The Vietnam Thread
Man this 17yr old chick has been lighting me up with dirty texts and pics.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to hold out on this one. It's breaking one of my cardinal rules but she's too damn hot lol.

Fortunately, I think the age of consent here is actually 16. So no jail for SpecialEd fingers crossed LMAO.
Dalat is pretty meh imo. Probably didn't pick the best time of year because it's rainy and cold. Nice views but nothing spectacular if you've gone hiking in the US or Europe. It's comparable to Chiang Mai in some ways even though I think northern Thailand has better scenery.
So back in the Land of Smiles for my visa run. It's been over 3 years since I was last here. Bangkok is still the same lovable smelly dump I remember it as.

Balled out and got a pad on the executive floor of an apartment complex connected to a muay thai gym. A lot of hardcore fighters in there. I took a flying knee to the ribs. Pretty sure I cracked one lol.


- Noticeably lower talent than Vietnam
-Women have gotten fatter since I was last here
-The yucky braces fad has gotten even more popular
-Ladyboys (you just dont see that many in Nam)

THAT SAID, there are so many women in Bangkok so you could have a couple slim hotties every night of the week here just off tinder. It's ridiculous. I'd say the top Thai talent is probably is hotter than the top viet talent too. Maybe a more exotic look. Also the women are just more sexual. In Vietnam, I get more of the 'I want you to be my boyfriend' look from women. In Thailand, it's more the I want to fuck you look lol.

Thai people are so polite compared to Viets. It's not even funny. My taxi driver took me to a 7-eleven, and bought me a sim card (my CC wasnt working). It was only like a $1.50 but still I've almost had fist fights with Viets over 1000 dong.

All in all, I think I still prefer Saigon. It's a nicer looking city. The culture is less degenerate. And there's just an edgier vibe to the place. But I can see why a lot of guys like bangkok. If you just want to work online and run through a lot of women, its probably hard to beat. I'm not really interested in quantity at this point. I like having a quality gf or two lol.
^ Confirm pretty much every word, although I wouldn't say HCM is nicer looking  Undecided

I'd add daygame in Vietnam is logistically a pain due to their shitty malls, and nightlife isn't much either. Both are much better in Bangkok.

In short, for short term fun you'd likely do better in Bangkok. For more quality, a more authentic experience and if you have more time and patience, Vietnam.
It's subjective. There are parts of Saigon with nice parks and french colonial architecture.

Bangkok is just like any big Asian city. I'm in a pretty posh part of town and there's still tin shacks all over the place. Of course mixed in with modern Western buildings and Mercedes everywhere. It doesn't have the charm of Saigon imo..
Definitely prefer Bangkok over Vietnam hands down.

- BTS/Skytrain everywhere
- Better healthcare should you ever need it
- No getting ripped off or shortchanged all the fucking time
- 7-Elevens and other convenience stores on every corner
- People are friendlier in general usually
- Girls are easier

Btw Ed, weren't you deported from Thailand a few years ago if memory serves me right? What happened with that? They didn't see it on your record, or just didn't care? Did you bribe them? Big Grin
By the way it would be responsible to mention the motorbike pickpocketers in Vietnam, you can't be paranoid enough about them. They climb the sidewalks as well. Needless to say areas like Bui Vien are especially problematic but it's pretty much everywhere. Much less petty crime in Bangkok, or so I hear anyway.
I've heard about the motorbike thieves. They usually go for iPhones. I have my pixel 2 out constantly and have never had an issue. Then again, I could break your average Viet dude in half so maybe that dissuades them.

Pyg, I overstayed a few days and had a BS dui charge. Lets not over dramatize it lol. Short story is my dad went to boarding school with a Thai royal so they made sure I didn't have any blackmarks. Zero issues coming in.

If memory serves me right, you had rough time in Nam. I don't think that's typical. I find the girls every bit as easy as Thais. Some require 2 dates but the quality Thai women aren't any different.

BKK has advantages for sure but I don't like the degeneracy of the place. It's a choir sifting through ladyboys. Also don't think the government/visa situation is good in Thailand long term. They have a coup every couple years. Vietnam is much more stable, better businesses environment,etc..If you're looking at a place as a potential long term destination, VN wins hands down
I don't think Thailand has had a coup in a while. They're not really projected to have another one anytime soon as far as I know. I think theyre worried about their economy, so they're now catering to foreigners again. Recently they passed a law that says you can now work multiple jobs and obtain work visas easier. Well if you want to stay there long-term, you could always shell out the 10 grand for an elite visa. Tongue

Nam currently has better visa laws, I'll give them that... But with all the white foreigners and others coming in now, who knows when that's gonna change. Business environment... I wouldn't exactly trust going into business with a Viet. These are the people that scam you over a measly 1000 dong. lol Who knows what theyre capable of in an actual big business that turns large profits. I wouldn't think the police and govt would turn a blind eye to a foreign-owned successful business either... They're gonna want their piece of the pie via bribes and such.

In my 6 or so months in Nam I had yet to see foreigners with actual hot hi-so Viet talent. Even chochemonger on RVF documented how prude Viet girls are.
That's ridiculous. Hanging out with hiso Vietnamese is many multitudes easier than hiso Thais. Whites still get preferential treatment here. Viets are actually more racist towards their own.

I liked choche's posts but let's get real. He was a 40 something swarthy Hispanic dude. That's not the kind of guy that viet women lust after. So all the girls he was going out with probably saw him as a long term provider play and were reluctant to put out. 

There are plenty of freaks. Actually because it is a more conservative society, I think that produces more freaks. Lots of girls on tinder just looking for something casual. I actually felt kinda used a couple times haha.

As for starting a business here, yeah, Id probably stick to partnering with Viet Americans. Native born viets like you say are just too used to corruption. It's far worse in Thailand though.
I get the feeling that mid 20s girls here are desperate for cock. I had a date scheduled with this 25 yr old. Pretty face. Probably caring an extra couple kilos. But still very bangable.

Anyway I told her I was doing Muay Thai and I'd need to push the date back a couple hours. Basically, I was a dick.

At first she said no because she has to get up early for work. But 10 mins later she messaged me back saying it was ok. Lol.

You can get away with murder with these girls. It's really turning me into a douchebag. Kinda feel bad about it honestly.

Side note..I really hate Indians. They're pouring into Saigon and they fit every bit of the IRT stereotype. 

At the airport yesterday, I had 1 cut in front of me in the landing visa line. Little fucker had a wheel chair which at first made me sympathetic until he walked out of it just fine. 

Then at customs, I had one peeping over my shoulder while looking at dirty pics the 17yr old was sending me on Whatsapp. Total creeper.

Then I'm in the currency exchange line and the same creeper is literally breathing down my neck with his buddy while I'm exchanging dollars. I turned around and I was like, "Can you guys give me a little space"?! Those street shitters backed up pretty quick. 

One of my girls told me her ex is Indian and was asking her for $1000. She would have had to borrow money from her mum to give him that and was still going to do it. Disgusting. I told her not to give him a single dong.

They stink like curry too. It ridiculous. You can smell then 50 meters off.

Ha! Speak of the devil..looks like RVF just got spam bombed by IRTs.

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Just went on a date with a Korean-viet girl. At first, the convo was pretty boring not gonna lie. But I think she was just insecure about her English. She is super feminine and classy. We went to a Viet style bar and ran up a bill of a million dong and wouldn't let me pay for it. My kind of girl. Couldn't seel the deal but I'm gonna enjoy that. 

Pretty fucking wasted right now so forgive me if none of that makes any sense.

I feel like this thread is becoming my personal Saigon journal lol. Should probably start another thread.

P.S I noticed Viet women get mad jelly when I'm with a girl. They look at me and then look her down from head to toe with this face that says "what does she have that I don't"? Lol

Women do that everywhere. But it's super blatant here. I feel like the women are more primal here. Love it.
My balls are so drained right now.

Got 2 new notches.

1. Korean-Viet girl. That took 3 dates to close. She was tough. But super tight pussy. Took 5 minutes to get it in. Banged her twice.

2. 17 yr old chick. We had just chatted on FB but had never gone out. She came over tonight. What a fucking freak! She was even tighter. Literally took half an hour just to get the tip in. Banged her 4 times. She was trying to get me hard again with a BJ after and when that didnt work she tried to lick my asshole. Seriously wtf lol. She was freaky eating my cum and trying to kiss me after.

Anyway I had a minor freakout because a uniformed viet dude knocked on the door while I was fucking her. One of my girls has a police captain dad. Turned out to just be the new security guard. He was dropping off food that he said my "girlfriend" sent me. Still no idea which one but it was pretty good lol.
Man just checked in the mirror and my whole neck is covered in hickies from the 17yr old chick.

Gonna be fun explaining that to the other girls. Fuck. It's like she branded me lol
(08-26-2018, 05:30 PM)SpecialEd Wrote: Man just checked in the mirror and my whole neck is covered in hickies from the 17yr old chick.

Gonna be fun explaining that to the other girls. Fuck. It's like she branded me lol

Did she spell her name out or or make a certain pattern?
(08-27-2018, 07:06 PM)BarbarianFather Wrote:
(08-26-2018, 05:30 PM)SpecialEd Wrote: Man just checked in the mirror and my whole neck is covered in hickies from the 17yr old chick.

Gonna be fun explaining that to the other girls. Fuck. It's like she branded me lol

Did she spell her name out or or make a certain pattern?

Lol no
(08-11-2018, 03:33 AM)SpecialEd Wrote: On a side note, what happened to Dash? Did he go apocalypse now-style off the reservation? Or did he wife up some village chick lol?

He's still in Saigon. Don't think he has a gf anymore.

(08-14-2018, 01:33 AM)SpecialEd Wrote: On a side note, I think there's quite a few underage girls here on Tinder. Have 1 yesterday asking me to take her virginity.  And then a 17yr old whos only had sex once before with her viet bf. Both had 20-something on their profile.

I'm not sure what the laws here are like but I'd be careful with that guys.

Yeah I've matched with a few underage girls on Tinder. I don't fuck with that. So many hot girls that won't get you locked up why bother.


Getting girls that are 25+, and especially 30+, is easy af here btw. Go to date and then push for the pull after 30 minutes. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Most of them still look pretty good too.


Go to Cambodia if you want to start a business in Southeast Asia. Foreigners can own 100% of the business there. Vietnam is probably the worst country in Southeast Asia for starting a foreign owned business.
Yeah agreed on the easiness of 25+.

Just invited a really hot 25 yr old to my place for a movie night and beers. She said sounds fun lol. Probably could have said wanna fuck and gotten the same answer.
VN women are a total mind fuck. So one of my regulars (nice, conservative girl) found out I was banging other girls on the side. How she found out is interesting..there's an invite only FB group where guys talk about VN women. So not sure how the fuck she got in there.

Anyway she sent me some angry messages on WhatsApp. I contemplated blocking her but it's not my style. So I basically said sorry. Let's still be friends if that's ok. 

She messages me back asking about 3somes, and saying she wants to do one with me. Wtf lol.

Her logic was the relationship was over, and I was a lying cheating bastard..but she still wants to have fun with me. Apparently she has dark sides she wants to explore.

If the reward for cheating and lying is a 3some, then I guess I should carry on?
Freaking hickeys won't go away 5 days later. That little nympho bit me hard! I've been on a couple dates and of course the girls notice them. I said I got them in Muay Thai lol. Pretty sure they knew it was BS but they don't care. I think Viet women expect men to sleep around. Literally all the girls ive dated ask about my other girlfriends.

Another tinder freak.

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