happy with the flat. Usually, owners are also quite happy to have cash in hand. Smile

You can negociate a nice monthly rate with some hostels. The main problem with hostels even if you book a private room is you can get cockblocked with the receptionnist. Worth it only is you become friend with the guys running the hostel. Doable in some hostels in South America. Seems harder in SEA.

Facebook groups. Taking the lease of someone leaving the town before the term of their contract can give you amazing deals. I got a nice flat in a a very good location in Bangkok for around $300 per month for just a 4 months contract. I got the rate of a long term contract (the guy who left had a 1 year contract and left after 8 months) and it was already a great deal. You need to be lucky and flexible but it can do wonders.

Asking locals might work but it is not as efficient as it seems in practice. Locals don't have the same needs as expats in terms of accomodation in my opinion. Mainly works if you have spent a very long time in a place and have a good social circle.

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