Counting Countries
(06-29-2018, 10:01 AM)TigerT Wrote: My way of seeing it:
-Not counting if it's just for changing flight
-3 days in a city and around, I would say I would have visited the city more than the country. I guess it would depend on the country also. 3 days in Singapore, I would count it at visiting the country, 3 days in Moscow I would not count it as visiting Russia.
-I would consider visiting a country to a decent level, would take a minimum of a week minimum

if its just daygaming in a city I can tell wiether I like it the first day. if I like the layout and the girls it provides as long as the weather is good. the first thing I usually feel is this place safe? as in lviv Ukraine I didn't feel safe it felt bit sketchy. felt safter in kharkiv even tho it was 180 miles from the war zone. strange. but actually after 19days in lviv I actually liked it. so some cities can grow on me.

e.g porto, Lisbon, Athens, Copenhagen, didn't like in the first 24hours and didn't change my mind about them. 

also depends on the size of the city as I spent 4days in Lublin and after 2days I was bored. as not much to do.
riga I loved for 10days-2weeks id get bored after 3weeks if its just for game.

if your in a place for 1day and you like it and game id count that. but if im just transferring on a plane/bus I don't count it.
e.g I went to koln in germany and hanging around the airport bus stop for 3-4hours to get my bus to Frankfurt. I wouldn't count that as having experience koln. or flying to berlin and then going straight to bus station to go to Poznan Poland. I wouldnt say I count berlin. just passed through. doesn't count to me.

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