Online/text game: girls sending 1-2 word answers. Best strategy?
(12-14-2020, 07:38 PM)Shifty Wrote: I could care less if she gives me short replies or not, all I care about is her agreeing to meet me near my place, I do this to multiple girls and arrange multiple dates expecting some to cancel/ghost, I think being confrontational or logical about a girl not responding is just a waste of energy, either ignore her or just shamelessly send another message (along with your other leads).

It might sound beta/needy whatever but it works if you are just playing the numbers game. For me it's better if she doesn't text much, the girls I have 0 patience with are the ones who flake or want to change the date for meeting up and expect me to keep messaging them, not interested in having a virtual friend.

I agree that it's not good to let a girl disrespect you but being mad about a girl not responding fast enough or not agreeing to a date is not good in the long term, at this point I don't even register when a girl doesn't reply to me, the only ones that cause me a bit of a headache are the ones who I end up talking to a lot and never meeting them, or they want me to meet them at x place and they don't seem to eager so I get mad and ghost them.

There is simply no way to prevent girls acting like this other than improving yourself to spark more interest, calling her out on just comes across as butthurt most of the time, especially if you haven't met her in person yet.

Actually I agree with DVR, blocking and/or unmatching a game player/ time waster is efficient and free's up your match list/phone list. By doing so you'll only have actual leads rather than bullshit internet friends. No butthurt, just organized. Unless you want a pen pal. However there is somewhat of a downside to this. I remember unmatching and deleting on whatsapp said time wasters(3 I think) in my most recent trip to Brazil. I was disorganized and forgot to block them from my phone. As I returned back in the states, all 3 messaged me. All said "Hi, how are you"? I initially had no idea who they were. Then saw their photos. If I was still in Brazil, would they be game players and time wasters once again, if I showed interest in getting together? My suspicion yes, yes they still would but maybe not. Bottomline is unmatching/blocking if great for an organized life but those sluts just might come around if you hadn't. My choice is still Unmatching/block. I personally want to show her shes NOT all that and she fucked up. If that even matters lol

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