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Malaysia Thread by Local Malaysian Chinese
Hi, Tyson here. 
As I promised on a post months ago, I want to write up a Malaysia thread by Local Malaysian… but just couldn’t find myself a time for this for months. Sorry about that. 
I had survey about introduction of Malaysia pickup location in many forums, include this; but what I seem is that peoples seem like hard to get lay at Malaysia... Yet this is actually far from the truth.
The truth is Malaysian girls actually very dig Western Man!
I had many beautiful friends who told me that they are looking to experience dating & sex with white men and drag me to accompany them to Changkat every weekend... Yet hardly had any white men there dare to approach these group of beautiful girls (with only me, 1 man) and leave the girls disappointed every week...
So here I am, to share a little insight view on Msia girls and best place to pick up these cute girls. 
Let's started with races here. 

Girls Race
Msia had three Main race, which is Malay, Chinese and India.
Malay girls had the Best body among these three races and are very assertive in bed. Easiest to lay among these three types too, just be sincere and direct to her; and if she likes you, she will be direct to you and very comply to you too.
Chinese girls are cutest among these races and sweeter, caring to you. Take time & at least moderate game to lay them, but the experience of dating with them are worth it.
India girls are very fun to play along with and very wild in bed. The only problem is there are very rare beautiful India girls at Msia.
if you want to get lay, go for Malay girls
if you want a sweet girlfriend, go for Chinese girls
if you want a crazy playmate, go for India girls.
All three races can speak at least moderate level of English, since at Msia, we had our English class since kindergarten.
Now let’s head to next part, Location.

Day Game Location

I will introduce 3 Day game locations here and all 3 of them are famous shopping malls at Kuala Lumpur area. To be noted that, girls at Msia rarely go any street area like any other country on day time, due to the Hot weather at Msia; hence the best place for pickup girls on Day game are shopping malls with Cool air conditioners…
Midvalley Megamall
Midvalley is the most packed shopping malls at Kuala Lumpur area. Almost everyone knows it and almost everyone goes there.

Here, you can find a lots of pretty office ladies there are well educated and sweet. A good place to find a sweet girlfriend.

Best time for pickup: After office hour 5pm- 8pm
Dress code: Casual Smart

Pavilion is by far the most luxury shopping malls in Msia, where lots of elegance women and rich married women go there for their leisure tea time.

If you are looking for some excitement with married women or wanted an elegance woman, this is the place to go!
In order to pick up women at Pavillion, you really need to have some game as these women had see the World and are well experience with men too.

Women age are around 25 – 40 at this place, but kids you not, these women are sexual freaks in bed! I had my first and only Foursome through pickup women at this place, where I chat up a woman at Starbuck and her friends show up then four of us are so click that we end up continue ‘our discussion’ somewhere else…

Here’s a tip: Sex talk works best on these women. You don’t need to be rich to pickup these women, they are rich and don’t need your money. All you need is show them you can bring them an adventure, the sexual one…of course!

Time: 2pm – 6pm
Dress code: Dress Up!

Sunway Pyramid
Sunway pyramid are full of cute students at age between 19 – 24. It’s by far the Easiest place to get lay for White men on day game since your exotic value will be Highest at here!

Time: 3pm – 8pm
Dress code: Casual

Honorable mention: 
Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2
Yeah, you see it right, the airport! I pickup at least 1 girl every time I fly back to Msia at airport, but this is not why I mention KLIA2!

The main reason I mention this place is you can actually pickup the sexy stewardess at here! 

Unlike stewardess at Western, stewardess at Msia are all very good-looking & in good shape. Just google for Airasia Stewardess image and you will know ?

You can just start by asking her direction, give her a compliment and tell her you want to meet her; then hand her a paper with your number. If she likes you, she will text you.

Be subtle though, as they need to maintain their professional image when they are in those tight sexy uniform.

Night game Location

TREC Kuala Lumpur
This is the most famous place for local to party at weekend and also where the infamous Zouk located.

I had a lot of success picking up girls at street at here and didn’t even had to pay the high cover charges to enter Zouk.
Dress up, come here around 11pm, go say Hi to any girls you had eye contact with… and you will have your lead.

Time: Thursday – Saturday 11pm onwards
Dress code: Dress up!

Changkat @ Bukit Bintang
 Hurray! At Changkat, you will have the Highest meet to lay ratio at here, as if any girls at Msia looking for get lay with white men, this is where they go.
Hence if you see any cute girls here, go say Hi to her!

It doesn’t matter if they are men in the group, we wouldn’t mind to have a cool foreigner friends to come party with us!

Changkat have a night club named, Zion which offers free cocktails for ladies from Sunday to Thursday. If you pickup a girl at the street, you can bring her to Zion and get her a Free cocktail at the bar.
Time: 9pm onwards
Dress code: Casual Smart

Parting thought
For me and many of my friends, the trickiest part to handle for getting lay at Msia is the Logistics. In other words, isolate her.

As due to the hot weather at Msia, almost every people drive at here, everywhere they go, so traffic is quite bad at here. You will risk mood swift if your place is too far from where you meet her, as it takes a long time to back to your place.

So choose your apartment/ hotel location wisely, prefer just within 5 min drives from above 5 places. Even though the fees might be higher; it’s definitely worth it.
Note:  Remember to download GRAB (Uber of Msia). Since the taxi fees is ridiculously high at Msia, better take GRAB than taxi.

So here you are, the 5 Best locations to pickup girls at Msia and which races to choose, plus the girl types.

I hope you enjoy your trip at Msia and remember to ask the girls to bring you a food tour at here ? Lots of delicious food…
Delicious Women.Delicious Food Tongue

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