How many of you guys are doing day game right now?
(03-05-2021, 07:39 PM)LatinoHeat Wrote: After a year hiatus I've started approaching again just a bit here in CDMX, or at least not chickening out on the easiest of approaches (sitting next to girl at coffee shop, my dog approaches the girl etc).

I think a lot of dudes don't do any daygame because they think you have to go immediately to advanced expert level just chasing down a hottie down the sidewalk asking her where the local pet shop is or break into a set of 2 girls sitting in a table with her mom. That takes basketball size cojones that 99% of us men don't have, and thats ok.


I think eventually you can work your way up to a tough cold approach, but I like working my way in baby steps. Otherwise I just end up taking a daygame class with some coach who has me approach 50 girls on the subway tracks in one day giving me this horrible pit in my stomach with so much pressure and I end up giving up on daygame altogtether.

The truth is though, daygame is not for the weak. The leads are generally very weak as, unlike tinder, 80%+ of the girls you approach you'll find are not even in the market (they don't really like you, or have a BF), so yes, give yourself a pat on the back when you got that girls IG, but really you'd need to get the IG/Whatsapp of 10+ girls to get to 1 date, but if its a really hot girl that wasn't on tinder, it could all be worth it. Plus its just good practice in life.

From my POV daygame is the best way go. It's the only way that puts you in the driver's seat. Also I think it's a skill a man needs to have. When you see a hot girl on the street and aren't able to approach that's just depressing.

And yeah, I actually did hire a PUA coach recently to improve my skills. He did make me do a ton of approaches, but it's necessary. I did really get value out of the coaching.

I would not say that leads are generally weak. But yeah of course not all numbers are going to work out. If you have good selection with the girls, then the ratio of numbers that are solid can actually be pretty high. But it's important to make it clear that you think she's hot and would like to meet her for a date. Then if she has a boyfriend she can say that and you don't need to take a useless number. I don't think indirect openers make much sense in daygame because that can lead to getting a lot of numbers that go nowhere.

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